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4 Affiliate Programs Worth Trying Out in 2021

Affiliate marketing is big business in 2020, with many people choosing to try and make a living out of it, having lost their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic. It has the advantage that all you need is a computer and an internet connection to get started.

The idea behind an affiliate program is that you, as an influencer, will agree with a third party that will incentivize you to send traffic to their website in the form of commission payments.

These payments could be for a customer actually completing a sale, or they could just be for getting a customer to sign up to an email list.

The process will be managed by a unique trackable link that is embedded in your blog, website, or social media program, depending on what you use as your marketing medium. There are many different types of affiliate programs available for you to use to try and earn an income, so here we are going to take a look at 4 of the best of them; read on to find out more.


One of the best types of affiliate programs is ClickFunnels, as evidenced by the fact that there are over 100,000 members worldwide. What makes a ClickFunnels affiliate program so great is that the funnel building software is easy to use. You will get first-class training and support, commission payments are above the industry standard, and have a stellar reputation within the industry.

They are constantly innovating and will share new products with you, so you never need to get stuck in a rut, and best of all, all you need to do is sign up to become an affiliate. If you’re looking to try something different that will support you on your journey, then Clickfunnels is the way to go. 

Web Hosting

Web hosting affiliate programs are probably the most popular out there, and for a good reason, given that every single website needs a host. If you intend to write about digital marketing, blogging, or online businesses, then web hosting is the perfect place to start. You are not necessarily looking for the program that offers the highest commission. Instead, you should be looking for a fast, reliable program and offers plenty of support.

Another reason why web hosting can be a great affiliate program is the fact that people seldom change their web hosts, so retention rates remain high, meaning that you have a better chance of earning long-term commissions. Given this, and the fact that web hosts are essential for every website, you have a very attractive affiliate program.


VPN or virtual private networks are now used by almost 25% of global internet users as they try to protect their identity when using the internet. For this reason, they are worth investigating from an affiliate program point of view.

As every different type of internet user could be using a VPN, you can talk about them whatever your blog is about, so they offer a great way into the industry. People may use a VPN when they are traveling to access websites back home or when they are using public wifi, so the possibilities are endless from a marketing point of view. Another advantage is that VPN payment fees are monthly, so this type of program offers ongoing commission, which is great if you want to plan your annual income. 


Gaming affiliate programs are a relatively new thing, but as the popularity of online gaming has exploded exponentially over the last few years, so has the use of their affiliate programs. Twitch has become the streaming site of choice.

As a result, so has its affiliate program, which allows you to monetize gaming audiences’ subscriptions and sales of the video games themselves. You will need to be a player to twitch yourself and have a certain number of followers, but this is a small price to pay to actually monetize your gaming experience and the knowledge that you have gained. 

As we have learned, there are several different types of affiliate programs that you can make good money from in 2021, depending on your personal interests. ClickFunnels offer ease of use and great support for novices at affiliate marketing, and web hosting is something that every website requires, so it is an easy choice when you are learning the ropes.

VPN’s are increasing in popularity as people try to hide their online identity, and gaming is set to be the next big thing, so make hay while you can. If you follow these programs, your affiliate marketing game will improve no end in 2021!

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