Tuesday, September 26

Thinking Of Enrolling At Campion? Here’s What You Need to Know

Campion College, Australia’s premier liberal arts college, is pleased to announce that applications are available for those wishing to enrol in the college.

Undergraduate students considering studies in the Liberal Arts and postgraduate students who wish to pursue a degree in Religious Education were informed by Campion President Dr Paul Morrisey that they still have an opportunity to submit their applications for enrollment in the first semester.

The message, which was shared via video, stated, “If you’re thinking about undergraduate studies in the liberal arts or postgraduate studies in Religious Education, there’s still plenty of time to submit your application.” He also went on to provide a brief overview of what enrollment would entail.

For Undergraduates

All undergraduate Liberal Arts degree classes will resume face-to-face learning during the semester. In addition, students will attend lectures and tutorials at our Toongabbie campus in Western Sydney.

Dr Morrissey said of community learning and pandemic restrictions, Dr Morrissey said, “Being part of a community of learning is a hallmark of liberal arts education. For this reason, we will continue to prioritise face-to-face learning for as long as pandemic restrictions allow us to.” 

The well-being of the students will be maintained throughout. Campion will not alter their hygiene measures or physical distancing requirements. Dr Morrissey recognised the advantage Campion holds because of the size of its student body. “ Fortunately, our emphasis on smaller lectures and tutorials place us in a much better position to remain on campus and adapt quickly compared to much larger institutions,” he said.

Student activities and residential life will be back in operation.

We have a fantastic week of activities scheduled for orientation and an equally robust calendar of resident life events lined up for the rest of the year.

Demand for on-campus accommodation has increased this year. The uptick signals that Campion’s community holds great appeal for both current and prospective students.

Contact us to discuss alternative admission pathways and financial aid

“If you’ve been thinking about enrolling, but the pandemic has affected your previous studies or financial situation, please do not hesitate to get in touch so we can discuss alternative admission pathways and financial support.”

Campion offers our prospective students a wide range of admission pathways to cater for varying academic backgrounds. Please refer to this article for more information and a guide to selecting the path that suits you best. Once you have made your choice, remember to submit your application before the start of the semester.

For recent high school leavers seeking financial support, inquire about Campion’s Education Access Scheme. Alternatively, we also have a selection of bursaries and scholarships to lend a helping hand to those who need it.

Postgraduate students

We have received a lot of good feedback regarding our Graduate Certificate of Religious Education(Primary) program. It utilises a part-time mode of training spread over two years. This model allows students to take part in a single one-hour tutorial per week. The sessions cover a unit of study per semester, with four compulsory units required to complete the course.

We have put every effort into designing a course that makes it easy for students to balance their study and work commitments for a greater chance at success.

For more information about our courses or the admission process, please do not hesitate to get in contact with our Student Recruitment Manager.

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