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How to Unblock if a Two Way Block has Been Made on Instagram

How to Unblock if a Two Way Block has Been Made on Instagram

*Article updated 2020*

This article answers the infamous two-way block on Instagram which is if two users have blocked each other.

A two-way block can be tricky to get out from because if you’ve blocked each other, none of you can search for each others’ Instagram in the search bar.

How to Unblock if a Two Way Block has Been Made on Instagram

There are however solutions to this issue and that’s exactly what we’ll go through in this article.

Unblock two-way block Instagram

The issue

If you tag the person’s username (which you have blocked) in a comment on an Instagram post (doesn’t matter which) and then click on their name it will just say that the account can’t be found.

How to Unblock if a Two Way Block has Been Made on Instagram

Previously, if only one of you blocked the other person then you were able to see their page with ‘no posts yet’. but not anymore. Now it is much trickier to do it but certainly not impossible.

If you block someone, your conversation history disappears and they appear in your block list. If the other person was to look at the conversation on his end, they could select your profile and then block you also.

Solution 1

  1. Go into the DM Section
  2. Select + New Message
  3. Type the user’s name into the search bar.
  4. Send them a message (which they won’t receive since you are both blocked).. this opens a chatbox
  5. Select the button at the top right of the chatbox and unblock.
  6. You will now reappear in the other person’s blocked list, and they can go about the traditional ways of unblocking you as described elsewhere on this page.

Solution 2

Once you are blocked by someone you can no longer see their direct messages or search them up. However, if you go to a random post/direct message and @ their username, you will be able to visit their profile. You won’t be able to see their posts but you can unblock them.

If you block someone and want to unblock them, look for a photo they might have liked of yours or even someone else’s.
Then look for their name, click on their name.  That will give you access to your “blocked” people.
Find their profile, click on it, and unblock it.

Solution 3

Go to a person’s profile by typing the user’s name. Then when their profile opens click the “open in app” link then you can unblock from there.


I am sorry to tell you, but since Instagram keeps on changing and updating, these methods do no longer work. In fact, as of now, there is, unfortunately, no way to unblock if a two-way block has been made. If new methods appear to solve the two-way block on Instagram, we’ll make sure to add them.


We are updating this article yet again because there is now a solution for solving a two-way block on Instagram. Here’s how:

Download the app Cleaner for Instagram. Then log in with your regular Instagram username and password. Go to settings all the way down to Blocked Users. Select the person you want to unblock and click on the blue thunder button and then select unblock. Now the other person should be able to unblock you!

Please share your experiences below and let us know if any of the methods work for you! We are consistently looking for new methods to unblock when a two-way block has been made on Instagram.


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