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Create Facebook Video Ads that Help you Drive Conversions Like Never Before

Video is undoubtedly one of the most popular kinds of content forms across multiple channels. No matter which statistic you look at, you’ll find videos sitting at the top of it without much ado. While some of us find it phenomenal, there are lots of reasons why videos have become popular in recent times. While text, images, and other forms of media are great, they do not communicate at a personal level with customers.

Most people find it boring because it is no different than what they have to go through at workplaces. Texts and images are deeply integrated into our lives and whether it is work or anywhere else, we have to see and engage with them. This carries the monotony of one’s life and makes them less impressive to these forms of content when they find it on other platforms.

On the other hand, videos are distinctively clear and create an impact on the person watching it, because it does not like the form of content they have been consuming at their workplace.

Videos help break the monotony in life and create a perception of added value. And that’s why people consume a lot of video content, only creating a demand for more of these. While people of all age groups love watching videos, they also expect videos from the brand. Whether it is regarding a product or the brand itself, people will be expecting videos, no matter who you are as a business or where you are located.

Businesses too are realizing this potential of videos for their brands and jumping into creating a lot of these. This, on one hand, is generating competitiveness in the market, it is also differentiating different content levels. For example, a hundred brands might be creating content but people love to watch those that are of high quality and appeal to them directly.

If you’ve ever been on any social media platforms, you know how much content is produced on a daily basis. In fact, platforms like Facebook are entirely filled with video content. Apart from regular posting that helps gain organic reach there are other ways that you can reach your audience.

Due to increased competition, organic reach has become a difficult task to achieve, which is why Facebook offers a number of paid channels for the job. Facebook’s paid social media marketing opportunity is great for brands to reach out to their customers without investing a lot of money like in traditional marketing methods.

The point is simple, your audience is already on the platform, all you have to do is narrow it down to them and serve with the right kind of content. Facebook’s video ads give you that flexibility to achieve the conversions of your dreams.

But, while big brands go on creating these amazing videos, it can be a little overwhelming on small brands or businesses that have just started. They might not have the right resource or a person that can dedicatedly work on videos. Similarly, they cannot have a dedicated budget for creating videos, because every penny counts when you’re just starting new.

However, with the latest free online video maker with music and pictures, you can create some amazing videos and make them stand out for your audience. The best thing is that neither does a free online video maker with music and pictures require prior experience in designing, nor does it require an investment of money.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a dedicated staff or not, you can create these amazing videos and make yourself stand out from the competition. All you need is the will to create videos.

So, if you’ve made up your mind and want to get started with video marketing for Facebook, start doing it right away. The first step is to sign up for a platform like InVideo which is a free online video maker with music and pictures and get started. Just enter your relevant details and make the most out of your marketing video.

A great thing about free online video makers with music and pictures is that they have dedicated templates for Facebook video ads, which means you don’t have to worry about refiguring its size, shape, or any other aspect.

So, let’s get started with the kind of Facebook video ads for your business.

Value rich videos

Creating value-rich content is one of the most fundamental things that you can do for your audience. Always remember that once you build a reputation with the customer there is no going back, but for that, you have to build a reputation among your audience. Creating value-rich content also warms up your cold audience, which means that if there are leads who might have forgotten about you, it’s time you struck them with the right chords with your video.

Use the free online video maker with music and pictures to materialize your ideas and turn them into wonderful videos. Start by writing a script for your video and understand what is it that our customers expect from your brand. Then put all the ideas into delivering value that catches the attention of your audience and raises the awareness of your brand.

Product-Centric Videos

The next category of videos you can create is product-centric videos for your brand. These kinds of videos are created to divert the traffic from social media to your landing page. You want the customers to know about your products, and make them land on your website through a link.

Make sure that you create high-quality videos around a product with a particular strategy. For example, you can create a video around the existing problem that the customer faces and how the product is a great fit into their lives. Apart from this, target the other pain points of the customer and fit your product into their needs. Pick a Facebook ad template from the free online video maker with music and pictures and let your creativity flow.

Remarketing videos

What about the customers who came to your website but left? For them to find their way back to your brand, try creating re-marketing videos. if you have some customer testimonials with you, use them in your remarketing videos and earn the trust of your social media followers and potential buyer. Remember that customers love to hear from other customers, just make sure you provide them with what they need.

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