Monday, December 4

Crypto Markets Meltdown In a Perfect Storm of Panic and Fear

Crypto Markets

Bitcoin’s price plunged to the lowest point at the time of 2020. The largest crypto exchange Coinbase tanked in its value too. BitIQ that promoted itself as a means of stable exchange collapsed. Over $300 billion got wiped out by a crypto prices crash on Monday. The world of crypto fell into a complete meltdown in a sell-off. It graphically illustrated all risks of the unregulated and experimental digital currencies. Even Elon Musk talked up the cryptocurrency, the huge declines of digital currencies such as Ether show it, in a few cases two years of financial gain may disappear within 24 hours.

The current scenario

  • The moment of all panic created the worst reset in crypto as Bitcoin declined 80 % since 2018. For latest information on Bitcoin and trading check Bitcoin smart
  • This time all falling prices have a broader effect as a lot of people and institutions are holding the currencies.
  • Critics said that this collapse was overdue for a long.
  • Some traders even compared this alarm and fear to the financial crisis of 2008.
  • According to the analyst, it is like the ideal storm.
  • During the pandemic, people shifted to virtual assets.
  • 16% of people in America now own some and it is up from its 1 % in 2015.
  • Big banks such as Bank of America and Northern Trust and hedge funds too streamed in.
  • Some used debt to juice all crypto bets.
  • Early crypto investors are still in a comfortable place.
  • Yet the fast fall was especially acute for those who purchased cryptos when prices increased in 2021.
  • The fall in crypto is part of the wider pullback from risky assets, stimulated by rising rates of interest, inflation, and uncertainty in the economy due to Ukraine’s invasion by Russia.
  • Such factors compounded a pandemic hangover that started as life began to return to normal in the US.
  • It hurt the prices of stock of some companies such as Netflix and Zoom that struggled during lockdowns.
  • The decline of crypto is highly severe than the wider plunge in this stock market.
  • The S&P500 is 18 %down till now in 2022.
  • The price of Bitcoin fell 40% at the same time.
  • Alone in the past 5 days, Bitcoin tumbled 20% in comparison with a 5% fall in the S&P 500.
  • It is unclear how long this crypto collapse will be lasting.
  • The prices of crypto have rebounded typically from significant losses.
  • But in a few cases, it took many years to go to new heights.
  • Late in 2021, the prices of crypto reached a high and since then slid as fears of the economy grew.
  • But this meltdown gathered some momentum when TerraUSD, the stablecoin imploded.
  • They are meant to be a trustworthy means of exchange.
  • Stablecoins are pegged to a stable asset like the US dollar.
  • They are intended never to fluctuate in their value.
  • Several traders make use of them to purchase other cryptos.
  • It had all backing of credible venture capital firms like Arrington Capital which invested many dollars in funding crypto projects that are built on the digital currency.
  • It gave a false security sense to people who may not otherwise be aware of such things.
  • TerraUSD was never backed by treasuries, cash, or other conventional assets.
  • Rather it derived its stability from algorithms linking its value to sister crypto named LUNA.
  • LUNA almost lost its total value.
  • It had an immediate impact on TerraUSD which fell to a 23-cent low.
  • Investors panicked.
  • The most popular stablecoin Tether too wavered from its peg of $1.
  • It fell as low as 95 cents before it recovered.
  • It has backing by cash and different conventional assets.


The prices of crypto dropped precipitously. Bitcoin’s price fell very low to $26,000. It was 60% down from its high in November before it somewhat rose. From the beginning of the year, the price movement of Bitcoin has been closely similar to that of NASDAQ, a benchmark weighted heavily towards technology stocks. It suggested that investors treated it similarly to other risk assets. Ether’s price also plunged and lost over 30 % of its value in the last week. Other cryptos such as Cardano and Solana are down too. Panics might get overblown. The average owners of Bitcoin on Coinbase will not be losing money until the price of the digital currency fell under $21000. A true death spiral may occur here. Bitcoin worked as long as no one lost their money. Once it will be back to such levels it will be a great moment.

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