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5 Reasons Why Professionals Need To Be Experts In Microsoft Office

Let us begin this resource article with a simple challenge.

Anyone who is reading this article right now is challenged to list down a business (big or small) that does not use any of the MS Office tools.

Come to think about it, it is impossible to find a workplace or educational institution where Microsoft Office is not used. If you can list one, maybe we can reward you.

MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Note, and Outlook have dominated business discourses from time immemorial. A lot of us feel that we already know everything there is to know about the entire MS Office suite.

That is not the case. If studies are to be believed a majority of us that use Microsoft Office do not even use 50% of its total functionality or features.

In this article, we discuss something that is considered as obvious but is rarely that. We shed light on five reasons why professionals need to be experts in Microsoft Office. Before we do that, let us list down all the tools that comprise an MS Office Suite.

The Complete List of MS Office Tools you need to be an expert in

There are a total of 7 MS Office Tools that you would find in the Suite-

  • Word– to create all forms of documents, letters, and information
  • Excel– to arrange, analyze and present data in rows and spreadsheets
  • PowerPoint– create engaging presentations that can be collaborated upon
  • Note– to turn your system into a notebook and list down important ideas
  • Outlook– manage, schedule, and optimize your emails in one place
  • Access– create a database that is customizable in nature to analyze data
  • Publisher– to present and print publications like a professional printing company

Microsoft has done everything to ensure that MS Office has the best tech support and customer chat support in the world. There are so many tutorials online that anyone with an MS Office in front of them can troubleshoot most of the problems. The easy interface makes the entire process of using MS Office an engaging and simple one.

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List of 5 Reasons why Professionals need to be Experts in Microsoft Office

1. Improves Office Productivity across different verticals

If you can use MS Office in the way its product development managers have intentioned, your work productivity will double, if not treble. This will help professionals complete tasks and objectives much better. It will also allow you to reap brownie points with your seniors. Nothing gets the CEO happy as seeing someone who is a master of MS Excel!

2. Better Flow of Information and Data presentation in the office-

Using Microsoft Office in the right way can help you pass on vital information in the best possible fashion. For example, if you want the company to invest in a specific strategy, showing the same in a well-made PPT and taking help from Excel can allow you to convince the senior management to do the same. This can help them better understand what is being presented.

3. Allows you to become employable in any new business organization-

If you want to further your employment opportunities in better businesses, you should understand they want someone skilled in using MS Office. This is a benchmark in the best business organizations worldwide. Unless you know how to use MS Office, even if you are highly qualified, businesses will have to rethink your employment application.

4. Easy sharing of documents, files, and data on the Cloud-

Almost all the big tech companies know that the future of business lies in the cloud. This is why MS Office is completely compatible with Microsoft’s Cloud. This can help you share documents, data, and files with anyone in any part of the world. This is not only very convenient but a safer way of sharing information and communication over cybersecurity threats.

5. MS Office is a universal work software used everywhere

Data suggest that more than 90% of all businesses worldwide use Microsoft Office in some shape or form. While they may not be using Outlook, almost everyone uses Word, PPT, and Excel. Microsoft has also made MS Office in the form of an app, meaning you can access all the features and functionality on your smartphone or tablet.

The Bottom Line

In this article, we have discussed something obvious in business organizations but not specialized on. As we mentioned at the start of the article, most of us are not even able to exploit 50% of the total potential that these tools are capable of. Sharing cool MS Office tips and tricks is what a lot of us keep doing. Can you share with us some cool shortcuts that you use on any of the MS Office tools? Let us know in the comments below.

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