Wednesday, April 24

Infographic: Making Cold Sales Email Work with Social Proof

Sending out quick sales emails typically doesn’t work out for most sales teams. When you blast out cold sales email, only about 2-5% of people respond with interest. This happens because people don’t have a personal connection with you. They don’t know who you are, so they’d rather kick you to the curb than listen to what you have to say. 

Sending cold emails to the trash bin is very common in the sales industry. One way around this large speed bump that everyone hits is to build social status or social proof. 

Let’s face it, apathy is every salesperson’s worst nightmare. But creating social connections will help put the apathy to bed because it will show potential customers that the people, they can connect with your product or service. It’s called “social proof.” 

And, there are three ways you can incorporate it into your emails.

  • Mentioning a famous customer increased open rates by 208%
  • Mentioning a prominent investor increased open rates by 111%
  • Mentioning shared LinkedIn contacts increased open rates by 468%

Want to learn more? Check out the infographic below.

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