Were You Injured at Your Job? Here’s How to Handle It the Right Way

Accidents happen to all of us no matter where we are or how careful we try to be, so it is better if we are mentally prepared for these situations to know how to react. Knowing the steps you should follow after a tough situation softens its blow and gives you the calmness you need to think and react.

Often being overwhelmed and surprised by a situation leads to a wrong uncalculated reaction. Knowing what to do and having all the steps to take laid down in front of you leads to much better decisions that you are less likely to regret later on. 

As the saying goes, when the going gets tough, the tough get going; so here we have gathered a few things you should do if you are injured at your workplace. Read them carefully even if you are not currently facing this situation to have an overview of what to do if you ever find yourself in this place. If you just got yourself hurt in your workplace, do not worry as we have got you covered.

1. Avoid Sudden Movements

If you accidentally slipped and you think it has caused you an injury, especially if it is a back injury, lay on the ground and do not move. If you hurt your leg or arm, avoid any movements since that can increase the pain or fracture a bone.

2. Report Your Injury 

As soon as you are able to walk and function properly you have to report the injury to your employer. You have to write or submit a detailed report describing the incident and what happened exactly. Make sure that there are 2 copies of that report and that one of them goes to you. Ensure as well that you safely store this copy of the report because you might need it later on. Losing this report will make it hard for you to prove you were injured at work or prove certain details of the incident that took place.

3. File a Compensation Claim 

Taking matters into your own hands might not be the right thing to do. You might think that handling these things on your own would be more beneficial for your case, although hiring a professional lawyer, similar to the folks at Gregory Smith Law, would give you a high chance of winning and getting the compensation that you deserve. Knowing that you are represented by professionals who have seen many cases like yours would definitely give you the sense of confidence you need when and if you are put in a tough situation like this.

4. Get Medical Treatment 

Make sure you go to a hospital and get the appropriate medical treatment you need. Keep all the documents you receive from the hospital and give them to your lawyer as they will constitute a vital part of your case.

5. Take Pictures 

Consider where you were injured at an accident scene and take pictures while everything is still fresh. Try to make the pictures as clear as possible and save them on your mobile phone, these too will be given to your lawyer. Take as many as you can because the ones you will take may not be as clear as you think they are. Ask your colleagues to help you with taking pictures if you are physically unable to.

Make sure you do not share these pictures or any of the accident details on social media as this may be taken against you later. Posting a picture and adding a caption simply stating something as “do not worry I will be fine” might be taken as a sign or proof of an injury that isn’t serious

Your health is your most important asset, taking care of your body should be your top priority. If your job puts you at risk, make sure you speak to your employer about all the safety measures that should be taken to make your workplace a much safer environment to be. 

Do not underestimate the result of a bad injury as it could lead to disastrous long-term effects. File complaints if your employer does not respond to your requests and does not take your safety seriously. On the other hand, make sure you act in a responsible manner around any equipment and follow all workplace rules and regulations. 

Many accidents take place due to negligence or employees not paying enough attention. Taking good care and finding a professional representation are key ingredients when things go wrong. We are not always the best at speaking on our behalf as we are not fully equipped for this mission. Professionals though have been in the field for years and know what to expect. To say the least, they would advise you not to settle if it is not in your favor because settling too early is a mistake many people fall into.

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