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Frequently Asked Instagram Questions: Here Are The Answers!

Instagram is truly the social media platform of this decade. Since being born in 2010, it has skyrocketed in popularity and has today been able to establish itself as the this largest social media platform in terms of monthly users. Instagram is the Facebook of this decade, and has, thanks to its huge username a huge impact on our society. Furthermore, for marketers, Instagram having many users means that it is there that the attention of the consumer is.

This has lead to marketers and brands flocking to Instagram to tap its potential. And indeed Instagram has proven to be able to help marketers generate amazing marketing results and an ROI that only marketing sources can only dream of. Furthermore, Instagram has, due to the increased usage of the platform, become a natural outreach tool for customers of brands to reach out to brands for customer service, and accordingly, more and more brands have started using Instagram for this specific reason.

As with everything that is new, though, Instagram can be overwhelming. There are tons of new terms and words that you have no idea what they mean, and maybe most commonly, there are endless of different tools and features which you have no idea how you can use them, how they work, and how you can generate great results using them.

If you use Instagram as a marketing tool, remember that Instagram is just a tool. And while Instagram has proven itself able to generate great marketing results, a tool is only effective if used correctly. If you don’t use Instagram as a marketing tool, the Instagram questions are probably equally as many. The platform feels unfamiliar and frightening.

The good news is that if you have Instagram questions, you are in the right place.

In this post, we’re listing all of the most frequently asked Instagram questions, and of course, give you the answers to them.

Since these Instagram questions are so commonly asked, we thought we’d just gather them all at one place and then answer them once and for all.

1. What is Instagram?

Instagram is a social networking app made for sharing photos and videos. In Instagram’s FAQ, they explain the app in the following way: ”Instagram is a free photo and video sharing app available on Apple iOS, Android and Windows Phone. People can upload photos or videos to our service and share them with their followers or with a select group of friends”

2. Can anyone follow me on Instagram?

You can either have your profile public or private profile. Having a public profile which means that anyone can see your posts, including follow you, as long as you haven’t blocked that person. If you have set your profile to private in your account settings, people have to request to follow you and only if you grant permission to that follow request they will be able to follow you.

In short, if you have your account set to public yes, otherwise, you decide who can follow you.

3. How do I get Instagram followers?

This is such a huge question that, in order to be completely answered, you’d have to write a book – which I have! And you can find it here.

Because there are so many tactics and ways you can get Instagram followers,  it’s hard to say one or a few exact approaches, but these are some tips that lay the foundation to growing an Instagram audience:

There are lots of tricks that you can use to get more Instagram followers. Some examples are:

  1. Post regularly
  2. Post high-quality content
  3. Engage with others
  4. Use hashtags.

4. What is the point of Instagram?

Whenever new social media apps appear, people always ask what the point of them is, and Instagram did, during its rise get asked that question by many.

Well, obviously, when more than 700 million people are using something, there is a reason for it.

 Something to have in mind is that “the point” of having Instagram differs depending on who you are and what you are planning to use it for.

The truth is that Instagram has many benefits and can be used for a number of purposes, but at its core, Instagram is a social media platform, which means that its focus is on keeping us humans connected with each other and interacting on the web.

5. How do I make my account private?

This is one of the most commonly asked Instagram questions, and fortunately, the fix is very simple.

To make your Instagram account private:

  1. Open up Instagram
  2. Go to Your Profile
  3. Edit Your Profile Settings
  4. Activate the Privacy Option

6. How do I get Instagram?

Instagram is an application, which means that you can get the Instagram app on the places where you get apps. If you don’t want to get the app, but instead just use the platform, you can use the desktop version, but that won’t give you full access to all of the app’s features.

If you have Android, you get the Instagram app from the Google play store and if you have an iPhone, you get the app from the App Store. The app is completely free.

Download the Instagram app for IOS.

Download the Instagram app for Android.

7. How long can my videos be?

There are two places where you can upload videos: in your regular feed and in your Stories.

If you share a video as a regular post, your video needs to be at least 3 seconds and can’t be longer than 60 seconds.

If you post a video on your Story, your video can’t be longer than 10 seconds. However, you can split long videos into 10-second clips and then upload them after each other.

8. When should you post?

On Instagram, you can post whenever you’d like, but the fact is that the time you share your post actually impacts how many people see it and how much engagement receives.

The ”ultimate time” you should post on various social media platforms is a debated topic, because different studies say different things.

The real truth to when the best time to post on Instagram is actually your audience. The purpose of posting at specific times is to share a post when most of your followers are online and using Instagram and depending on what followers you have, this number will obviously vary, which means that there’s no universal answer to this question.

9. How can employees use Instagram to benefit business?

Employees can be a great help for amplifying your brand’s message, showing behind-the-scenes, and much more. If you have employees posting on social media who at the same time represent your brand, it is important that you have a social media policy in place.

Employees on social media have especially a great power in humanizing brands, as they give a more human angle to it.

10. How many hashtags should I use in my posts?

Plenty of studies have been made about this Instagram question, and not surprisingly, they all say different things, but if you put it this way:

When you add a hashtag, you give your post exposure on yet another hashtag section. This obviously means that in order to receive the highest amount of engagement, the more hashtags you should be using. The maximum allowed number of hashtags on Instagram is 30, and so that’s what you should use for the optical engagement.

Your posted image will start working in Instagram’s algorithm as soon as you post it. Make sure you post your hashtags immediately after you post your picture.

11. What is a good benchmark for engagement?  

Instagram is famous for offering a very high organic reach and thus organic engagement, but as the number of users increases, so will the number of posts shared on the platform. This will mean that through time, the average engagement rate will only decrease.

Sable Harris of Track Maven notes, “big brands receive an average of 37 total likes and comments for every 1,000 followers.

You can use this to project your benchmark by multiplying your followers by .037.

12. How can I use Instagram Stories to build my brand?

Instagram Stories is a tremendous tool for businesses to use, as it allows you to share content without having to worry about it cluttering your feed since it disappears after 24 hours.

The absolute best way to use Instagram stories is to use it to build relationships, engage your audience, and humanize your brand.

Instagram stories is about sharing content ”in the moment”, and so that’s what you should use it for.

Stories lets you reach more of your audience more times per day, and since the engagement rate is generally quite high for Stories, you should definitely use it to build relationships with your audience.

Of course, Stories offers a world of opportunities, so to learn the complete ins and outs and usage areas of Stories, read fkjnaeflnlqfnpqöfnqrf

13. What is a Story?

An Instagram Story is a disappearing photo or video that can be viewed for 24 hours before it vanishes. Stories appear above of a user’s timeline.

The difference of Stories and regular posts is that they are disappearing and aren’t showcased in your regular feed, and this helps people share more raw, authentic, and less polished to perfection content, but instead make a post whenever they feel like to activate and engage their audience.

14. How do I post to Instagram Stories?

To make a post on Instagram Stories, go to your profile or your feed (it works either way). Then, in the top left corner, tap your profile picture with a blue plus sign on it. Now, you have your camera activated and have the option to choose between a number of different content types. You can take photos, record videos, and if you swipe up, you can upload photos and videos from your photo library. Once you’ve taken a photo or upload one, tap ”your story” at the bottom of your screen. Now, your Story will be uploaded for people to see.

15. Can I save an Instagram Story?

Since Instagram Stories has come around, this is one of the most asked Instagram questions, and the answer is yes.

If you’ve uploaded a Story to your profile, to save it, simply go to that Story and tap ”save” at the bottom of the screen. If you haven’t yet posted it, you’ll also have a save button next to the post to Story option.

You can also screenshot your story (or others) when watching them.

16. How do I follow a new account?

Following a new account is very simple. To do so, go to the account you wish to follow, either by searching for their username in the search bar or by finding their account in some other way. Now, if you don’t follow an account, the follow button in their profile will be blue. If you do follow an account, the button will be white.

17. Can I share Instagram photos on other social media?

This is one of the more commonly asked Instagram questions, but despite this, it’s a not so commonly used Instagram feature.

The answer is yes. From within the app, you can choose to share your Instagram posts on an array of different social media platforms before sharing it to Instagram, such as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Tumblr, and many more.

18. Can I import existing photos on my phone or online into Instagram?

Yes! to do this, simply tap the camera icon, and then select the image icon. You can also import photos from your phone’s photo library.

19. Why use this when I’m already sharing photos via Facebook and Twitter?

This type of Instagram questions is always asked when new social media platforms come about, because people have just gotten used to the ones that came a few years ago, and now they have to learn something new, and humans hate change.

There’s a reason why hundreds of millions of people are using on Instagram, and now, the total number of Instagram users is higher than Twitter.

20. Was Instagram really worth $1 billion?

This is one of the most commonly asked Instagram questions that has been widely debated over the years.

At first, it might seem crazy considering the fact that Instagram wasn’t making any money but instead bleeding money every single day. But Facebook knew that when you have people’s attention, you can make money, and at that time, Instagram had hundreds of millions of people’s attention. Today, Instagram is making more and more money for each year that passes by, and they’re just now closing into making more money than they burn.

Instagram has a huge potential when it comes to making money, so yes, Instagram was worth a billion dollars.

21. Is there a way to contact Instagram?

The answer is yes, but it is certainly tricky. This is one of the most common Instagram questions, but Instagram doesn’t seem like they want to comment too much about it, because it means the need for huge resources to deal with service for so many people which Instagram’s user base consists of.

While you can contact Instagram, be prepared that you might not receive a response, but it is, of course, worth a shot.

To contact Instagram, you can call them on 650-543-4800. You can also email them at

22. How can I get back my deleted Instagram account?

If you’ve deleted your account but changed your mind, there is, unfortunately, no turning back. Once you’ve deleted your account, you cannot get your account back.

23. How do you report a problem on Instagram?

One of the simple answers to Instagram questions. to report a problem on Instagram, go to your profile, tap the three dots in the very top right corner, then scroll until you see ”Report a problem”. Now, select the problem you want to report.

24. Where are the offices of Instagram?

In 2016, Instagram moved its 350 employees from a one-story office at Facebook’s former HQ in Menlo Park, California, into a refurbished building not far away.

25. Can you deactivate your Instagram?

Yes! There are many Instagram questions about deleting or deactivating Instagram accounts, but Instagram doesn’t recommend you delete your account (duh), instead, they recommend you to deactivate it.

If you delete your account, it is deleted permanently, however, if you decide to temporarily deactivate it, all you have to do is log in to your account and then it will be reactivated again.

To deactivate your Instagram account:

  1. Go to with a device that has a browser. You cannot deactivate your account using the Instagram app.
  2. Now, tap the human silhouette icon.
  3. Tap ”edit profile”
  4. Scroll down until you see ”deactivate my account at the bottom.
  5. Choose a reason why you’re deactivating your account and then type in your password again. Only when you have selected a reason why you deactivate your account you’ll be able to actually do so.
  6. Click ”temporarily deactivate account”.

26. How do I remove a remembered Instagram account?

If you want to remove your Instagram account, you can do so. But there seem to be some confusions about this as there are many Instagram questions about this topic.

To remove your Instagram account:

  1. Go to the page ”delete your account” Remember that you cannot remove your account using the Instagram app.
  2. Choose an alternative to why you’re deleting your account. If you haven’t logged in, you’ll be prompted to do so.  Now, you need to type in your password again.
  3. When you’ve selected a reason, tap delete my account permanently.

Remember: When you tap on the delete button, everything connected to your account will be deleted permanently and this cannot be undone.

27. Can someone tell if you report them on Instagram?

Many people ask this and similar Instagram questions because they’re afraid that the person they reported will know about it, but the answer is no, if you have reported an account on Instagram, the person who got reported won’t know you’ve done so.

28. Can you use your computer for Instagram?

Yes, you can use Instagram on your computer, but certain features are limited. You can, for example, not upload posts on the website version.

29. Is Instagram located at 1 Hacker Way?

Facebook’s main office is located on 1 Hacker Way, but just because Instagram is owned by Facebook doesn’t mean they have their main office there. Facebook has its own vanity headquarters address: 1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park, 94025. 1 Hacker Way is the central address for the campus.

30. How many people are employed by Instagram?

At the time of Instagram’s acquisition from FB, there were 13 people that worked for Instagram. Today, that number has increased, and as of January 1st, 2018, Instagram had more than 550 employees.

31. How do I delete my Instagram?

This is one of the Instagram questions that has already been asked, but in a different way, but here’s the quick answer:

  1. Go to this page. If you’re not logged into Instagram on the web, you’ll be asked to log in first.
  2. Select an option from the drop-down menu next to Why are you deleting your account? and re-enter your password..
  3. Click or tap Permanently delete my account.

32. How many accounts can you have on Instagram?

You can have as many accounts you want on Instagram, but have in mind that you need to have unique email addresses for each account you create. Furthermore, there might be a ”block” to devices pf creating a bunch of accounts, normally, this block is at 5 accounts, so once you’ve created that many, you can use a new device to create more accounts.

 Instagram allows you to manage up to five accounts with the multiple accounts feature, but you can obviously log in and out from the different accounts.

33. How do you log out from Instagram on all devices?

There is no real feature for doing this, but the solution to this commonly asked Instagram question is that you reset your password. When you change your password, all the devices that are logged in to the account will automatically be logged out.

34. What happens when you report a post?

When you report a post, what normally happens is nothing. Instagram simply has so much to do that they might not have the time to go through it, however, if you report a post and it clearly violates Instagram’s rules, and Instagram actually does something about the post, you’ll get a notification of the action that Instagram has taken, for example, that they’ve deleted the post or banned the account.

35.Can you report a comment on Instagram?

Yes! To report a comment on Instagram, simply swipe left on it and then tap the warning icon/sign. Now, choose the reason you are reporting the comment.

36. Can you use Instagram on the computer?

This is one of the more common Instagram questions, and the answer is yes, however, certain features are limited on the desktop version since Instagram is at its core an app created for sharing things ”in the moment”, and a desktop version almost got against that in a way.

37. Can I use my laptop for Instagram?

Yes, just like the answers to the Instagram questions about whether or not you can use Instagram on your desktop, you can use Instagram with your laptop if you visit Instagram’s website.

38.How do you delete a photo on Instagram?

To delete a photo on Instagram, go to the photo you wish to delete and then tap the three dots in the top-right corner and then tap ”Delete”.

Note that you can only delete your own photos. If someone has uploaded a photo you don’t like, all you can do is report it.

39. How many users are on Instagram?

As of the end of 2017, there were more than 800 million monthly active users.

40. How do I delete someone else’s comment on Instagram?

You can only delete someone’s comment if it has been left on your own post. If not, you can only report it, which you learned how to do in the frequently asked Instagram question number 35.

To remove a comment from your own post, go to the comment and swipe left on it. Then, tap the trashcan icon.

41. How do you report someone on Instagram?

To report someone on Instagram, go to the account you wish to report and tap the three dots in the top right corner of their profile. Now, tap ”Report” and select the reason for reporting them.

42. How do you post on Instagram from your computer?

There isn’t an official way to upload posts from your computer since Instagram is created for sharing photos in the moment, and sharing a photo from your desktop just doesn’t live up to that. There are a few programs out there, however, that will help you make a post on Instagram from your computer.

43. How do I allow access to my photos on Instagram?

You only need to allow access to your photos on Instagram if you have your profile set to private.

If you want to allow access, there are two ways to go about doing this. First, you can set your profile to public, which means anyone (as long as they’re not blocked) can view your photos. Or, you can have the person you wish to see your photos request to follow your account and then accept them.

44. How do you delete a photo from Instagram?

This is one of the most common Instagram questions, and fortunately, the solution is simple.

To delete a photo (or video) that you’ve uploaded, go to your profile and identify the pst you wish to delete. Now, tap the three dots in the top right corner and select delete.

45. Can you delete Instagram photos on the computer?

There is no official way to delete photos on the desktop version of Instagram, but there are, however, various browser extensions you can use to do so.

46. How do you use hashtags on Instagram?

To use hashtags on Instagram, simply add them to your post once you’ve uploaded it. You can add hashtags to either the comment section of your own post or incorporate them into the caption of it.

47. Can Instagram see all my photos?

Since you upload everything to Instagram’s very own platform and servers, obviously, they are able to see your photos.

48. How do I make my photos private on Instagram?

Common Instagram questions are related to making your profile or posts private, and the only real way to do this is to make your profile private. To make your profile private, go to your profile and tap the three dots in the top right corner. Now, Scroll down until you find ”Account privacy”. Now, activate the button to make your profile private.

Remember that if you have your account set to a business account, you cannot make your account private.

49. Can anyone see my story on Instagram?

If you have a public accounts none can see your Story on Instagram. if your account is private, only the people who are following you can see it.

In your settings, you can also make so that specific individuals can’t see your Stories.

50.How do I choose people to hide my story from?

To choose people to hide your Story from, go to your profile and tap ”Story control”. Here, you can decide everything on who gets to see and who don’t get to see your Stories, including much more settings.

51.Can you see who’s viewed your Instagram?

No. This is one of the most commonly asked Instagram questions, but unfortunately, the answer is no.

There are a few Instagram apps out there for seeing who visits your profile, but it’s not sure they work.

52.Can people on Instagram see if you look at them?

No. Unless you interact with the posts or account of someone so they get notified, for example that you’ve liked their post, there is no way for people to see that you’ve looked at their profile or posts.

53.How do you see other people’s activity on IG?

There are several ways to see people’s Instagram activity. For a complete guide, readriomfilrgunwekrjghwe

54.Can you hide who you follow on Instagram?

No, there is no way to hide the people you are following on Instagram. The only way to hide who you are following to someone is to block that account.

55.Are Instagram followers listed in order?

If you follow less than 200 accounts,the sort order will be organized alphabetically by the name on their profile and not their username. If the account hasn’t added a name to their profile, they will be sorted by most recent above the alphabetical list.

If you follow more than 200 accounts, they will be sorted by most recent interaction. In other rowers, the order in which you followed them or they have followed you.

56.How do you know if someone is following you on Instagram?

If you want to know if someone is following you on Instagram simply go to your profile, tap ”followers” and then search for their username.

If they have a public account, you an also go to their account and tap ”following” and then search for your own username. If you are in that list, t heya re following you.

57.Can you hide a photo from someone on Instagram?

Now, the only way to hide a photo from someone on Instagram is to block them (or have a private account and not have them follow you).

58.How can I search my followers on Instagram?

Searching your followers on Instagram is easy. Simply go to your profile and tap on ”followers”. At the top, you’ll have a search bar where you can search for specific accounts.

59.What do you see when someone blocks you on Instagram?

When someone blocks you on Instagram, you won’t know that they’ve blocked you. The only way you can tell is if you come across their profile, for example by someone having tagged them. Then, you’ll see that their profile will say ”no posts”, while in fact the number of posts clearly says that they have shared posts.

60.How do you see your followers on Instagram?

To see your followers on Instagram, tap your profile in the bottom right corner. Here, you’ll see a number in the top middle under ”followers”. This is the number of people who follow you.

61.How do I see my follower requests on Instagram?

To see your follower requests on Instagram, tap on your notifications, which is the menu jus left of your profile menu in the bottom right corner. At the very top here, you’ll see ”Follow requests” and a number on the right. Tap here to see the people who have requested to follow you and to decide whether or not they should get accessed or denies to follow you. Remember that you can only have follower requests if your account is set to private.

62.Can you cancel a request on Instagram?

Yes. If you have asked to follow a private account on Instagram, go to that account and tap the follow button once again. This will remove your follow request.

63.How do I remove that I sent a Friend request?

If you’ve sent a follow request but want to remove it, go to the account again and tap the follow button once more.

64.How do you know if you sent a friend request?

If you’ve sent a follow request to an account, you’ll know so by going to the account you’ve requested to follow. If the follow button in their profile says ”requested” you have sent a ”friend/follow” request.

65.Are Instagram stories temporary?

As new features evolve, people get confused, and this is why there are many Instagram questions about Stories.

The answer is yes, and that’s the whole point of Stories. Stories are up and available to watch for 24 hours before they vanish.

66.How long is an Instagram story?

A single Instagram Story can be a maximum of 10 seconds. If you record a video, your video can be very short or up to 10 seconds, and if you upload a photo, it will be displayed for 10 seconds no matte what.

67.How long does a story stay on Instagram?

A story stays for 24 hours unless you delete it earlier.

68.Can you see who looks at your Instagram story?

Yes, when you’ve uploaded a story, go to your story and swipe up. here, you’ll see a complete list of accounts that have viewed your story.

69.Can you tell if someone watches your video on Instagram?

If you’ve uploaded your video as a regular post, you can not see who watches your vide. If you’ve uploaded a video on Instagram Stories, yes, and it works in the same way as explained above.

70.How do views on Instagram work?

A video’s view count doesn’t include video loops. A video view is counted when a video is watched for 3 seconds or more. Note that the view counts will only show up on videos that were uploaded after November 19, 2015. If you want to see a vide’s likes, tap the view count below the video.

71.How do you like pictures on Instagram?

There are two ways to like a picture on Instagram. Either you can double-tap on the image and a heart will appear, or, you can tap the heart icon right below the post to the left.

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