Thursday, April 25

Tools That Helps In Easy Business Collaboration

As the corporate jungle found remote working as their solution amidst the global emergency, collaboration was put on the back burner. 

As collaboration was not something many were focusing on, it caused a few problems out of many that working remotely brought with it. The workforce started isolating themselves, the colleagues reduced bonding, and miscommunication was on the rise. After all, there was no more water cooler breaks or favorite lunch hangout place. 

Luckily, there were corporates that identified this issue sooner than later. Many software companies came up with digital tools that aim to make the remote working experience quite similar to the traditional offices, even if they are not the same. 

You can have a sneak peek into those tools right here in this article. 


  • Web conferencing tool


One of the many disadvantages of a remote workforce is not being able to see each other. They are mostly at their workstation, working alone from home with no one to share that evening coffee with. 

This makes things monotonous for the workforce. 

You can resolve this issue by adopting an effective and feature-packed web conferencing software. Use this tool to make your team come together and collaborate in some or the other. Many informal conversations with the team often led many employees to a feasible and reliable conclusion whenever they were stuck. 

Try bringing this vibe into your workspace again. 

You can begin by hosting small informal virtual breaks in between. Give your employees an opportunity to catch up over a video chat. 

Eventually, you can start hosting brainstorming sessions over lunch, impromptu virtual meetings just like you used to head to that one conference hall in the middle of your day, and many other such sessions. 

This will help your team bond, collaborate when the need arises, and also enhance their productivity. 


  • Communication tool


No one can underestimate the power of a communication tool. With remote working, perhaps communication tool is what everyone needs the most.

This solution of work arrangement can often disrupt the harmony among team members. Also, it can lead to a delay in work which is not good for the organization’s success or reputation. 

Thus, you can consider a communication tool that will allow your workforce to get their answers and solve queries in real-time. There are many available that enables users to communicate in a group or even as individuals with each other. 

Remote working is all about being proactive and handling teams in an organized way. There’s no way better than a communication tool.


  • Writing together tool


Collaboration is not only limited to brainstorming verbally and jotting down the idea.

It is also about working together on a piece of content that requires multiple team members’ thoughts and opinions.

There are tools available that allow multiple individuals to use the same document at the same time. Take Google Docs, for instance. With this tool, you can easily create and share documents, spreadsheets, or even presentations in real-time.

This app gives freedom to your team to access the documents from anywhere and control the version of the document. They can edit and add information simultaneously. You can also add or remove more collaborators as and when the need arises.

Simply save all your documents in an organized manner in your google drive, and you are good to go!


  • Content creation tool


Today, customers prefer a business that has a story to tell. Even if a story is not your forte, it is still crucial for you to stand out among your competition and it requires one thing. Content.

When your content is better and more engaging as compared to that of others in the market, you will certainly have more pairs of eyes attracted to it.

But no matter how experienced you are, coming with ideas for creating content can often get hard.

Thus, you can make use of content creation tools that are often designed to produce and cultivate the ideas that are often generated by the team.


Collaboration tools are perhaps the most crucial ones for today’s time. Tell us how many of these (or other ones) are you using for your business?

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