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Top 5 Challenges Faced In Salesforce Testing

A vital aspect of salesforce administration and its successful implementation is via proper salesforce testing. It is essential to the smooth and successful deployment of projects.

Proper testing brings some unknown errors, that were probably overlooked, to the surface, allowing you the opportunity for correcting and perfecting it before the launch. Through this, you can achieve a quite streamlined testing process.

However, you may encounter some challenges that can be a barrier for you while doing the testing. In this article, you’ll get to know about all the potential challenges and how to tackle them.

Tackling the Most Common Challenges

In offering Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to millions of customers worldwide, Salesforce is the top vendor. While serving these many clients, during application’s salesforce testing, the testers have faced some challenges.

Testers regard Selenium, ACCELQ And Functionize as the best instrument in these modern days for evaluating various types of applications across different platforms. Therefore, we will put forward some challenges during selenium testing as well.

The following are the most occurred challenges.

  • Testing Salesforce With Selenium

Salesforce applications may have complexities that are not simple to evaluate with Selenium, such as Shadow DOM and pop-up windows. Selenium does not explicitly support such components, thus requiring essential custom coding.

In testing any complicated program, problems such as test case maintenance are present. While it is possible to overcome most of the problems of testing Salesforce with Selenium, scripting ends up taking a lot of time. This can influence the objectives for continuous testing.

  • Execution Versus Dynamic Content

Salesforce has dynamic components, similar to modern web apps, which do not have a static ID, name, class (or) CSS attributes. Therefore, the element locator cannot be hard-coded.

Also, it is not generally a straightforward approach to position the fixed part of the locator. Slight improvements to the UI will lead to further divisions being checked. Besides this, it can get into synchronization problems while loading the part.

  • Adjusting to Various Versions of Salesforce 

There are two basic versions of Salesforce in which businesses operate today: Salesforce Classic and Salesforce Lightning.

Although some companies that have adopted salesforce pre-lightning continue to work with the classic edition, businesses that have worked with Salesforce embrace Lightning because of its enhanced UI and feature set.

In short, proper version management is also crucial because salesforce testers, if appropriate, would want the ease of getting back to the previous version of Salesforce.

  • Identifying Complicated Web Components for Salesforce

With technology-based solutions, most notably Shadow DOM, Salesforce uses components that are difficult to test.

Although Salesforce uses a Shadow DOM polyfill code to ensure consistency for all the browsers it supports, this is a significant shift in web components’ encapsulation that affects Salesforce customers worldwide.

  • Adapting to Updates for Salesforce Apps

To ensure that the software works fine, the Salesforce platform is continuously improving and scheduling maintenance periodically. We found two types of maintenance at Salesforce: maintenance of the system and maintenance of releases.

The maintenance of the system does not have a fixed schedule. Still, it is typically scheduled in advance to ensure the security, availability, and efficiency of the Salesforce infrastructure that supports it.


In the end, we know there are several significant challenges with salesforce testing, but it is reliable. If you try to dodge these challenges, then we are confident that you’ll love the outcome that Salesforce provides for business growth.

Besides this, if you need a platform that could help you bear these challenges, we suggest ACCELQ. Here, you’ll be assisted through the entire process.

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