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How to Succeed with Corporate Events

Every big company in the world organizes an annual corporate event for its employees and/or clients. What is the goal of these kinds of events? Why would an employer organize such an expensive event? Well, there are many reasons. These events are beneficial both for employers and employees. It is a good tactic to promote your business with the world because everyone is allowed to bring a plus one. It also shows the competition that you are doing well, that you make enough profit and that you are willing to spend that profit with style.

One more important question remains to be answered: how to achieve the WOW effect? As this is a big deal, it requires a lot of thought and attention to detail in order for it to be successful. There are some key factors you need to take into consideration before you start planning an event that will leave people breathless.

The necessity

As it was mentioned earlier in the introduction, there are numerous reasons for organizing an extravagant event such as a corporate event. These events have an underlying idea of achieving certain goals. One of the goals of a corporate event can be expressing thanks, where the employer wants to express their gratitude to their team.

The CEO wants to say how much he or she appreciates their employees and the work they do through some kind of corporate event. Another reason can be bonding and strengthening of relations among employees. It has been proven that companies that have strong interpersonal relationships within a company result in better overall performance and hence higher profit.

People act differently when they feel emotionally attached to their company and when they feel appreciated by their employer. Another goal is marketing, of course. Promotion of certain corporate events that are unique and memorable on social networks, by its attendees (i.e. employees or clients) has a huge positive impact on people in the sense that they want to be connected to that company by working there or by becoming a client. So, eventually, it pays off to the employer.

The venue

Since these events have some serious underlying aims, it’s important to put in effort into organizing them. This is especially important if you want to make them extraordinary. The first thing you need to do is to define the goals you want to achieve.

So, the goal is to pick a venue for the purpose of this event. Ask yourself what kind of event is suitable for the goals you are hoping to achieve and whether your employees will enjoy themselves. Is it going to be a masquerade ball? Maybe a fancy dinner party? You can even pick a private concert, a nature retreat, or a cultural excursion. When you decide on the aim, and whether your employees are keen on the event itself, you can think about the appropriate venue. The venue is the staple of a corporate event, thus it’s important to make the right choice.

Food & Drink

When the venue is settled, the next essential thing is food and drinks. Here, both the choice and the presentation are crucial. Every corporation and company should opt for diverse food and drinks as there are many types of diets today. There should be at least something tasty for everybody. No matter the type of event you organize and the way of serving food whether it’s a regular fancy dinner or a buffet, there should be something savory and something sweet as well.

Many catering companies are available to make your corporate event stand out with its delicious food that is presented in such a way that everybody will be talking about your company’s corporate events even months after it! For example, Zest Patisserie offers a wide range of cakes, tarts and flans, pastries, pies, and savories that are delivered and served at the place of the event in question. You should also be careful and provide vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free food and any other food that your employees require.

As far as drinks are concerned, make sure to provide your guests with various alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. You can easily impress your employees with delicious cocktails in different colors, decorated with yummy tropical fruit served by a professional bartender at a bar.

Audiovisual effect

The whole experience of this spectacular event is improved by special lighting and light effects. It makes the atmosphere completely different and it adds to the positive mood. You can be creative and play with the type of lighting you would like to glimmer during the event.

As far as the audio part of the event, you can opt for a live musical performance given by a band or by a singer. Alternatively, you can opt for a DJ or an MC. Depending on the type of the event and the chosen venue, you will choose suitable auditory support as well. A bad choice of a band or a DJ/MC can make any event a total fiasco. In order to avoid this,  be careful who you assign to do this job. This part is better left to the pros.

Ambience & decoration

The first thing people see when they arrive at an event is decoration. Decoration completes the total ambiance of the event. You can choose a specific, themed decoration to go with the whole event.  You can also choose some other regular embellishments. To spice things up, include some fancy banners and balloons.

Even though this may seem completely unnecessary, it is actually important. It gives that final touch, like the cherry on the cake. However, don’t go overboard with decoration. Remember, the key lies in simplicity.


Interaction is something most of these events lack, so it is necessary to think about it as well. Think about activities that will aid the interaction, socialising and bonding among employees.

You can organize some competitions, role plays, problem-solving activities, performances or perhaps quizzes. You can make it even more interesting by providing prizes for the best teams. It will be a fun event everyone will talk about and retell the funny moments during lunch break. Moreover, it will boost employee morale and people will eagerly expect the next corporate event.

If you know your employees and you invest your time, money, effort, and creativity into organizing one such event, your employees will surely appreciate that and they will try even harder to be better at what they do. And with this kind of positive working atmosphere, your company will achieve better results which will make you even happier. So, happy employees result in a happy employer and a productive workplace.

Article written by Miannak.

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