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How To Maximize Your Concentration And Focus

How To Maximize Your Concentration And Focus

Staying focused and having good concentration while you work is essential for all success. That’s why, in this article, you´ll be able to learn some tips on How To Maximize Your Concentration And Focus.

1. Give yourself a time limit

This works for several reasons. The first is that usually, a task takes the time you assign to it to be completed. Why is that? Because when you set yourself a time limit you give yourself an incentive to work faster. You also discourage yourself from getting lost with distractions.

The other reason is that when resources get measured they get more responsibly used. If you are keeping a book on how much you are spending on lattes at Starbucks you might cut your spending a little bit. The same happens with time. When you start measuring how much time you are spending in a given task you start using your time more wisely. All these breeds concentration and focus. This tip is probably one of the most essentials on How To Maximize Your Concentration And Focus.

2. Do the leg work when you are on your best hours

It is much easier to focus and concentrate when your body and your mind are in the right mood. Have you ever tried to do a task that requires mental power after having a big meal? It is impossible. All your blood is in your stomach not in your head. You need a lot of blood in your head to be able to focus and concentrate. The important thing is that either when you are working or when you are studying there are different tasks that require more mental power. Leave those tasks for when your body and mind are stronger.

What does it look like?

When you get to your office and you know you have an exciting proposal to do that requires all your focus-don’t do it after lunch. Don’t do it at the end of your workday after you have responded millions of emails and you are starving. Do it just in the morning when your head is clear and strong. Do it after you took a power nap. Do it when your body and mind feel like Superman. By the way- never overeat as too much digestion robs your energy. Find out what are your better times and strive for having more of them by being healthy, both mentally and physically.

3. Get yourself in the mood

So this means several things to me. The first is to avoid distractions, duh. If you have a laptop find a quiet place where your boss, wife, friends or employees can’t find you. Otherwise, put some headphones on or close the door. There are many high-quality headsets in the market that helps you focus on the ask. Headphoneslab is one, where you can find many affordable deals and various options.

Close your email, your browser. Turn your phone off if you can. Turn off all kinds of notifications including the ones coming from your email. Write down all the things you have pending to do in your agenda so you have an empty mind and can focus on the now.  Go to the bathroom before you get started and have a glass of water and some snacks next to you when you are working or studying.

4. Divide big tasks into smaller ones

Oh, mother procrastination, the mother of all my failures. Why do I procrastinate? Because sometimes tasks look like a marathon and I hate running marathons. But if you ask me to run one mile every day I could do it. Sometimes our lack of focus and concentration is just a byproduct of procrastination, and the best way to overcome it is to divide big tasks into smaller ones.

Let’s say you have to create a long keynote on subject X. If you try to do it all at once you might never find the time to start and finish it all. You might feel like a failure and feel a big burden every time you open Powerpoint to advance a little. But let’s say you divide subject X into 5 smaller subjects. When you do so you can set yourself a time limit to finish each smaller subject and you get a sense of accomplishment every time you finish one. Suddenly the overall task seems less daunting and you are feeling confident because you are going ahead. It helps you concentrate and focus. As the old saying says, do not bite off more than you can chew.

This was “How To Maximize Your Concentration And Focus”. Hopefully, you’ve learned a lot and gotten the answers you were looking for. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to ask them below!

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