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Does an Appealing Web Design Support your Online Store?

Design plays a major role in enhancing your digital footprint and brand image. In fact, 66% of visitors would explore a website that has high aesthetic appeal than navigating a simple website. Without a second thought, we can say that a beautifully designed website has a remarkable impact on your marketing presence. 

The significance of a great website design

So, how does a visually appealing website captivate your target audience? In light of this, mentioned below are some powerful reasons, why web design is so pertinent to your online marketing.

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A first impression is the last impression

When your target audience comes to your website, the first thing they do is look at how professional you are. It only takes a couple of seconds for users to get an impression of your business. These mere seconds are where you want to make a marketable impact. For example, if you don’t have a good logo design, your potential customer may not be interested in what you have to offer. Reason being, they create a perception that your brand isn’t professional enough. That is why it is so important to opt for the best logo design services and never treat a logo as an afterthought. 

If you have a web design that isn’t as contemporary as your competitor’s or if it is grossly outdated and doesn’t incorporate an appealing feel, you will lose your potential customers.

Web design matters because it has a powerful effect on how your users perceive your brand. The first impression they have can make or break your website’s capability to turn potential leads into sales. The last thing you would want is for your customers to go to your competitor’s website simply because it looks good. 

Enhances search engine optimization

There are plenty of design elements that dictate how you can publish your content, which translates into how search engine crawlers index your website. This is a pretty vital aspect of search engine optimization, something you cannot afford to mess up.

If the fundamentals of a good SEO strategy, such as on-page tactics are not up to par, you will have a hard time coming up in rank on Google. Moreover, apart from different factors that constitute to effective content publishing, there are a lot of website design factors that can positively or adversely impact your SEO. 

Sets a standard for effective and responsive customer service

Keep in mind that users will judge your potential to treat them just by exploring your website for a couple of seconds. A professional, yet modern design will be a testimony to the fact that you are serious about what you do and serious about how you treat your customers. Think of your website as a representative of your customer service team. If it is vibrant, inviting, easy on the eyes, futuristic and modern, your target audience will welcome it with open arms. 

However, if it is anything but modern and filled with clutter, poor typography and large chunks of text, no matter how good of a service you provide, you will fail to captivate your users. Remember that your website is the face of your business online. Wouldn’t you want your customers to see a friendly, welcoming face instead of something boring and unappealing?

Develops a lasting sense of trust in your target audience

Would you shop from a website that does not have a good design? You wouldn’t. The same goes for people seeking products and services from a reliable website. A poor design can hamper your capability of placing important pieces of information on the website. If it is outdated, people will not trust it. Moreover, your target audience will feel the website is shady or a scam, and quickly bounce. 

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A great design means you are well versed with what your users want and are looking for. The more comfortable they are with navigating your website, the further they will explore it. Trust is a crucial pillar of furthering your brand’s visibility online. The more time your users spend on the website; the more chances you have to convert those leads. 

All your competitors have good web design

One of the most important motivators to not neglect the importance of great website design is the fact that your competitors have already updated and revamped their websites. Apart from this, you don’t simply want to a design that is on par with your rivals; you need something that stands out, something that is unique and offers a premium look and feels. 

Think about it. For example, if you have an online leather jacket store, same as your competitor, you are going to pretty much have similar pricing structures, products, and whatnot. What can you do stay a step ahead of your competitor?  You build a website that is more interactive, engaging and visually aesthetic. You are not just selling leather jackets; you are selling an ideology.

Enables you to be consistent

When you are investing in getting more leads for your online business, the most important thing to do is build a great brand. You want your target audience to know your brand, become familiar with it. You want them to choose your brand without thinking about anything else. Web design plays an instrumental role when it comes to forming this level of consistency across your entire website. 

You cannot change the design or revamp it on a whim. It is vital to keep using the same types of fonts, web page layouts, typography, styles and other design elements across your site. If you keep changing these elements on every page, your users will start to think that maybe you aren’t so serious about your website. 

Moreover, you won’t be able to garner brand recognition because a majority of your users will have a hard time associating the right colors with your brand. As per a recent study, it was identified that setting the right colors for your website among various other design factors, can enhance website conversions up to 24%.

So there you go – all the major reasons why appealing web design can help boost your online brand’s visibility and enhance your online marketing strategies. 

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