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8 Habits That Separate Extraordinary People From Everyone Else

If you’re thinking about embarking on a journey of radically changing your approach towards life, everyday things and doings to match them with those who are perceived as ’outstanding’, ’superb’, ’remarkable’, ’extraordinary’ – look no further. But at the same time, be fully aware that the transformation that you seek comes with a certain price.

You’re probably going to have to ditch all those bad habits/little things that stomped your growth and kept you on a path of self-indulgent all these years. If you’re still reading this, it means that you’re really determined to unlock that untapped potential.

Here are some things that can be effective time and time again, if embraced properly.

Determination and perseverance

How many times have you doubted yourself and your capabilities, not knowing if you should continue to pursue something that interests you, just because you didn’t get it right the moment you started doing it? But giving up should not be an option.

It shouldn’t even be in your vocabulary if you really want to make a difference. ’Whatever you are, be a good one,’ Abraham Lincoln once famously said. Persistence and tenacity are the foundations, core elements that you have to instill in yourself.

Dealing with everyday challenges and emotions the right way

Do. Not. Suppress. Emotions. Seriously, your inhibitions are one of the main things that are holding you back. You should share your feelings whenever you are upset, agitated or overwhelmed. If you are in a bad place mentally, you sure won’t be able to perform everyday tasks.

Incorporate any form of exercise into your daily plan

The same goes for the physical side as well, maybe even more. Recent studies have shown that people who suffer from depression, anxiety or any other mental ailment have shown significant signs of improvement when they included exercise regimens into their daily routines. Yoga, meditation, jogging, weight-lifting, team sports – all of them are highly beneficial when it comes to your overall health. And when you’re feeling good both mentally and physically, you’re giving yourself a serious advantage over others.

Take care of your diet

Remember: regular exercise routine is nothing without the right diet plan. If you’re working out, but still munching those creamy cookies every day, eating processed and deep-fried foods with loads of saturated fats and sugars, you will definitely still feel sluggish and de-energized most of the days. A balanced diet, with higher protein intake, is beneficial for everyone who wants steady energy levels throughout the day. Simply put: feeding your body and muscles with the right nutrients after an exhaustive workout will ensure that you have a required strength to go out there and perform your best.

And if you’re worrying on how to maintain those high protein levels with your busy schedule, or lifestyle that maybe doesn’t include eating meats, just throw a scoop of protein powder into your shaker or blender after the workout, and you’re all set.

Be curious and don’t be afraid to experiment

When you’ve ensured that you’re feeling good overall with the healthy diet plan, exercising and meditation, you really should be more than ready to go out there and perform. Try to keep an open mind and positive attitude towards things, and it’s going to show. People are going to start recognizing your ideas. When presenting them you need to be confident and bold.

No great deed or thing was ever done without people being ready to experiment and put themselves out of their comfort zones. Remember that being audacious doesn’t mean that you have to step out in an insolent manner. ’It’s nice to be important but it’s more important to be nice,’ as another famous quote goes!


Be very mindful of yours’ and other people’s time. Don’t be late, and forget about all the lame excuses that you might’ve previously used in various situations. You should also have in mind that being punctual is something that benefits both you and the people around you.

Imagine how nerve-wracking it will be if you have a very tight schedule and someone is acting disrespectfully towards the limited time you’ve dedicated to meeting or working with them. Not all people can afford to waste the one true resource which enables them to do significant things.

Set yourself on a path of lifelong learning

One of the best things that you can do for yourself is to embrace the fact that you can’t do without learning new things constantly. You should cherish this and use it to your advantage. Use every opportunity you have in front of you, but not just for acquiring a knowledge of something for the sake of knowledge. Try to become as proficient as possible.

After you familiarize yourself and get the hang of something, don’t be afraid to take the next step. Mastering something takes a lot of time, but having high-level skills will most definitely set you apart from the rest of the people.

Know when it’s your time to shine

Seize the right set of circumstances and present your qualities appropriately. There is no doubt that after you’ve gained mastery over something, whatever that maybe, things will be much easier. But you also shouldn’t wait for too long to present yourself, your ideas, skills, products, way of thinking. Learn when and how to respond to certain situations. Rely on your intuition and make it work to your advantage. That’s something which you’ll also need to practice.

Acting out at the right moment comes naturally to some people, but the most important thing is to realize that it’s something you can learn also, just like everything else. Just put your mind and body to it, and you’ll see great results.


Maybe one of the most important things that you can learn from all this is to be patient. By gradually implementing all these steps, you will eventually breakthrough. You’ll put yourself in a position to lead a unique and noteworthy life which will also serve to others as an example. Your excellence is pretty much guaranteed if you continue to show the willingness to do all these things day in and day out.

Article written by Miannak.

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