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How To Succeed At Amazon FBA In 2021?

1. Choosing the right product to sell

Everything can be sold these days, but you want to avoid paying storage fees because as long as your product is in the warehouse, you will have to pay for storage. It is, therefore, necessary that you put up products that sell quickly.

2. Stocking up your inventory

Keep regular tabs on your Amazon inventory to avoid running out of stock.

3. Advertising and marketing your products

In the case of well-known brands, there is no need to make much advertisement about it as people will find it.

However, in the case of custom products, you will have to find ways to get the word out and make proper advertisements for people to see. Amazon’s catalog has more than 350 million products, so thorough marketing is essential to make sure your products stand out.

Advantages Of Using Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA)

Amazon has a whopping million registered customers. Registering to Amazon’s FBA program will ensure the heightened growth of your business and let more people know about the products you are selling.

How Amazon FBA works to your advantage:

1. Effective management and dispatch

Owning your business is not an easy task, and fulfilling customer demands can be a hard task.

An increase in sales translates to more time spent on loading and dispatching or spending even more money paying on delivery of the product to the right customer.

You can outsource the whole process to FBA and take advantage of their skills and training in executing their entire packaging and delivery system.

2. Discounts on shipping rates

According to the contract between Amazon and some major shipping carriers, there is a high reduction in shipping costs. Such cuts pass on to the seller when you send inventory to Amazon.

Simultaneously, customers also enjoy the advantages of discounts in the form of free shipping as most orders on Amazon avail free shipping.

On the other hand, the Prime members get two-day free shipping on all FBA products, which translates to higher sales.

3. Administering returns

Taking care of returns is exhausting. All tedious work of the business, like handling upset customers, reviewing returns, and looking after the business’s administrative aspects, can be tiresome. Amazon employs experts to take care of all such processes.

They have enough workforce and professionals to take care of reverse logistics, managing customer inquiries, and return shipping labels.

There are charges for the returns processing fee; however, every penny paid is worth the amount of work taken off your shoulder.

4. Managing customer services

Amazon is well-known for the notable customer services they provide. With open lines 24/7, customers can reach out to them via email, phone, and chat. Such efficient services ease the minds of the customers and leave you out of dealing with the trivialities.

5. Unlimited storage capacity

When using FBA, you do not have to worry about the storage space for your products.

You can also do away with worrying about paying for a warehouse.

Amazon has many warehouses spread across the country, and you do not need to worry about the number of products you need to send for inventory. It means you can store even as little as one product; there is no minimum or maximum stock. 

Additionally, sellers whose products sell quickly get unlimited storage.

6. Speedy delivery

With hundreds of Amazon centers spread out all over the world, their delivery time is never slow.

So, you can rest assured that regardless of the location of your customers, Amazon will fulfill their delivery within a few days without delay.

When a customer places their order, Amazon readily finds the appropriate fulfillment center nearest the customer location and dispatches the order from there.

7. Fulfilling orders through other channels

Amazon practices a flexible selling platform by performing requests through different channels. 

The Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) services on Amazon allow selling of products through other channels (like BigCommerce).

You can use the FBA Shipping app to automate the process for free. 

It can send orders automatically from your BigCommerce store to Amazon for fulfilling orders.

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