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How Can Text-Based Platforms Hinder Multicultural Workplace Relationships?

In recent years, text-based platforms are increasingly the main way in which we communicate. The convenience of these platforms has grown even more important during the pandemic when live interaction is not always possible. However, this reliance on text-based communication can be a hindrance to multicultural workplace relationships if cultural nuances and misunderstandings are not […]

Alternatives to Social Media Marketing

Nothing is surprising about the fact that social media are now one of the best tools for online marketing. They give vast opportunities and allow every business to reach as many potential customers as possible and even expand beyond their target audience. It’s all for free and with less effort than during big marketing campaigns. […]

The Role of Social Media for Gambling Companies

Leslie Alexander is a talented blogger and content marketing professional who works as content lead at Gamblizard. Leslie also follows the latest news pertaining to eSports, gaming, and poker tournaments. She also loves to travel, go camping in state parks, and binge some of the latest series on Netflix and HBO.   Social networks used […]

The Value of Consistency in Social Media Marketing for Your Brand

One of the most influencing factors in social media promotion is the online presence of your brand. As the level of competition grows every day, it is very important to stay in the range of sight of your potential customers, as they can easily be retargeted to someone else, who acts more actively and gain […]

How to Combine Social Media and Language Learning

Learning languages has never been easier than it is now. Years ago, you’d just have some old textbooks, tape recordings, or a few videos. You could go to a language teacher if there were one near you, and your success would depend on your motivation and how well you got on with the teacher. With […]