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Top 10 Review Websites for Online Marketers

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You being here definitely is a very cost example of your dedication towards the growth of your business. Sorry, was I not clear enough? Well exactly, the clarity for the a certain product by you is brought through the online reviews present on different websites. The various reviews and their more and more availability makes up product more appealing to the customer.

It has been highlighted by many researchers conducted on the online marketing and sales trends. All of them have to say the same thing, about 96% of the customers who go for buying a product online choose to take a review as reference. All this has brought us to a point where, product reviews has become a very important aspect of online marketing and strategic plans regarding it.

Let us try to find out if there are available options or tools on the internet which can be very beneficial in providing the necessary product review. And help to certainly earn your website organic traffic and your product, necessary customers. today’s stands as one of the number one 1. online tools reviewing websites. Among the online tools reviewing site has managed to mark its existence as the best in its service. On the online marketing tools related to email automation solutions social media tools or blogging tools are presents to you on a easy served platter by the website.

The product reviews on the website are authentic(by actual people) and very user oriented. This site is very popular among people for preferring to chat reviews of different products or businesses. Thus having a review on the site can help you strengthen your SEO grounds. 


Capterra is a platform present on the internet which includes a reviews for different software products. The site is known to showcase about 325,000 product reviews as well as ratings in the field of 500 product categories. Your business growth can benefit from the site because of the huge community of Capterra and by it a huge reach.

4. GetApp

GetApp is yet another website in the field of online tool reviewing websites. The website is found to be quiet impressive in helping the businesses exploring themselves in the software field. The available software comparisons and users generated reviews meets this website be a part of the best 10 review websites for online marketers.

5. TrustRadius

TrustRadius is a website or platform that usually is popular among the B2B software businesses.

TrustRadius is brought out by the reviews on the platform through users who have active profiles on LinkedIn. Users can directly connect to profiles available on LinkedIn and this results in the trust of various people on TrustRadius.

6. SalesForce App Exchange

SalesForce App exchange has a great deal to offer especially for the people who are an app developer. At SalesForce App Exchange you are divided with the authentic and the most realistic app reviews as well as ratings. The trust of people on the platform has led to a huge community built and getting a reach to search community can be very beneficial for various small and big app developers.

7. Finances Online

Finance online is known among the people as the best and most unbiased B2B software review provider on the internet. Therefore making it one of the best online tools reviewing websites. 

8. G2 Crowd

G2 Crowd Provides you with a collection of reviews regarding SaaS solutions. A grid system is brought into used by G2 Crowd for evaluation of a product. The website has a reach of 300,000 authentic users.

9. IT Central Station

The website is overcrowded by the reviews that are generated by users for B2B software solutions which are designed among various tech communities.

10. Amazon Customer Reviews

No one can deny the reach of Amazon customer reviews. Being the first of its kind Amazon is a platform that provides a great reach to every product in the online market. Therefore being a very preferable choice for various online marketers. 


The conclusion that can be drawn from acknowledging that top 10 review websites available, is that, the business online have a great deal of opportunity.

The opportunities are generated from the very required and appreciated product reviews present on your side or any other site for the marketing of your product. It also helps us understand that how can we utilize a product reviewing as a tool for boosting the growth of our business.

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