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How To Increase Sales Through Instagram

How To Increase Sales Through Instagram

With over 2 billion active users worldwide, social media has become a terrific channel for businesses to connect with their customers, increase brand awareness, build trust, incrase auhority, increase and much, much more.

More and more companies are realizing the potential of social media, trying to hop on the most modern form of marketing in order to stay on-trend. So, if you aren’t using social media for your brand yet, make sure hop on it as quickly as you can, so you’re not late to the party.

When it comes to learning how to use Instagram, it all starts with creating images that speak volumes. Your images on Instagram need to be creative, evocative, eye-catching and give your brand the positioning it deserves.

1.Sell the Experience, Not the Product.

It is important that you aren’t too promotive on Instagram. People are going there to have a good time and get the latest news, not have ads shoved up in their face. Make your marketing fun! Post pictures that engages and not disengages! Write a fun caption and wish your followers a great day. This will help you slowly but surely build your company’s image!

3. Use Hashtags.

Hashtags is a great way to reach your target audience with! The maximum amount of hashtags you can use is 30, so why not use them?

People are searching through hashtags all the time so using them helps you reach a bigger audience.

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4. Collaborate.

There are lots of major Instagram pages that can offer you and your company marketing on their pages in exchange for a payment or a product. This will help your company get more followers, sales and interest in your brand. This form of marketing is getting more and more common on Instagram since it is an extremely effective way of marketing thanks to the fact that you target the right potential customers. When paying larger Instagram accounts, you’re of course targeting those within your niche that has a following base very similar to yours for best results. For example: if you sell ties, you shoulnd’t market your products on a page that post bikini because their demographics are completely different from your target audience.

5. Hire social media consultants.

Social media consultants has lots of experience of marketing on social media. These know how to effectively use Instagram (and other social media platforms) to get the best marketing results. If you need help with growing your page and getting your brand out there you can contact a social media consultant today. We at Veloce have years of experience in Instagram marketing so don’t hesitate to contact us. Maybe you’ll become our next client?

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