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5 Things That Make Your Office Look Sophisticated & Professional

The modern office isn’t just a place of work, it’s also a manifestation of the company philosophy. First impressions are everything. When you step foot inside, you want to be either inspired to work for the business or ready to do business with them.

The look of an office says a lot about a company and how it handles things. If they take the time and effort to make their place of work look like a professional, you can be sure that this is the same approach they have towards their business dealings. If you want to give your office an elegant and sophisticated look, you need to consider introducing a couple of quality changes.

1. An abundance of natural light

an office full of natural light

The quality of the lighting options in your office is of utmost importance. You need to provide ample lighting that will make it easy for employees to focus on their work while not straining their eyes. For this, you need proper light layering. 

Ambient light needs to be soft and ubiquitous. It should be easy on the eyes and good enough so that there’s no problem getting around the office and spending time in the kitchen and lounge area. Desks need to have high-quality lamps that will provide employees with task lighting when they need it. This allows them to get busy without having to rely on a powerful ambient light that drowns everything else out. Accent lighting is the cherry on top that will give parts of your office a sophisticated edge. Play around with patterns and different light bulbs until you achieve your desired aesthetic.

Offices need to make use of as much natural light as possible. During the day, sunlight is a crucial source of natural light that can fill the office with a sense of peace and serenity. Studies show that natural light increases productivity and bolsters morale, giving employees the edge they need to make it through a tough workday. Large windows and well-oriented desks can help let natural light take over the office.

2. Colour that shows character

The colour palette of your office sets the stage for all of the other design choices you make. It can make or break an office aesthetic, which is why you need to pick out the perfect set of colours and patterns that will set your office apart from others. 

For a professional environment, you need to keep it cool and simple. Often, designers take this too far and create a sterile and monotone atmosphere, which isn’t your mission. On the opposite side of the spectrum, too much colour is also an example of bad design. When you add one too many colours to the palette, you end up creating a chaotic and messy look that clients won’t be able to take seriously. Pick out a dominant colour and work from there. Choose two or three shades that go along with it and only use them scarcely. 

You can always choose a limited colour palette that includes light browns and soft greys while complementing them with a dominant bold colour that will noticeably stick out. Decorative pieces like carpets and wall art can be used for the bold colour, giving the whole room some personality and character. 

3. A spacious atmosphere

Clutter and claustrophobic spaces are hallmarks of a messy and unproductive office. You want your workspace to feel large and spacious so that employees and clients feel like they’re entering a relaxing atmosphere with enough room to breathe in.

The key to creating a lot of room is to master space management. The size of the office hardly matters. Even a small office can be made large by proper furniture placement and colour coordination. 

Clutter is something that needs to go. Anything that isn’t absolutely necessary for work shouldn’t be taking up space in your work area. Cables also need to be taken care of, as they are a sight for sore eyes and they take up more space than you might expect. Keep them close together and wrap them up so that they aren’t easily noticeable

4. A tasteful artistic touch

wall art office

The art you pick to adorn your walls says a lot about your company and its philosophy. If your choices are random and uncoordinated, visiting clients will take note of this. Make no mistake, the décor and aesthetic of your office are crucial opportunities to make a good first impression and show that you dedicate yourself to every aspect of the business.

Much like when you design the colour, you have to be subtle and tasteful with your choices. Consider the shape and texture of the pieces you want to add. Does it match the aesthetic of the office? If so, will it give you the desired effect? Mirrors will make any room feel bigger and more spacious while protruding shelves will do the opposite. Wall art can take many forms, each with its own function.

A quality piece of wall art can help you leave your mark on the office and give it a proper and finished look. The colour of the art should match the office palette while also having its own unique twist on the office aesthetic. Pick something that stands out and grabs your attention when you pass by. It shouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb, but it should be intriguing enough to look at.

5. Consistency and simplicity

There is beauty in simplicity. This is especially true when it comes to furniture around the office. The chairs and desks don’t need to be excessive or particularly intricate to serve their function. They can be comfortable and attractive while still being very minimal in their design. 

With very few things to tweak, how will you make your furniture stand out? Consistency is what will give your chairs and desks that extra dose of personality that they need. If the colour and shape of the furniture are consistent throughout the office, the symmetry and organization will be readily apparent. With proper placement and incorporation with other elements, your design vision will come to fruition and you’ll have a sight to behold.


Creating a well-designed office is a monumental task, but It’s perfectly doable with a couple of high-quality changes. If you put in the necessary effort to create a professional and sophisticated environment, you can be sure that clients and employees will take it as a sign that your business is worth their time and that they should continue to cooperate with you. 

Article written by Miannak.

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