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A Complete Guide to Successful Conference Calls

Making a conference call seems simple enough until you get into the logistics of things. This isn’t a regular phone call where you just chat with your personal or work friends. It is a serious business meeting over the phone which should contain all the right information and proper levels of professionalism. Conference calls can be easy to crack if you have enough patience, confidence, and follow the right tips.

In this article, you’ll learn the recipe for a successful conference call.

1. Write it down

If you’ve got a lot of topics to cover in this call, don’t do it by heart. It’s easy to lose your train of thought or to forget to say something important during the call. This is even more likely if the people on the other side of the line have a lot to say themselves. To avoid fumbling, write everything you want to say down. Be careful though, this doesn’t mean you should write a speech. A conference call should be organic. Plus,  you’ll be more clear and convincing if you’re talking instead of just reading.

A conference call should not be a speech. It should be a natural conversation. The piece of paper you have before you should just have your thoughts organized neatly on it. Do it point by point and write down the important ideas you have down. Think about what you have to say and work on a topic, but let the words come naturally to you during the call. The paper will be there as support and as a reminder of everything you need cover. Don’t be afraid to take notes while others are speaking, either.

2. Have a leader

Though conference calls are a group effort, you should still have a leader. That person will push the call forward and make everyone stay on the agenda. This doesn’t mean that others can’t participate, but having a leader will contribute to the organization of the call greatly. Someone needs to have things under control, otherwise, the call won’t get very far. It’s much easier to get carried away talking when there’s nobody to move things along. A leader ensures that you stay on topic and discuss the things which were the purpose of the conference call in the first place.

Video conference call

The leader should make their point first, then the others can start participating in the conversation. After that, the leader can make final notes on the point and move on to the next one. This keeps things brief and organized while still allowing everyone to get a say in the call. Choosing the leader may be a tough one, so it’s usually best to go with the one who usually leads projects or who people naturally look for advice and guidance.

Here Is 3. Record the calls

A lot of companies allow people to record the conference calls. Even though this may make some people nervous, it’s actually extremely useful. There will be a trace in the system that the conference call was held and everyone will know exactly how it went. This leaves no room for mistakes and allows you valuable insight into how the call actually went. You can learn from your mistakes and improve in no time.

As well as that, others will be able to review the call and take in the information they may have missed. There are fewer chances someone will forget something and you’ll be able to rest easy knowing everyone understood everything perfectly. In other words, it minimuzes risk of miscommunication and misunderstandings. Those who are unable to attend the call will have the opportunity to see what went on and still stay on track of everything. This means you won’t even have to explain anything again.

4. Set the environment

The environment you make the call in is as important as the actual call. What’s the point of a conference call if the place you’re in is too distracting or too loud? You need peace and quiet to focus and ace it. Offices are often located in busy areas, and most of them look onto the street. Though the noise from the outside may not usually bother you, suddenly it’ll be all you hear when you make the call. Even worse, it will be all your conversational partners hear.

Ensuring the environment is quiet is essential for this conference call to work. Usually, it won’t be enough to close the windows and doors. You may not hear anything, but you’ll still feel exposed and like you don’t have any privacy because everyone will be able to look at you. That’s why using soundproof honeycomb blinds may be the perfect solution. They offer extra sound insulation and shield you from prying eyes, allowing you to relax and nail the call.

5. Upgrade your equipment

A conference call is only as good as the equipment you make it on. If the phone is buzzing or the sound is not clear, you’re not going to have a lot of success. You’ll focus more on fixing the technology than actually delivering your point. Likewise, your interlocutors won’t focus on what you have to say at all, because they’ll be too busy trying to decode what you said five minutes ago.


Old phones aren’t an option any longer. In this age of technology, there’s simply no excuse to use anything that doesn’t deliver high quality. You’ll also be happy to know that there are a lot of apps which can help your call run smoothly. If you’re conducting the call online, part of checking the equipment will be making sure that the internet connection is stable. Also, make sure that you have headphones with a microphone in case your surrounding is a bit noisy. You can also ask the other participants to make sure their equipment is working before the call commences so that you’re sure everyone is reading you clearly. Plus, you’ll save a lot of time when people don’t have to prepare their tech at the start of the meeting.


Though many are afraid of conference calls, it doesn’t have to be a nightmare anymore. This is an important and essential part of every office and, as such, it is simply unavoidable. Learning the right techniques for the perfect call will make your office hours much more productive. Everyone will be up to date with the newest information, work challenges will be tackled, and the whole operation will run smoothly. It all starts with a little confidence and the right plan of action.

Article written by Miannak.

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