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5 Reasons to use Transcription as a Part of your Digital Marketing Strategy

How to make transcription promote content marketing strategy

Working on the marketing strategy has a lot of ins and outs. It isn’t a smooth process because the final KPIs depend on multiple factors. The main goal of the marketing strategy is to promote the website of the business, find new clients and ensure sales. Hence, there should be effective online tools implemented in the strategy creation process.

The use of transcription services is one of the tools that ensure a better result for marketers. If you’re interested in how helpful online transcription services could be, it’s time to get a deep insight into the topic. This article will help you understand the importance of online transcription services in the whole marketing strategy creation process.

What’s online text transcription

What do you know about online text transcription? It’s been long on the market, however, it managed to attract users from different fields recently. Online text transcription is the way to convert video or audio materials in text format with the help of Artificial Intelligence. The use of Transcriberry transcription software and the like can make a whole page in the digital marketing strategy creation.

Transcription services can help businesses a lot. If you have no opportunity to try the work of the online services for content transcription, it’s time to check how the tool helps the marketers reach their goals.

Top 5 tips on how to enhance marketing strategy with online transcription

Working on the marketing strategy is hard work. A lot of challenges are waiting for the business trying to promote the website and attract better traffic to the web page. Hence, it’s always a nice idea to find helpful tips to make the content soak the Internet smoothly.

The use of top-rated transcription service is one of the methods to ensure that your marketing strategy reaches its points.

You have never used online transcription help? There must be a lot of new openings for you. Let’s get started and learn how online transcription services help in marketing strategy creation.

Accessibility of the materials

Marketing strategy represents business and its main values. These days, accessibility is one of the main concepts to strive for. Inclusive opportunities for people with different lifestyles and abilities make any business win on the market, compete with other companies and ensure high-level accessibility rates by using online transcription services.

This isn’t about the text transcription in its main form. Businesses can make use of the transcription service to create subtitles so that people can still benefit from the video in a silent mode. The translated content ensured by the transcription tool will encourage foreign clients and ensure international business management on the web.

SEO enhancement and link building

Online business is hugely dependent on Internet algorithms. In this case, SEO represents an opportunity, rather than a restrictive aspect. It’s important to ensure high-quality SEO to help search engines notice the website, analyze the content and promote the web page according to the requests of the users. The same goes for the link-building strategy.

It might be challenging to insert the links and ensure a well-developed SEO strategy with a shortened description under the video. Hence, video and audio transcription with the use of online service will generate the text easier to help make SEO and link building a part of the effective content marketing strategy.

User experience and reader-oriented content

Marketing strategy is a complex task, however, it has a common purpose. This is to reach the target customers and make them consume the final material. It must be easy-to-read and convincing. Being a popular and widespread means of information sharing strategy, video or audio isn’t always the best way to communicate with the final client on the website.

Hence, there should be a high-quality transcription company to transform the material into text and make the content more accessible. The use of the online transcription tool can ensure fast and easy text generation. Thus, the users on the website can access the information expressed in multiple ways on the website.

Bounce rates decreased

There’s another reason why you may want to make use of the transcription website in your marketing strategy. Have you heard about bounce rates? The main goal of the web page is to draw the attention of the reader and make them stay on the website for longer. It’s better for the overall rates of the website and its promotional potential.

However, when a business makes use of the video or audio content only, the time on the page is reduced, and the bounce rates are increased. Hence, it’s better to transcribe the content from the videos or audio, so that the users can stay on the page longer.

Content creation versatility

What is the last, but not least reason to implement transcription services in your content strategy? When you transcribe video or audio material into text, you diversify the content. There’s no need to hire an expert who can work on the blog posts because online transcription services will do it instead.

When you have a high-quality video, you can easily generate its textual equivalent and create a blog post. It doesn’t take much time or effort but ensures more versatile and accessible content for different types of users. It’s a nice reason to try and use help from transcription companies to help the business get more clients.

How to choose a leading transcription service

Now you know how helpful the use of transcription tools could be. However, there’s a question. How to choose the leading online tool on the market? The number of services offering help with text transcription is huge. You can find tons of them on the Internet. But what’s the best one?

There are different aspects that help find the best company online. The tool has to know how to catch difficult words from the context, perform a high-quality transcription and show fast results. In the following list, you will find examples of the best transcription tools on the market.


The first tool could be known for those users who already tried to work with the online services for transcription. Transcribberry is a perfect example of an effective online tool that ensures accurate text transcription. First of all, it can work both with video and audio materials.

The second reason to try the tool is the upcoming features that will appear in the shortest possible time. If you need to use a high-quality translation service or look for the subtitles generation feature, you will soon find it on the Transcriberry website. It’s a handy tool for managing marketing strategy.

There are other services that offer high-rated results with text transcription. If you want to work with a simple interface and enjoy the speed of work, this online service will do the task for you. The website offers a wide range of professional text transcription features. You don’t need to transcribe the content on your own or spend the budget to hire a transcription expert. You can use an online tool instead.


Rev is another popular service for text transcription. It will help you transcribe the text, translate it or add subtitles to the video. It’s a popular online tool for website management when it comes to marketing strategy creation. Businesses can use the Rev tool for its affordable prices and a simple user experience ensured by the flawless interface.


The last from the list is the Scribie service. The company has high rates on the Internet so you don’t have to be worried about the accuracy of the texts. At times, it happens that websites can’t ensure a high quality of online transcription services. But this isn’t about the Scribie website. If you work with the service, you will receive an error-free result fast. The whole process doesn’t take much time, so you can manage text transcription within minutes.


Marketing strategy development is a complicated process. To ensure the best results from the content creation strategy and promote websites on the Internet, each business needs help from the online tools. Text transcription services described in the article can ensure better communication with the clients, lower bounce rates, and accessibility on the website. It’s also easier to promote the page on the Internet when the video or audio content is transcribed automatically by the online tool.

The quality of the result is guaranteed because each online service makes use of well-developed AI algorithms. Accurate text transcription, fast work, and easy interface are waiting for you if you want to make an online transcription service a part of your marketing strategy.

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