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PowerPoint Tips for Marketing Professionals

Marketing professionals often have to rely on PowerPoint presentations to share their ideas with potential clients and even with existing customers.

A marketing presentation is very important as it can make or break a project. That is why it is crucial to know effective presentation strategies in the workplace, and every marketing professional must be aware of how to make an excellent and compelling presentation on PowerPoint.

The following are some tips that you should follow in order to make sure that your next marketing presentation does its job well. 

Invest in Presentation Design

The first and most basic thing to do is to make sure that you have the right tools to create beautiful presentations. While you can use the free PowerPoint of Google Slides themes and add to them a clipart or two, it really pays off to buy some online design bundles to get professional templates and more. You can get such design packs from Master Bundles and have access to a lot of different visual ideas and tools to make your work stand out. Not only will you get images and textures, but also fonts and complete templates to instantly spruce up your work.

The visual side of any presentation is often most important as that is what grabs the viewers’ attention. When you get your hands on such presentation templates, you can then move on to other tips and tricks that will ensure that your presentations are always consistent and engaging.

Create a Narrative

When you speak about a topic, it helps a lot to speak about it in some sort of sequence. You should not jump around various points in quick succession but lead your listeners from one point to the next. Create a narrative about whatever it is that you’re presenting. Give the audience some background information before moving on to the current state or future plans.

Back Your Information Up

If you wish to tell your client that your company can help improve their social media presence, you can’t just say that and be done with it. Show them some statistics from previous projects. Talk about some case studies. Give them some hard data that can show them that what you’re saying is actually true and not just made up. The more you back your information up, the more likely your client is to believe what you are saying.

Use a Variety of Slides

One of the best things to do when making a marketing presentation in PowerPoint is to use the different slide layouts available. A lot of people end up using the same layout for their whole presentation which starts to look very monotonous after a couple of slides. When you use different layouts, your slides look much more dynamic and interesting.

Choose these layouts based on the multimedia that you’ll be putting on each slide. Maybe one slide can have a tall image on one side while another can have a centralized full-screen image with a small caption. Mix and match different styles to retain the viewer’s attention.

Choose Neutral Colors

Try not to use a background color that takes over the whole presentation. Going with neutral colors for the background and text is the best way to ensure that your work can be appreciated by many different people. You can use some texture in the background to give it a more dynamic look but don’t overdo these things.

Use Animations

If you wish to showcase only certain parts of each slide as you talk about a certain topic instead of the whole slide popping up, then you can animate different elements on each slide. This allows you to click once to open a blank slide and then each consequent click reveals a new image or sentence, depending on the order you decide. This is a good way of creating an effective presentation in PowerPoint as it allows you to control how your words correspond to the images being shown on the screen.

Be Consistent in the Look

If you have chosen a design template or ‘theme’ to follow, then you won’t have to worry about this. But if you start from the default PowerPoint design, then you should be careful to keep everything coherent and consistent. Decide on a few colors and font sizes so that your whole file can have those elements.

You don’t want one slide to be red and the other to be black, unless due to a good reason. Keeping font sizes consistent also leads to an overall better impression on the viewer. These are just some basic design principles that should always be taken into consideration.

Write It Down

Remember that creating an effective presentation in PowerPoint is not just about making it visually pleasing. It’s also about what you write on your slides and what you say alongside those slides.

A good way to make sure that your message is coherent is to write it down for yourself. Create some bullet points that you can follow while giving the presentation and you won’t find yourself missing out on important information. 


So, now you know what basic ideas you should keep in mind while designing and creating your next presentation. Keep in mind that any marketing presentation should focus most on the product or service being offered. But that does not mean that it should be filled with words.

Place a higher focus on the images you use, the layouts you choose, and the overall visual coherence you create. Use the least amount of words possible to get your idea across as very few people like to sit in front of a presenter trying to read the slides. Instead, keep it simple and get your idea across with easy-to-understand visuals and graphics.

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