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Best Method to Attract Followers on Instagram

Best Method to Attract Followers on Instagram

Followers are not everything, but they are an important part of Instagram success.

By having more followers, more people will see the content you post, and the bigger influence you have over people. When you have a lot of followers, you present your brand as popular, which is great for business, because people tend to trust businesses with more followers.

In this article, I’ll present highly effective ways of gain followers on Instagram, and discuss the mindset you need to have on Instagram in order to successfully acquire them.

Tag and engage

You’ve probably heard that engaging with your audience is a crucial part of Instagram growth. That’s completely true!

Almost no matter what article or guide you read, engaging with people is mentioned.

It is true that engaging with people is good to increase your visibility and grow your followers, however, for optimal results, you can’t just start engaging with random people.

In order to get the most results out of your efforts, you need to engage strategically.

What people to engage with

First of all, you need to share a post with a location check-in at a popular location. Popular locations are often heavily used by other Instagrammers which means people are constantly checking-in to that location, making it possible for you to find them.

Grow instagram followers location checkin

Now that you’ve shared a post with a popular location, the work can begin. Go to that location and start engaging with the people who have shared a post from that exact location most recently.

Instagram posts locations higher engagement

Like and comment their post, and follow them. If you do all three, you’ll get better results than if you would only do one or two of the listed actions.

Most of the people feel engaged in such situation, because they’ll feel like you have something in common, and as a result, many people will follow you.

When commenting, you’ll generate even better results by writing something that furthers emphasizes the fact that you have something in common. – You’ve both visited the same place at the same time.

If you want to be really personal, you can be that too.

Here are some tips for comments you can use.

Not very personal:

  • Such an amazing place!
  • Love (the location)
  • Beautiful shot, (the location) is amazing
  • Looks like you had a great time at (the location)

More personal:

  • Such an amazing location, I was just there recently:)
  • Did you also (the activity)? I was there just a few minutes ago and did the same thing!
  • How was your visit? (the location) never disappoints

Very personal:

  • Nice picture! Did you see me there?
  • I was also there X minutes ago! I think I saw you there!
  • Just came across your profile, I think I saw you when you took this image:)

Just make sure you aren’t sounding like a bot in your comment, and don’t present yourself as a stalker because then you’ll get blocked.

The mindset of acquiring followers

Posting with the main goal of becoming ‘IG famous’ and simply acquire followers for the same of it is the wrong approach to growing your Instagram.

When growing followers, you need a purpose and a reason, because the quality of your followers, and who your followers are is far more important than simply growing as many as you can.

If you act like just every other spammer who is looking to grow followers quick for the sake of it, you are doomed to bring in followers that have a very low value, and many of which will act like ghost followers.

The mindset you should have when growing Instagram followers and how

The single most important thing when building your Instagram, which will ultimately lead to you growing followers is sharing content. Nobody wants to follow a page without any content, so you need to do some work before focusing on building your audience.

Also, you need to have a true, genuine passion/ interest in what it is you’re posting. Don’t just choose a niche that is popular now.

Obviously, an important part of growing your followers and building your presence on Instagram is letting people know “this is what I am going to post”. This way, people know if your page is for them.

Instagram profile attract visits grow followers

This is especially important when it comes to using Instagram as a business because you don’t want a bunch of followers who aren’t relevant to your brand. You want followers who might be your potential customers in the future!

An advice that is always relevant

Since Instagram is a visually driven platform, visual content is what will be important when it comes to sharing content. Therefore, you need to be sharing content that dominates all your competitors, and passion is a big part of this as well.

It makes a huge difference when people can see when you have a genuine passion for what it is you are posting. When people can tell, you’ll attract more people, and they’ll become more engaged in your page.

Think about….

The first mentioned trick about engaging with people who have been at the same location as you were essential for getting your profile seen. It is an extremely effective method, but it will only work if you have fulfilled and done other essential parts of growing your Instagram.

First of all, we talked about how important high-quality content is, and that you are passionate about what your post, because if you don’t share great content (or don’t share anything at all), even if people find your profile, why would they want to follow you?

This brings us the next point.

Be unique

Considering the fact that More than 80 million photos are uploaded per day, it is understandable that it is hard to share content that stands out. However, it is not possible.

When I see so many accounts all posting the same type of content as each other again and again: PhotoShopped super-sized moons, POV shots of feet dangling out the end of a tent with a stunning mountain lake scene, rows of hammocks tied between trees in a stunning landscape etc, it makes me wonder why these people have no ideas of their own integrity or imagination.

How to grow instagram with visual content appealing profile

Replicating other people’s type of content is not the recipe for success on Instagram. Why would people then follow replicators when they can follow the real deal?

While all of the mentioned types of shot are amazing, they are certainly not unique.

At least not anymore.

Social media should be a place where you let your creativity flow because ultimately, that’s how you get traction after you’ve been discovered with the help of the engagement method in the beginning of this article.

Do something because you enjoy/have an interest in it. NOT because someone else has done it and it seemed to be popular because what was popular yesterday will not be popular tomorrow.

Trends on social media quickly become saturated so always plan on the next big thing.

Don’t hop on trends on Instagram. Create them.

That is the first step to growing Instagram followers.


Uniqueness is one of the most important parts of growing your Instagram page and attracting followers.

Sharing high-quality content is also extremely important because no one wants to see blurry, low-quality images in 2017!

Once you’ve started to build your content strategy, you can engage with your audience to get your content seen with the help of the engagement tip mentioned in this article.

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