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What are the creepiest facts about the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

While Marvel movies have made the best films of the time, they also have a share of scary moments.

The MCU contains creepy scenes. These films have proven to be more than characters having an emotional hand to those who need it most. These dark moments can sometimes be disturbing to the extent of causing legit night terrors. And would rather view the movies in broad daylight, and in an open-air.

However, a movie without a scene that sends some tingles down your spine would lack the spiciness.

Marvel fans enjoy some level of the dark moments. But I bet a great number of fans never expect to see some horror moments. This leaves one with the question of which Marvel movies contain horror. 

If you are a fan of creepy scenes, you can enjoy them by watching MCU movies in order.The order makes it easy to navigate through the MCU universe.

Below are some of the creepiest facts you can’t afford to miss.

  The scariest MCU moments

 In Spider-Man: Homecoming: Vulture Attacks Peter Harker

One of the scariest parts of this movie is when Peter Parkers, together with Steve Ditko, plans to confront ( Michael Keaton) the Vulture.  Peter is on a mission to rob a plane with all kinds of weapons and the best technology. However, the Vulture leaves with a jetpack and flies around the building and slices all the pillars. The act causes the building to collapse under Peter. The fact that  Steve Ditko is airborne makes him escape unhurt. However, Peter rubbles underneath the building with injuries overcomed with defeat.

Another situation is when Peter and Liz, his sweetheart, are going out for a dance. Unfortunately, Peter is not aware that Liz’s dad has an evil plan. The murderous Vulture who drives them to the dances later turns out and threatens Peter.

 Avengers: Infinity War (2018): Thano kills half of humanity in an attempt to eradicate poverty

The film contains some of the worst perils and violence. In fact, there is a rating under the review for the movie for one to decide whether the movie is suitable for children.

The fight hits up with Josh Brolin( Thanos). Together with his witches, and other monstrous aliens attack a planet and nearly kill all humanity. He also depletes all the universe resources

Thanos’ belief is that he can eradicate poverty and, at the same time, prevent starvation.

Infinity Stone is not aware of the hunt by Thanos. And if he is successful, all the powers to wipe out the universe will be on his hands within a twinkle of an eye. Along with him are some of the greatest superheroes such as Chris Evans of Captain America, Robert Downey Jr of Iron Man, Tom Holland of Spider-Man, Chris Pratt of Star-Lord, and Scarlett Johansson of Black Widow, among others.

The fight is scary. No one would watch the killing of the mass population without their mouth wide open. One scary instance is when a soldier has the guts to spear a dying man on his back. No one can stand to hear the awful sound.

Another instance is when an alien threatens to take a man’s life if he doesn’t give him what he wants. The alien claims that the dead will be taken to his brother. The scariest part is when the alien holds his fist on the man’s head, and a gem is seen oozing from the alien’s fist, which digs a hole in the man’s head. The audience can hear the screams.

Spider-Man: Far From Home: The dreadful demise

It makes sense when one talks of scary moments in Spider-Man: Far From Home. The file contains monsters as villains. The scary scenarios have been spread throughout the film. One scene is when Michael Keaton returns as The Vulture. He seemed to be a good guy until Logan Marshall Greene’s Shocker got over him. To take revenge, Vulture crumbles Shocker with a ray gun. After Shocker’s death, Vulture doesn’t seem worried. In fact, he admits that he never knew it was a ray gun.

Another scary scene is when Willem Dafoe screams and shakes violently to gain his darker side or superpowers. Though it’s a Spider-Man movie, this acting is scary.

Finally, we have the Zombie Iron Man.

One time Spider-Man is seen fighting up a giant mosquito way before he takes a punch from Mysterio. This is a world where one can practically do anything, but most acts are scary, especially to the children.

Avengers: Age Of Ultron: Loki’s death

 No one thought that Loki’s death would tear one to pieces. He was seen as one of the most dreadful villains.

Though Loki was perfect in deceiving others, he seemed that he could also cheat death. He would get to battle but would come back unscathed. However, fate befalls him when Thano turns on him. Unfortunately, Thanos tunes to Loki while battling with Hulk and murdering him brutally.

 The fights between Hawkeye and Black Widow.

The scary feeling is when two great friends try to kill themselves. Though someone has to die to recoup back the soul stone, both are willing to die. The audience is left wondering who will plunge in to die on their stead. Black Window takes up the cross and allows The Avengers to take up the mission.

Black Window is seen as the toughest character in the MCU, and when such heroes get hit, one would feel the pain.

Black Widow’s death was a big blow as she dies before battling up with Thanos. One breathtaking scenario is during Tony Stark’s funeral, where the superheroes were there to witness. Markus claims that the death was invisible by comparison. Mc Freely claimed that she was from an abusive background, and when she had an opportunity to get the family back, she would rather trade it for something else.

 Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness

Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness will be a new sharp blade of horror, which will be released in 2022. Sam Raimi will be the top leader of the scary moments in the films.

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