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5 Best Tips and Trends for Your Instagram Strategy 2021

Instagram is one of the best platforms to grow the brand of your business. The popular channel has over one billion users active every month. The relevance of Instagram is undeniable and extensive. With more and more users online, businesses are wondering how to create content for Instagram that is unique and versatile at affordable pricing.

The increase in demand has led to a rise in the number of influencers who have an Instagram strategy to help businesses achieve their goals. Marketing is evolving greatly especially on the technological platforms. This leaves us wondering how to be successful on Instagram. The following tips will help you strategize to improve your profile. 

There are many Instagram 2021 trends to use for improving your business. Influencers utilize Crowdfire to get appropriate promotion strategies. Through the Crowdfire review, you will get to see the statistics of successful businesses that utilize it. The application is safe and will easily generate likes and get the audiences to buy the merchandise you are advertising. But first, let’s understand the principle behind Instagram’s content strategy. 

What is Instagram content strategy?

This is a strategy targeting to achieve a particular set of goals and objectives by using Instagram as a marketing platform for business. This includes creating the right content to reach a specific audience online. With close to 25 million business on the platform, there is a need to pay attention to the nitty-gritty of the business and the prices. 

The platform enables businesses to have effective employee relations, better customer engagement, promote their brand, and introduce new products. With so many businesses on the platform, it is important to stand out from the competitors. Influencers who double up as marketers all want to achieve the same goals. 

Influencers team up to ensure that there is high-quality customer service, a high rate of conversions, increase the number of followers, and augment the brand identity. They can easily convert potential customers to loyal clients by using Instagram features like direct messages, comments, IGTV contact links, and likes. 

Top 5 Instagram Content Strategy Tips 2021

These tips will help you improve your Instagram profile to suit the needs of the audience much easier. Through these strategies marketing Instagram will become a walk in the park: 

1. Consistent Posting

Ensure that you at least you have one post daily. However, it is recommended that the two posts are better than one. The consistency will help you remain relevant and fresh. It is also important to get the timing right. Ensure that you pick a time frame and stick to it all through. Depending on your followers you can easily predict their habits and determine the best time to post. Use Instagram analytics to determine the best time frame. 

2. Pick The Right Hashtags

Using the right hashtag may seem to be a far-fetched concept. However, the correct hashtag will determine whether your post will be at the top of the feed or at the bottom. When selecting a hashtag, ensure that they are generic. This increases the base of the people who will see the post. But do not ignore specified hashtags relevant to the post. Mixing both hashtags will create a bigger frenzy.

Do not overuse hashtags under your posts. Instagram allows over 20 hashtags on each post. However, ensure that you use a maximum of ten only. There are posts that receive a lot of attention with only 11 hashtags. You can research the number of hashtags your competitors use and pick on the average depending on their followers.

3. Utilize IGTV

Videos are the best features on Instagram. There are more and more people watching videos on Instagram every day. Use your Instagram Newsfeed to get more people to watch the one-minute video on IGTV. The content displayed on the Newsfeed is very crucial and will determine whether people will keep watching or not.  

4. Take Advantage of Filters

Filters are not overrated on the digital platform. Using filters will enhance the optics of your profile. Top brands usually utilize this feature to improve the general outlook of the profile. The AR filters can be effective in encouraging brand engagement as well. They are relatively cheap and efficient. 

5. Organic Reach Vs Paid Ads

The number of people login into Instagram is not as high as TikTok currently. However, this does not mean that they do not use their accounts at all. Instagram normally puts posts about family and friends before brands of businesses. This means that the organic reach of a post is dwindling.

There is a need to utilize their promotion strategy to penetrate the markets. Through paid adverts, you can easily increase your followers. It is a cheap way to get many people to view your content and buy your products.


Digital platforms are ever-evolving. This means there is a need to keep in touch with the latest features on Instagram. Implementing these five strategies can increase your followers, improve customer engagement, and enhance brand identity. Instagram is an excellent tool for marketing, especially for businesses. Stay ahead of your competition by using the latest features and the tips written above.

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