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How to See Who Visits Your Instagram Profile

Wondering how you can see who visits your Instagram profile?

A common question that people ask is how they can see who visits their Instagram profile, and despite it being a commonly asked question, there are only a few answers to it.

This is why I have taken on the challenge to write the most in-depth and thorough answer to how you can see who visits your Instagram profile and if it is even possible.

How to see who visits your Instagram profile

As you’ve might have guessed, there are ways that you can see who visits your Instagram profile.

Some of the methods to do so include using third-party apps, and others using a different approach.

In asking the question of whether or not it is possible to see who visits your Instagram profile, many people hope that there would be some kind of built-in feature within Instagram that presents you with a number of people and a list of those people which you can access effortlessly, but unfortunately, that is not the case. This means that the answer to whether or not you can see who visits your Instagram profile is both yes and no.

This is why, in order to see who visit your Instagram profile, you need to take different approaches to doing so, in order to ultimately reach the same end goal.

There are many reasons to why you may want to know how many and who has visited your Instagram profile, but a common reason is privacy.

When you have an Instagram account, you have a lot of people visiting it if you have it public. But with that said, you have absolutely no idea of who those people are – unless you’re actively looking it up.

Instagram has from time to time been accused of provoking its users’ privacy, and whether or not there’s any truth to that is debatable considering the fact that it is free to use Instagram, and if you don’t want to use it, you don’t have to.

Instagram privacy problem

However, just because you accept the fact that everyone can check your activity, profile, and posts if you have a public account, doesn’t mean that you don’t want to keep an eye on the people who do. When you have a little bit of control over what is happening, you can feel more at peace when going to bed at night.

Here are the different methods you can use to see how many people visit your Instagram profile, and well as tactics to see who those people are.

Privacy on Instagram

How do I know who has seen my Story on Instagram?

The good news is that when you share an Instagram story, you’ll get access to data about exactly how many people have watched it, as well as a complete list of who those people are.

While this isn’t a clear-cut way of knowing who visited your Instagram profile, you can assume that if they have watched your Instagram Story, chances are, they’ve looked at your Instagram Story, they’ve probably visited your profile some time as well. It’s the most effective way, but when the ways of seeing who visited your profile on Instagram, you’ll have to satisfy with the methods that are at your disposal.

Instagram Stories views

Apart from just being able to know who has visited your Instagram profile, many people are also curious to know who has been lurking on their posts and knowing how many people have seen them, and most importantly, who has seen them. Unfortunately, such feature has never existed on Instagram, until Instagram released Stories, that is.

To see how many and who has watched your Instagram Story, you need to look at the Stories statistics within 24 hours after you posted it. Once your story disappears, you won’t be able to access this information.

To gain access to the information, go to the Story you’ve shared and swipe up on the screen. Here, you’ll see the number of people who have watched your story, the usernames of the people, as well as how many people have screenshotted your Story. In this list, Instagram will arrange the people you interact most frequently with at the top of that list. The people you don’t know or don’t interact with much will most often be presented at the bottom.

Only you can see the people who have seen your Story.

Instagram videos

When sharing regular posts, you won’t be able to know who has seen them, and generally not how many people how many people have seen them either.

When sharing Instagram videos, however, you’ll get a view count

It’s easy to believe that the number of likes you receive on your posts are the same number as the people who have seen them, but that is far from the truth. In fact, what you’ll notice when you’ll see your total video views is that you have a lot of lurkers as followers who watch your posts in secret, without leaving a single trace.

To see how many people have seen your Instagram videos, you don’t have to do anything particular. All you need to do is upload an Instagram video and then wait for the views to start rolling in. The total videos views

Instagram Insights

In an effort to make Instagram more appealing for businesses, Instagram introduced a built-in analytics feature into the platform, named Insights, but also referred to as analytics. Since businesses and marketers were screaming for ways to get more in-depth analytics of how they performed on their platform, this was Instagram’s response. The good news is that Insights gives you a ton of information and metrics about your account. This information covers how many people have seen your Instagram posts, and best of all, the total number of people who have visited your Instagram profile.

Instagram Insights

Awesome, huh?

Best of all, this information can be accessed within the app, without using any third-party app.

But before you can use Instagram Insights, you first need to convert your account into a so-called ”business account” to get access to the feature.

Doing so is actually very simple, so don’t worry.

To convert your account, go to your profile and tap the settings button in the top right corner. Now, scroll until you find ”Business settings”. Here, you’ll find the option to convert your account to a business account.

To do so, you need to have a Facebook business account with which you’re going to connect your Instagram account, and then voila!

Now that you’ve got that out of the way, it is time to start looking at the metrics.

See total post views on Instagram Insights

When sharing an Instagram post, there is, as mentioned, no way for you to see how many people have actually seen your post. But with Instagram analytics there are.

Simply go to the post you wish to see the metrics for and then tap ”View Insights”. This will let you know the total number of likes, comments, saves, and reach. And maybe most interestingly, you can also see the number of people who have seen your post and then clicked through to your profile.

See total number of profile views with Instagram Insights

With Insights, you can, among much more see the total number of profile views you’ve had the last month. To access this information, go to your page and tap the analytics icon at the top of your screen, located to the right. At ”Profile visits”, you’ll see the total number of profile visits you’ve had the last month, and you’ll also see how this number has changed compared to the month before. Here, you’ll also have access to much more information, such as reach and impressions.

See the people who have liked your post and who follow you

Two great ways to get a grasp of who is looking at your profile and posts on Instagram is to first take a look at the people who are following you.

This is the most basic and simple way because the people who are following you are most likely people who have visited your profile and then started following you because they think you share awesome and interesting content.

To see who follows you, go to your profile and then tap the number in your profile right above ”followers”. Here, you’ll be presented with a complete list of every single account that follows you. At the top of the list, you also have a search bar where you can search for specific users.

The other way to see the people who have watched your post (and thus likely your profile as well) is to look at the accounts that have like your post. To see this, go to a post of yours and then tap the number of likes you have. Now, you’ll be presented with a list of accounts of people who have seen (and engaged with) your post.

Third-party apps to see who visits your Instagram account

The only way, really, to see who visits your Instagram account is by using a third-party app. However, in using them, it’s important that you’re careful, and are aware of the risks that it can include.

There are a number of third-party apps out there that promise to show the accounts of the people who have viewed your Instagram profile. Some third-party apps are free, others are super expensive, and others just don’t work. In fact, there are even third-party apps that are straight up scams, because in order to use the third-party apps, you need to log in with your account, and in doing this, you give the services complete access to your Instagram account, which may result in them stealing your account.

In fact, in 2013, an app called InstaLike said that it would give people more post likes, but instead, its purpose was to trick users into giving out their passwords. It is estimated that a staggering 100,000 people had fallen for the scam.

I’ll be sharing a few of these apps with you below, but do note that you have been warned that they may or may not be sketchy, and in general, we advise you to stay away from most third-party apps as they might end up stealing your account. But hey, it’s completely up to you.

Reports+ for Instagram

Formerly known as InstaReport, this third-party app is the ”fastest and most accurate followers analytics tool for Instagram”

It allows you to track your Instagram followers, find out who unfollowed you on Instagram, who is not following you back, detect blockers, view your fans, rank your best friends and more.

Social Track

This is a third-party app that has received a ton of complaints and reviews. Based on its reviews, it is a complete fraud, but it does exist.

A review says ”This app is a total fraud. They require that you subscribe in order to see any of the information on their reports, however even after subscribing they continue to block access to the same reports you just paid for. Apple should remove this from the App Store as its app is literally stealing your money.”

As mentioned, we don’t recommend you to use them, but if you are a daredevil, it does exist.

Social Fans

This is another third-party tool that allegedly helps you see who visits your Instagram profile. However, if you look at its reviews, it’s best to stay away from it as one person writes ”Not only does it not work(it becomes obvious very quickly that it’s a scam) but they charged me after I emailed them within minutes that I was cancelling future charges (never a response) and cancelled through subscriptions in my phone. Apple refunded me but what a racket. Stay away.”


This is one of few third-party apps that have actually received somewhat good reviews on the app store.

One person writes ”Personally I really enjoy the app, I feel that it is a way much easier access to the things that you want to see. I had bought the 1-week pro trial and have been enjoying what I have full access too now and the best part was that it doesn’t cost much. I highly recommend you to try the app out. If you think you are not prepared to see who is stalking you or who your secret admirers are then this app is not for you because it will show you everything.”

The app will ”This app displays the list of users who like you most, based on interactions which other people have had with your Instagram account, such as likes, comments, photos tagged you, following and messaging”.

Creeping on Instagram accounts?

It’s hard to know who visits your profile if they aren’t leaving any traces after them.

There are plenty of people who only visit people’s Instagram accounts and just looks. This is a common reason why people want to be able to know who visits their Instagram accounts since it is actually quite creepy to lurk around someone else’s Instagram without leaving comments or likes

Don’t be an Instagram stalker, but instead, engage with people, and don’t creep on people’s posts without leaving any signs.


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