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The Best Way to Incorporate IGTV Into Your Marketing Strategy

The best way to incorporate IGTV into your marketing strategy

There’s a good chance that you’ve never heard of IGTV.   After all, this brand new tv concept got off to a very slow start.  Instagram tv, better known as ITTV has fast become an important part of modern social media marketing strategies.

Just when digital marketing specialists were well into the development of their social media marketing strategies, IGTV seemed to pop up out of nowhere.  After its recent launch, Instagram is now streaming one-minute IGTV video previews via its main Instagram feed.  Showing up on user’s feeds has proven to be a sure-fire of building IGTV’s popularity and views have gone through the ceiling since.

What is IGTV?

If you’re still unsure exactly what IGTV really is, then you’re not alone as this form of digital marketing is a new concept.  With the success of the videos on Instagram’s stories, the social media giant is convinced that IGTV will be a resounding hit with its online users.

So, let’s take a look at the IGTV basics, which are:

  • IGTV is an Instagram app
  • IGTV is used for watching long-form videos on Instagram
  • IGTV is a handheld vertical video app
  • It is possible to watch the videos from within the Instagram app

Why you should be using IGTV as a digital marketing tool

Since its recent introduction, IGTV has become a popular digital marketing tool for business.  Digital marketing experts are also saying that IGTV is the next generation of video.  Instagram promises that IGTV will bring audiences closer together and even closer to the video creators.  

Everything is visual these days and more so when it comes to digital marketing. Videos are even more popular than the highest-quality resolution image.  It’s clear that people online prefer videos and that means IGTV is an excellent medium to use to get your brand’s digital message across.

In fact, within only one year, it’s predicted that people will be accessing videos less via traditional tv than by digital video.  This translates to a massive online audience that you will want to get in front on when it comes to digital marketing.

Benefits of incorporating IGTV 

As with most forms of digital marketing these days, IGTV is accessible via mobile phone.  This is a very important point as market research shows that most online users access the internet via their mobile phone.  

IGTV promises quick easy access to their videos as it’s activated as soon as the app is opened.  There’s no need to search and it is designed to make multitasking much easier.

A very popular and cleaver feature is that IGTV focusses on the Instagram profiles you already follow, which saves the user valuable time by going directly to the latest IGTV video that will interest them.

What’s in it for brands?

If your business has not caught on to the massive value of IGTV digital marketing then you may just get left behind.  Almost all of the big international brands have already hopped on the IGTV bandwagon and here are a few reasons why.

  • Longer videos – If you struggle to get your brand’s message across in the standard Instagram 60 second video then you’ll love the new IGTV app.  This brand new feature allows videos to be 10 to 60 minutes long. That’s a huge increase in length, which means you can say a lot more to your audience than in a standard Instagram video upload.
  • Allows for better planning ahead – Although the Instagram stories feature is great for an instant video post, IGTV allows for better planning ahead when it comes to business marketing videos.  
  • Offer more value – Because IGTV videos are longer, they allow their advertisers to get more information across in a single video, much like YouTube.  Therefore, your business can post how-to videos and information-packed videos that offer more value to your viewer.
  • Informs your followers – With the introduction of the one minute preview of IGTV videos in your news feed, when there’s a new video that may be of interest to a user, followers will be informed.  This is great news if your business has a strong following.

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