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How to Create Your Own Brand – Main Tips

Competition in e-commerce is getting tougher. Favorable prices and a good product are far from a guarantee that the offer will be in demand. To attract as many customers as possible and make maximum sales, you need to competently approach the promotion. At the same time, it is advisable to create your own brand that will allow you to separate yourself from competitors, increase demand for the product and increase confidence in the online store. How to do this – read our detailed instructions.

Features of internet branding

A brand is a stable image that evokes associations with a specific brand, manufacturer, product or service. It is a kind of intangible asset through which consumers choose and buy a product, as well as recommend it to others.

Internet branding or e-branding is the process of preparing, developing and promoting a sustainable business image in the online sphere. Within the framework of Internet branding, a set of activities is carried out that form a springboard for marketing communications between the seller and the consumer.

Features of e-branding:

  • has a wide coverage;
  • provides high-quality interaction with the audience;
  • allows you to control processes, use an individual approach and personalization by tracking interests and preferences;
  • high manufacturability makes it possible to create large multimedia platforms, integrations, branded games, viral videos;
  • content is instantly distributed among users of blogs, forums, social networks and other sites where the target audience is present;
  • quick feedback comes from potential buyers, with the help of which you can evaluate or predict the result.

Compared to traditional offline campaigns, the effectiveness of online branding is several times higher. This is due to differences in the principles of information perception and the unlimited possibilities of the online communication environment.

On the network, companies provide a huge amount of content in different formats, communicate directly with customers, learn and take their opinion into account when adjusting a strategy. The cost of creating a brand on the Internet is lower than with classic branding.

By improving the perception of the image of the company in the mind of the buyer, brands optimize the financial performance of the business.

Through branding, companies manage to:

  • capture a market niche;
  • attract attention and increase awareness;
  • guarantee the quality of the product;
  • justify the pricing policy;
  • establish sales;
  • find good business partners.

Stages of creating your own brand

Internet branding has several stages. Each of them needs to devote quite a lot of time and effort. An already formed image is difficult to change in the future. Therefore, you should work for a high-quality result initially.

Next, we will analyze the process in detail and give step-by-step recommendations.


The work begins with searching for ideas and monitoring the market. Idea is the key message that needs to be conveyed to the consumer through various communication channels.

The first step is to write out all the existing ideas and arrange a brainstorming session. Describe each idea in more detail, structure the information, and compare different versions using similar criteria. Think how relevant and realistic they are, how much the implementation will cost.

Prioritize options based on their potential and relevance. To do this, refer to analytics: look at the TOP of popular key queries, study the activities of competitors, trends, audience preferences. Based on the results of the research, choose the most suitable idea.


The second step is to create a concept based on the chosen idea. Think over your business philosophy, social mission, values, moral, ethical and commercial principles. From this, a concept is formed, which will need to be adhered to throughout the entire activity of the company. This is how consumers identify popular brands.


Developing a brand name is one of the most important branding tasks. Naming is an indispensable component of an individual company’s image. The success of the store largely depends on how successful and appropriate the name of the store is.

The main task of an entrepreneur at this stage is to choose a word or phrase that will maximally reflect the idea and concept, embody a certain message. In doing so, it is important to adhere to the correct legal and marketing criteria.

The name should be unique, easy to understand and remember. Make sure that it matches the domain of the site and the nickname of the company’s pages on social networks.

In the context of the brand, naming takes on meaning, evokes associations with the product. Sometimes a random word is chosen as a name, which is subsequently endowed with meaning due to the success of the company. So, it was in the history of Mars, Nike, Apple. Other areas should also have unique and understandable naming. For example, sports betting. The 4rabet company is understandable to all customers, because you can immediately see its purpose – for the (digital) betting process.

Form style

The next step is to create a corporate identity. It includes all sorts of visual components, slogans, corporate ethics, scripts of communication with potential buyers.

Design is also important. Associate it with the naming, idea, communication style. Pay attention not only to the design of the site, but also to the packaging of the product. Most consumers meet and remember brands “by their clothes”.

Development strategy

The next step is to develop a development strategy. Make a clear plan of action for the next 6-9-12 months.

List of main events:

  • definition of the product line and the possibilities of subsequent scaling;
  • drawing up a business plan;
  • selection of tools and channels for promotion;
  • planning an advertising budget.

After following the standard procedures, start implementing your marketing strategy to promote your brand online. The primary tasks are the creation and development of the website, landing page, blog and brand communities of the company.

Launch of the project

The final step is testing and launching a brand project. At this stage, you need to make sure everything is ready and do the final touches. Draw up a content strategy, order professional photography of goods, develop scripts. Engage employees in brand promotion by motivating them to sell with special bonuses.

After launch, carefully analyze the feedback, if necessary, change the design, approach, sequence. In order for the brand to settle in the minds of consumers, you should often and efficiently contact the audience, work with reputation.

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