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5 Cool Staff Uniform Ideas For Small Businesses

A uniform worn in the workplace has a lot of benefits. Many companies, big or small, implement this not only to identify employees but for many other reasons too. Implementing uniforms for your staff will make your brand look more professional and polished and make your customers happy. 

The majority of consumers prefer that the staff wear a uniform, so they’re easily recognizable. How often has it happened that you’re asking a person to reach an item for you in the store, mistaking that they’re the staff but customers like yourself? 

It isn’t very comfortable, and to avoid it from happening; it would be best if your team wore an identifiable uniform

Benefits Of Having A Uniform For Your Staff

  • Creates A Professional Look 

A staff uniform will make the wearer be identified with the company. While in the uniform, their behavior reflects the brands, so they’re likely to behave more appropriately. It also makes the staff look more presentable and cohesive. 

  • Cultivates Team Spirit 

A uniform fosters unity and makes team members remember their goals and objectives more efficiently, especially if their recognizable tagline is printed. 

  • Promotes Your Brand 

Anywhere your staff wear their uniform, like an offsite event, will make them carry your brand as ambassadors. It is like a free walking advertisement from people who have the proper knowledge of your products and the best representation of your brand. 

  • Improves Security 

Clients will feel more secure if they know that they’re transacting with the right people because they are easily identifiable in their uniforms, especially during fairs, weekend markets, and significant events like concerts or festivals. 

  • It Saves Team Members Money 

A company-provided uniform will save your employees money since they won’t need to buy additional clothing for work. Because of this, they feel a sense of belongingness and positivity towards the company that could translate to better work output. 

  • Improves Customer Relationship 

A staff uniform gives customers a sense of credibility for the company and transforms their buying experience. Many customers feel comfortable approaching staff in uniforms to ask for help and assistance. 

  • Improve Staff Performance And Productivity 

Staff working on the floor can easily be recognized with a uniform. With this, supervisors can give reinforcing feedback right away for a job well done, which could boost the morale of a team member. In the same way, they could provide redirecting feedback to correct negative behaviors witnessed on the floor. Because of this, a staff member’s performance and productivity will be enhanced and addressed appropriately. 

  • Promote Company Pride 

Companies who participate in socially responsible activities create a positive culture that makes members feel that they help in activities that impact others. When team members are proud of their products and mission, they are more inclined to wear their uniforms with pride and talk about the company positively. 

  • Amplify Brand Recognition 

The visibility of the company logo on the uniform will increase the retention in consumers’ brains, and brand recall will be more successful. 

  • Increase Sales 

Some companies provide staff with promotional uniforms during seasonal launches. They print the product on the back of the shirts, which piques the customers’ curiosity to try the new product, thereby increasing sales.

Businesses, in whatever industry, should have uniforms for their staff. Even the largest ones have them, and it works. So, whether you’re in the hospitality, medical, corporate, or retail, a staff uniform will boost your brand. And to help you out, here are cool staff uniform ideas for your small business:


  • Branded Hoodies


If your work environment is slightly more casual, or if your staff is working a lot outdoors, then choosing hoodies as your branded uniform can make a lot of sense. Sweatshirts and hoodies can be printed with your logo, similar to other clothing. 

You should choose colors and designs that match your company brand guidelines to fit in well with your retail stores or customer-facing environments. Steel City in the UK supply branded hoodies in a variety of colors and sizes, as well as branded fleeces and jackets. 

You can also pair them with branded accessories such as notebooks and backpacks, so your staff is dressed fully in corporate wear when commuting or visiting clients.


  •  Logo Polo Shirts

Men’s slim-fitting short sleeve polo shirt with logo for advertising. Black and white polo shirt with wooden hanger isolated mock-up design template for branding.


Have your business logo embroidered or printed on your staff’s polo shirt, and see how teamwork surges in your company. There is something about wearing your brand on your clothing that makes staff members feel proud of their work and the output they deliver daily. 

Polo shirts are comfortable, easy to care for, lightweight, and pair easily with other pieces of clothing. Polo shirts made from cotton, polyester, or blends of cotton and polyester are colorfast and moisture-wicking best for staff working in the field or those in a humid environment. 


  • Crew Neck Sweatshirts


It is considered an essential part of a men’s wardrobe, and crewneck sweatshirts are iconic and functional. Probably this could be the coolest staff uniform that mixes ruggedness with serious elements. Think of a knowledgeable barista wearing a coffee master apron over a black crew neck sweatshirt in a coffee shop on a winter morning.  

This kind of staff uniform has also been seen on movie production employees, photographers, videographers while filming outdoors, and gym trainers. The sweatshirt can have the logo printed in front or at the back so customers can visibly identify them even from afar.

Bordeaux , Aquitaine France – 02 20 2021 : BMW Motorsport M logo and brand sign on polo shirt in car dealership shop


  • Windbreaker Jacket


This lightweight jacket offers protection with its nylon and elastane material. Best to use during the rainy season; many media staff who cover the news prefer to wear this to give them a better range of motion, breathability, and protection from wet weather. 

Many staff who work in the logistics industry also prefer to have this when they work delivering parcels during the wet and cold seasons. It is an excellent protection for them, so they don’t catch colds. 

Additionally, a windbreaker jacket with the company logo would make customers feel secure knowing they’re dealing with authorized people. 


  • Work Shirts


A simple work shirt in the brand color and a printed logo can make any staff feel that they belong, and many customers feel that they will be attended to in the shop and that somebody is assigned to address their needs. 

For a casual setting like a convenience store, a staff member can wear a work shirt. This will provide comfortable attire for the staff as they do their work stacking, replenishing, and receiving deliveries. 


 A confident and presentable staff member will create a great impression on customers, and this might be the nudge your small business needs. A great customer experience in the store will be more memorable for customers if there are visual elements to help them remember the occasion. And in time, this visual cue could lead to excellent word-of-mouth advertising from your loyal customers.

Aside from uplifting the customer aspect of your business, the positive impact of having a uniform for the team increases camaraderie and rapport and builds teamwork, so everyone is working on one goal. 

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