Thursday, September 28

Interview Tips for Real Estate Agents

Interviews are nerve-wracking for most of us. If you’re interviewing for a role as a real estate agent, here are some tips to prepare, and give yourself the best chance of success.

Do your homework

Finding out about the company is a must. This includes the usual things such as how they operate, anything which makes them stand out, and achievements they’ve made. This way, when you’re asked what you know about them, you can focus on a few main points. These can also be used when you’re asked why you want to work for them. For example, you might say, “I heard about the support you offer your estate agents and I’d love to work for a progressive and supportive company like yours,”.

You should also look at the history of the company and whether any real estate agents who work there have talked about their own experiences. For example, if you were interviewing to work for Compass, you could use the search term, is Compass Real Estate a good company to work for? This would help you find the information you need.

Prepare for other common questions

You can’t prepare for every possible question, but you can plan for the most common which many interviews often find difficult to answer.

Tell me about yourself, can be a minor ordeal for some people, because it’s an open-ended question. You should aim to focus on the relevant points. So, there’s no need to relay your life story and the name of your pet goldfish when you were eight. Instead, recount your experience in real estate, or any skills which could be relevant to the role, and what interests you about real estate. You need to convey a passion for the industry, as well as show your capabilities through experience and/or knowledge and transferable skills.

Another question people stumble on is, tell me your biggest weakness. Some claim they have no weaknesses, or try to reframe strengths as weaknesses, such as saying they work too hard. Often, the best answer will show a genuine weakness, but also mention what you are doing to overcome it. This shows that you know where you need to improve and you’re being proactive by working on it. You should also remember to ask questions.

First appearances

Even if you are told the interview will be informal, it is best to dress as if you were a real estate agent meeting with a client. This will show the interviewer how you would dress if you were successful. It also makes a better first impression than if you show up looking like you haven’t made an effort. Arriving on time is important too. If you’re unsure about the area, do a test run to ensure you know where you’re going and how long it will take, then allow a little extra time in case of traffic problems.

By being prepared for common interview questions, dressing the part, and researching the company and how to get there, you can ease some of your interview nerves. The more confident you feel, the more likely you are to ace the interview.

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