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SS-4 Form: What Is It And Where Do You Use It?

Form SS-4 is a petition you need to complete to get your business’s FEIN or federal employer identification number. Once you submit this, the IRS or Internal Revenue Service acknowledges this by sending you back an SS-4 notification. This notice is not the same application form you fill out and a vital document for startups and small companies who are applying for financing. 

Here’s complete information about Form SS-4, why lenders request it, how to fill it out, and where you can send your application. 

Form SS-4: What Is It?

You may have heard about form ss-4 before. This is a form used by startup and small businesses who are requesting their EIN or employer identification number or tax ID from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This number is used for various legal purposes and serves as your business identification. If you’ll open a business account at a bank, apply for a loan, accept credit and debit cards, they will require you to submit an EIN. 

EIN application is free of charge from the internal revenue service. The SS-4 form is a specific request you’ll submit to the IRS to provide a tax ID to your company or business entity. You can submit an ss4 online application form as it’s the easiest and most convenient way to request an EIN. However, there are alternative options including mail and fax. 

Submitting the SS-4 form helps establish your tax account associated with your corporate tax with the internal revenue service. Form SS-4 is traditionally completed by:

  • Sole proprietors
  • Estates
  • Employers
  • Corporations
  • Partnerships
  • Trusts, etc. 

Once the application for employer identification number or SS-4 form is approved, the IRS then issues a distinctive 9-figure number to your business. Aside from that, you’ll also receive a notice which is important when applying for business financing. 

EIN is important if you’ll be: 

  • Opening or applying for a business bank account
  • Paying your employees
  • If you will request business licensure
  • If you request business financing
  • It serves as your business identity

How Do You File A Form SS-4 And What You Need?

Whether you plan for a business loan in the future or not, it’s important to understand that the process is quite complicated. However, there are vital steps you can take to make your loan application procedure more convenient and smooth. The IRS offers convenience when applying for EIN as you can do this online.

Instead of submitting form ss-4 through snail mail, you can complete the application procedure online through the assistant page. This gives you an alternative option to easily complete your request. However, this procedure is only suitable for US possessions or US applicants. 

You can download the form from the IRS website, the process can be complicated and is timed. It’s best to download the form, print it, then fill it out by hand, then submit the form via mail or fax. For international applicants, it’s highly recommended to apply via telephone

In case you submit your application form through fax, you’ll expect to receive the tax ID/EIN back within four business days. If you proceed with the application through mail, you’ll expect to receive the notice for about four weeks. 

Keep in mind that if you don’t have your ss-4 form notification, your business financing loan can be declined or delayed. You must have a good idea of the time frame it takes to receive your notice. 

Filling out the Form SS-4 is easy if you have all the necessary details at hand. This should not get to hold you for a long time, as long as you have answered all questions and include all essential information regarding your business. 

The SS-4 form requires applicants to provide this information: 

  • The reason why you are requesting a tax ID/EIN
  • The company or business’s legal name, complete address, country included. 
  • The applicant’s name and ITIN or SSN
  • The business entity type
  • The first day of business operations
  • The business sector you are operating in
  • Closing month of the accounting year
  • Estimated number of employees you might have and anticipated payment annually
  • Major business activity, product, or services your business offers

The internal revenue service enables any responsible or third-party to propose for the Form SS-4 in your place. These responsible parties or third parties include entities or individuals that direct, manage, or control your business assets and funds.

Why Lenders Request For A Form SS-4 Copy?

Most lenders request a copy of your SS-4 Form notice, which is different from your EIN copy. For instance, when requesting a personal loan, most lenders do a background check of your credit score by validating your SSN through your card. However, EIN doesn’t have a physical card. That is why lenders request for your business Form SS-4 notice to verify your business identity. 

To have a smooth business financing loan application, you are not allowed to use the earlier tax returns to validate your EIN or tax ID. Most tax returns contain typographical errors, incorrect information, and clerical errors. Any mistake or error can prolong the procedure of checking or underwriting the business’s loan requested, which causes decline or delay. 


Before you begin to submit your request, it’s essential to gather all business documents and information. In case you apply for a business banking loan request can affect or interfere with the lender’s capability to fund or approve your company’s loan. To have a smoother process, make sure you have completed all documents needed for the lender to review them

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