Thursday, February 2

Marketing Hacks for An Award-Winning Trade Show Entrance

The expo season is here and there are hundreds of new businesses rallying for top positions! If you’re an entrepreneur that wants to outmatch the contenders and gain amazing offers, leverage these tips below mentioned in this blog!

  1. Do your research: Benchmarking your marketing team’s performance based on competitive analysis will get you a long way at trade shows. What you’re looking for is researching prominent brands for the value they bring to expos by sharing exhibits that provide the visitors with something innovative. Thinking out of the box today is not enough! If you wish to set a strategy for one of the best trade show displays, doing your groundwork becomes highly essential. Take a look at last year’s champions to go for the best approach. Putting in unique concepts such as using virtual reality will provide a lot of marketing leverage that people look for today.
  2. Set a budget you can stick with: If you want to pick up big funding and clients this expo season, you’ll have to go big. Too often stellar technologies and projects do not get the attention and credit they deserve due to a lack of presentation and preparation per the target audience. Make sure that you have your budget allotted to ensure that the production value delivers bang for your buck. Also, you’ll have to take into consideration other expenses that comprise having your team at these expos, which includes their living expenses. Setting up a good arrangement will help you and your team do your best 
  3. Pay attention to the competitors: One of the best experiences you’ll have at a trade show is visiting all the other exhibits, especially your direct or indirect competitors. This will give you a fair idea regarding the new developments in your industry and what others are working on. Such insights also help in product improvement. Also, when you’re visiting other displays, you may find entrepreneurs you could collaborate with. This makes it a win-win situation for everyone, especially if you’re looking for niche technologies to add to your product or service.
  4. Functional models: There are several instances where traditional marketing models get a good response, but dynamic models always get more attention. While older and established businesses can afford to stick to traditional approaches, start-ups have to aggressively market their presence in order to get more traction. Instead try building a flexible model that can show the efficiency and reactivity of your venture, be it a product or service.
  5. Interact with your audience: Last but not least, never forget to make your pitch interactive. When marketing your product to the audience on social media to invite them to your exhibit, touch upon the industry’s pain points and get talking with the relevant parties. Offer them a unique solution that your organization can provide to bridge the gap.

Wrapping Up:

By using these five actionable tips, you can make an impressive entrance and sustain your leadership at trade shows. Every season has different expectations, so make sure you study the market before you kickstart your preparations!

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