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7 Proven Ways To Grow Your Brand’s Presence On Instagram


Building your brand’s presence on Instagram is the best way to chart into the field of E-commerce. There is no better way to reach your target audience, the audience that your business needs can be found nowhere but on Instagram. You can grow your presence on Instagram by combining a mix of techniques. It can be a combination of choosing to Buy Instagram Followers from the best sites to buy legit Instagram followers or making changes to your account. Here are 7 proven ways that combine these aspects to grow your brand’s Instagram page. 

1. Stick to your established brand

Once you have established your brand, do not lose sight of the way you present your advertisements. They should be like genuine Instagram content. Be creative so that they should be innovative and also reflect your brand’s personality. To increase familiarity in your audience so that they can identify your brand, find new methods to include your brand’s logo or color onto your feed. However, keep your style consistent throughout organic and even when you use sponsored content.

2. Create authentic Instagram Ads.

It is important to know what you want to make your audience think and feel when they see your Ad. Establish, right from the start,  what your primary message is while creating your Instagram ad. You’ll find it simpler to put some of the following concepts into practice as a result of these habits.

Create a sequence of photos that is like an ad campaign. Let that be an introduction about your company and distribute them over time so as to have an impact. Play around with different graphic styles. It is best to create a visual mood. For this, experiment with different filters and color palettes. With your photographs, you might even illustrate a shift in the mood by using a succession of various filters that progress with your brand image.

3. Craft your Instagram feed with care

While you may choose to buy Instagram followers, your audience will only stick around if they like your page. To make an appealing page, create a theme to follow. To do this, create a collection of one-of-a-kind photos. These can have a common subject which may be your brand or the product that you sell. Anyone, be it their account is ad-free or not, can make appealing photos for Instagram with a little effort.

4. Follow clean edited photography tips

Don’t forget to edit your pictures. It is an important aspect when it comes to editing to straighten up photos. This is to make them seem cleaner. Take care even while you are snapping or shooting. Consider things like symmetry, if possible, try to learn about the rule-of-thirds and other basic composition principles.

5. Ads

Instead of directly going onto the best sites to buy Instagram followers, try using Instagram Ads. This helps provide authentic organic followers. Instagram advertisements, which can be in your preferred format of photo or video are easily recognizable. They lead your target audience straight to your account. The best part is that they appear within the normal stream of content within the app. Advertisements may be made in either a square or a landscape style.

A connected call to action button, which can be Learn More, Shop Now, or Install App can be set to appear on every ad. In the square or landscape format, the ideal picture size for an Instagram ad is the resolution is 1080 x 1080 pixels. In the square format, the aspect ratio for an Instagram ad is 1:1. Your image or video should have a 1.9:1 aspect ratio if you select the landscape format. Video advertising should be no longer than 30 seconds and no larger than 30MB.

Your Instagram ad’s caption will show below the content. You can write here that can be up to 300 characters long.

6. Feedback 

If unsightly feedback is clogging up your comments then your brand’s image is greatly harmed. It drives away followers as they no longer trust your authenticity. Always reach out and clarify all complaints so that your Instagram isn’t negatively impacted. To make the transition, notify a complaint in the comments that you’ll send/have sent them a direct message to assist them to address their problem, and then go from there. Photos, videos, and text may all be utilized to assist solve problems; use whichever method of communication works best for you.

7. Follow basic photography

Use only the crispest, high-resolution photos which have decent lighting and detail. Images with pixelation, poor lighting, or other defects will appear unprofessional. Do not underestimate captions and hashtags. Don’t forget to include a decent caption to entertain and explain your picture. When you do, create or select an on-brand and relevant hashtag. These can be the ones that are especially important for Instagram.

Make use of a concentrated Focal Point. Make sure that your photo aesthetic isn’t too complicated or even marginally cluttered. Instead, concentrate on just one or two areas. These will be where you want to catch people’s attention. Your focus point should, as a best practice, be a featured brand color or a similar recognized brand aspect for your audience to recognize.

Here are some advertising-specific pointers. Be sure to use them to make the most of your brand image and boost followers!

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