Friday, June 14

How to Improve Your Business’s Facebook Traffic

For better or for worse, Facebook is the king of social media. Boasting 2.9 billion monthly active users in 2021, this service enjoys a widespread, global reach. For successful businesses, this means that having a Facebook page is a necessity to help new customers to find your businesses and old ones to see what new products or services are on offer. A well-maintained Facebook presence needs constant analysis and tweaking: that said, too often we see managers happy with the bare minimum, where they really need to strive to do something more.

Updates like the Big Names

Though going long periods without updates might be easy, taking this route leaves a lot of untapped potential on the table. For an example of a company that does this right, consider how a big company like Amazon manages its Facebook presence.

Check the text, photo, and video feed, and you can see just how much emphasis Amazon places on staying updated. Announcements on big changes show that the business is still committed to pushing itself forward. On the other hand, even smaller additions that don’t tie into wider events also demonstrate that the company is still active, which is encouraging for their users to see. This constant feed of content ensures that Amazon’s brand presence on Facebook is consistent and that followers will be reminded of them more often as frequent posts are likely to appear on news feeds, therefore widening reach.

Building a Social Network like Television Shows

Having an updated Facebook page is a good start, but it only illustrates one arm of popular social media sites. Though it’s not necessary to offer a complete experience on every different social media platform, it can be helpful to leverage the strengths of different systems to create better visibility on Facebook.

A great example of this could be found in how the new HBO Max series Peacemaker has been running their Instagram page. Alongside Twitter, the shared focus that the team places on adapting their content illustrates an in-depth knowledge of not just their business, but in what users on the different systems want. Quality work in one platform manifests as more attention in another, so ensuring you cast a wide net is key.

Connecting the Environment like Online Casinos

Creating a net of different social media websites is important, but these can be quite insular for people who traditionally avoid browsing social media services first. Google searches will often lead to different websites that feature consumer-friendly content like comparison websites.

As the online casino industry demonstrates, the world of online reviews can be very important to the success of a business. When all competitors on the market are conveniently laid out and comprehensively broken down, it’s far easier for customers to identify the quality service/product that offers the most bang for their buck. For example, this website listing the new online casinos of 2022 explores special features, bonuses, ratings, and more. In particular, the rating column is an invaluable tool for new customers to ascertain which casinos are better regarded. They’re more likely to trust the higher-ranked casinos with more favorable ratings/reviews.

There are directories for almost every industry now available online. So, regardless of the niche of your business, there will undoubtedly be listings out there on which you’ll want to appear well-rated. Seek them out and scope out the competition, and then find ways to integrate customer testimonials and ratings into your online presence. You can transform every casual click into a potential new, long-term, and loyal customer.

The final note we’d give on building your Facebook traffic is that while taking inspiration from other successful businesses is a good start, it’s only a start. To get the most out of your page, you need to understand your unique clientele, and how their attitudes and sense of humor differ from others. Take your time and analyze what works and what doesn’t understand that all facets of this guide will become easier over time, and you’ll be equipped for better numbers faster than you might have thought.

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