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Can Facebook App Quizzes Steal Your Data?

Can Facebook App Quizzes Steal Your Data?

Facebook app quizzes have become one of the most popular pastime activities on the internet. According to, the story that got the most attention on the New York Times website back in 2013 was a quiz. This goes to show that people are interested in interactive content, regardless of what the quizzes are about. However, what many users don’t know is that large corporations use quiz applications as tools for collecting data. Stick around to learn how app quizzes can steal data and have a look at the NordVPN review to learn how to stay safe.

No matter how silly the quiz questions may be, the data people share can be used to create an image of their personality. Marketers later use this information to place the right products in front of potential customers with the goal to increase revenue and profit. Even though taking Facebook quizzes seems harmless, these applications are most likely mining for users’ personal data, which can be exploited in numerous ways. In other words, taking online quizzes might not be the smartest move considering data security threats.

While some quizzes are truly harmless, there are plenty of apps designed to pull specific information that third parties can use to influence masses of people. It is important to mention that security threats tied to Facebook app quizzes don’t end here. Some quizzes contain embedded links that can cause a lot of damage to your device. Clicking on an infected link can lead to unauthorized downloads and data breaches, leaving users’ data exposed. We cannot confirm that all Facebook app quizzes steal data, but it is highly recommended to take some safety measures in time.

Brief NordVPN Review

One of the best ways to keep data protected on the internet is to use a virtual private network or a VPN. We recommend opting for NordVPN, as it is one of the simplest yet most popular VPN service providers in the industry. NordVPN has a strict no logging policy, which means they are against collecting information from their users. In other words, they don’t collect people’s personal data for advertising or any other purposes. Instead, they provide secure encryption with 5153 servers available across 61 countries. NordVPN can also increase your internet speed which you test here at speedcheck.

For as little as 2.99$ per month, users have access to different encryption types, including OpenVPN, and IPSec & IKEv2. One thing we must mention in this NordVPN review is the DoubleVPN server feature that encrypts data two times. In other words, NordVPN can help users keep their online activities off the radar and secure their private data, as well as unblock content from different regions. Let’s not forget that NordVPN offers live chat support 24/7 with experienced technicians ready to assist you at all times.

Additional Safety Measures You Should Take

The best way to keep personal data safe is to avoid online quizzes in general. However, there are other safety measures that can help users keep their info secure. 

For starters, users should only take quizzes from reliable sources. It is essential to stay away from quizzes published by unknown sources because these are most likely to contain malicious content. Stick to BuzzFeed and other popular quiz sources available online.

Default privacy settings make it easier for hackers and third parties to access sensitive data. Make sure to remove personal details from all social media accounts and be careful when sharing information online. Phone numbers and physical addresses should never be revealed on the internet.

Some quizzes are designed to get people’s answers to common security questions. Hackers can later use these questions to access users’ accounts and steal sensitive information. Questions such as what was the name of your first pet? or what is the name of the elementary school you went to? are common security questions that you should not answer in quizzes.

Last but not least, do not accept friend requests from people you don’t know. These people might be the ones behind the online quizzes, and they might use your account to exploit data further. 


Large corporations and experienced marketers use online quizzes as a means of collecting people’s data for advertising purposes. Unfortunately, hackers have found a way to take advantage of these seemingly harmless online games as well. They have designed quizzes and apps to collect sensitive information such as answers to common security questions. 

With these types of data, hackers can easily access people’s accounts or dig up more information including passwords and credit card details. As already mentioned, there is no way to confirm whether a quiz is collecting your data. Similarly, one can never be 100% sure whether a quiz is safe or not. With that said, we highly recommend taking safety measures and using NordVPN to encrypt your data. We also hope this NordVPN review has helped you make a smart choice! 

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