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How To Get A Blue Tick On Instagram

How To Get A Blue Tick On Instagram

The blue tick marks are used across various social media platforms indicating that they are the verified accounts of famous personalities or celebrities. With too many pages and profiles existing over a single name that’s famous on social media, this is a verification procedure which will help find the original one and help users spot the fake profiles. So this feature unfortunately is limited to these set of people. That is the short answer. However, it is not impossible to get a blue tick on Instagram and in this article, we´ll tell you how.

This is what Instagram says:


So, how can you get verified?

1. Have lots of followers

Follow sign

The first and most obvious part to getting certified is by being insanely popular. There is no follower limit to be certified on Instagram. You can have 1K followers and be certified, however, most certified pages have 1M followers+

2. Have impersonators

The whole reason to why Instagram have the verified badges is so people will be able to find the real profile and ignore the impersonators. If you are a person that have a lot of “fake profiles” in your name, then you might have a chance of getting a verified badge, especially if you express your concern to Instagram.

3. Be active

Instagram want to encourage active users and if they come to your profile to see if you meet the requirements to get certified and see that you you haven’t been posting for a month, then you probably won´t be receiving a verified badge. Firstly, they might think that you have quit Instagram. And what´s the purpose of making a person that doesn´t even use the app certified?And secondly, they want their users to share things with their audience often. Instagram has a lot of ghost followers and bots and these are not the ideal users Instagram wants. Instead, they want active, fun users and giving a certification badge might encourage that.

4. Don´t break Instagram´s rules or spread negativity

This one is pretty obvious but very important well regarding How To Get A Blue Tick On Instagram. Instagram wants a fun platform without people spreading negativity and hate comments so if you are a person that does this and is hoping to get verified-knock it off! We all know that hate on social media is a big issue and if you are one of those that are spreading it-NOT GOOD. Another way for Instagram to see if you have been behaving on their platform is to see how many times you have been reported and made people upset. As a big influencer with many followers, it is hard to please all but you should at least to your best!

These were some of the most important demands that you have to follow if you are looking to get a blue tick on Instagram. We hope that you have learnt How To Get A Blue Tick On Instagram after this article. Happy hunting for the verified badge!



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