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The Importance of Knowing Your Audience’s Location

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Knowing where your audience is based can help you market and improve your business. Here are a few of the ways this information can help.

Targeting your products

If you know where your audience is located, you can target your products to them. For example, if most of your audience lives in an area where it rarely snows, sending them marketing material about snow boots or skiing, or talking to them through blog posts about all the snow you have been getting recently will make them feel like your company doesn’t relate to them.

Also, if the majority of your audience is local to you, then setting up a pop-up store can be a good way to meet them in person. If they’re not local, then a pop-up store wouldn’t be a good idea without first reaching a more local audience.

Mobsta can help you with location data if you need to find out insights about your audience. The cost might not be as high as you think, and the results often mean this ends up paying for itself fairly quickly.

Changing the way you talk to your audience

Finding out where your audience is based, can alter how you communicate with them. This may be something simple such as using US spellings if the majority of your audience is in the US, or UK spellings if they are mostly based in the UK. Otherwise, some of your audience may mistake these for spelling mistakes, or again, they may feel that your business and what you offer don’t apply to them.

It also means that you can target your marketing using dialogue and talking about local culture which applies to them.

Helping you when you expand

If you plan on expanding your business, then it’s beneficial to have an established audience in the location you’re expanding to. Although there are other factors, such as using data to establish what people in the local area want but are not getting from existing businesses, it helps to know you already have an audience to build on when you’re growing your business in a new area.

Targeting your prices

If your audience lives in a poorer area, their budget may be limited. So, even if they need or want what your business offers, they may not be able to afford it. If you also know what they want from your products, you can provide this at a lower price, by tailoring goods or services which only provide the most important aspects to them. They are more likely to purchase at an affordable price, knowing they will get more benefits from their purchase than to buy something pricier, which has many features they will never find a use for.

Alternatively, if your audience is in a wealthier area, they might prefer spending more to get lots of features or benefits, and you may be able to interest them in future purchases.

Knowing your audience’s location can help you speak directly to them. Alongside other data, it can help you grow your business and provide your audience with what they are looking for.

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