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BPO Company to Help the Edutech Industry get more Students!

Talking about the Edutech Industry, what is that first thing that comes to your mind? Is it a classroom environment having teens all around?

Maximum people feel the same, however, the education industry has grown to bigger boundaries. The edutech industry goes beyond the traditional educational services and works to enhance the educational experience. Adding a cherry on the cake, the BPO Company also helps the industry grow and reach students in a much easier way.


Well, when a student wants certain information, call centres help them with expertise on-board to take care of the queries over calls, emails, and texts.

student gathering information from a BPO company

BPOs including Indian call center companies help the Edutech sector generate more leads. Although most of the organizations have adopted analytics and technology-driven mediums, nevertheless, outsourcing to call centers, businesses can handle several tasks hassle-free.

BPO services also help with email and chat management along with other integrated solutions. To keep the business growing and avoiding stress, you can choose outsourcing. Getting an external partner, companies not only reduce stress but also save operational expenses.

It is indispensable to search for a call center company that offers value-added consultation, has a business continuity plan, looks after quality and compliance, takes care of customized services, scalable services, and on-time deliveries.

It is the expenses and other necessary market needs that compel education firms to look for an external partner. After all, nobody wants to gather all business hassles in one place!

We bring some diagrams for you to understand the need for outsourcing in the growing era:-

  • Outsourcing because global education technology expenditures are growing rapidly.


Stats showing global education technology expenditures are growing rapidly

  • Outsourcing because the demand for investment in the latest technology is growing.


Stats showing demand for investment in the latest technology is growing

  • Outsourcing because the global education market expenses are growing rapidly.


Stats showing global education market expenses are growing rapidly

Do you want to gather more information on the effectiveness of BPO outsourcing for the Edutech sector? We bring you the ways BPOs are a blessing to the industry, check out:

Expert agents on-board

Several edutech organizations promise to offer the best courses at affordable prices.  Nevertheless, today’s students are smart. They research a lot before finalizing a particular course.

Outsourcing the business call answering to a call center company, you get experts in your business-related field to work on your behalf. Since these outsourced agents have experience in dealing with student’s queries, they explain the courses and the subject-related inquiries in a better manner than normal agents do.

This way, your organization gains more chances of winning more student’s trust and wooing them towards the organization’s courses becomes easy. Outsourcing also helps to gain relevant information from experts, which in-house agents may lack.

Integrated solutions

Choosing BPO outsourcing, edutech firms earn integrated solutions. Since BPO company provides backend support along with the Omni-channel experience, it becomes necessary to outsource to them.

Since it is easy and more user-friendly to have service delivered from multi-channel support, educational firms need to make sure that they connect to the students from all possible channels of communication.

Thus, outsourcing to a call center, your business gets agents to handle inquiries through all channels excellently. Having a huge team for the same can be very costly, thus, outsourcing helps to provide services in budget.

Outsourcing services assist in email and chat management

With the help of AI, most edutech companies have revolutionized their services. However, live chat support, email, and chat management are still something it is better to outsource.

To ensure that the prospect or loyal service user (student) visits your services repeatedly for any information, it is vital to be spontaneous and accurate in replies. To win trust, organizations can have experts in-house or take help from BPO services.

Since outsourcing is cost-effective and hassle-free, it is better to outsource. Getting an external partner for chat support and live answering, your edutech organization can easily win the student’s heart.

Operational excellence

Starting an edutech organization, you need to train the hired agents on getting subject expertise. Conducting these high-quality classes and taking care of time-to-time training requires huge expenses, which not all companies can afford.

Thus, outsourcing to a reliable call center like the Indian call centre can help. These firms help your company with operational excellence boosting efficiency with admirable services.

Data security

Educational firms can rely on call centers for data security. If you feel your financial data will be at risk, there is no such possibility.

By outsourcing the services to an external partner, your operations will be taken care of with dedication as the partners provide documentations promising no threat to business data.

Whether it’s your potential customer’s contact details and other personal information, your security is supreme. Thus, enjoy uninterrupted services with outsourced agents on-board!

Wrap Up

The advancement in technology has led to several progressions in the edutech sector. Nevertheless, the need for a BPO company is vital to support the business functions in handling the technical tasks.

Managing inquiries over emails, calls, and chats are not easy when there are repetitive inquiries. This is where outsourced agents help to serve better as they manage subject matter expertise and look after other secondary functions giving time to in-house operations.

Reliable BPO services also help edutech companies with call center outsourcing services, student lead generation services, chat support, fundraising, follow-up handling services, administrative support, bookstore support, appointment setting, email management, and course inquiries check.

Thus, BPOs help the education sector win more students in several manners. If you are willing to establishing your own edutech organization, make sure to outsource the secondary functions to a reliable call center partner.

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