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7 Tips to Create Animation Online Successfully

A lot of people post animated videos on their social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but many of them lack the basic techniques. These tips or techniques can be used to make good animations and even great animations. All you need to do is, give time to your skill and master the basic facts that can help you create great animations.

A number of video maker software are available online, but in order to create effective animation, you should know about the features that software is offering. In this article, we will let you know about the basic tips that will help you to create online animations faster.

7 Tips You Should Follow to Create Online Animations Faster

This part of the article will present some tips that might help you to create a great online animation using good video creator software, like Doratoon.  It is a progressive video maker that provides users with the opportunity to integrate video making with animation. 

While using Doratoon, users are acknowledged with 8000 expressions and actions that can be used to design animated characters. With AI Dubbing, subtitle additions, and AI Intelligent Drawing, there is definitely something that can be designed with such influence. Users can add several other elements such as background music, dubbings, and sound effects across their animations.

Following tips for using the video maker platform perfectly 

  • Search for the Real World Reference

This two-dimensional animation tip is about finding a real-world reference that will effectively help you in creating animated faces. This works out in various studios where they record the facial movements of the voice-over artists with the purpose of capturing their expressions for 2D animators convincingly.

  • Real-Life Observations 

The next animation tip is real-life observations that eventually help you when you are going to portray the emotions of the animated character. Bringing life to the animated objections is considered as the key aspect of two-dimensional animation. That is why it requires a hard thinking process of how to portray emotions in each movement delightedly.

  • Include Anticipation in your Movement and Avoid Stiff Movement

A movement out of nowhere is never appreciated by the viewers. Every moment of an object indicates that there exists some kind of preparatory moment in the other or opposite direction. Adding anticipation is a good thing for the viewers and will help them to get a hint of what’s coming. 

Whereas a stiff movement should always be avoided using different techniques like squashing and stretching. Both of these are useful as it helps to create the illusion of life and flexibility while the object is moving. This is how viewers can get a feel of whether an object is soft or hard. 

  • Use Arcs for Natural Movement and Make Use of Secondary Action

Almost nothing in the whole world moves in a straight line; there always exists an arc to the movement. Adding some arcs to the movement can help in softening the path if it is looking off to you or other viewers.

On the other hand, there are some secondary actions that seem as nonessential movements to the scene. In case your animations look flat, you can add some secondary actions to your animations.

  • Don’t Hesitate to Exaggerate your Movement and Highlight Important Elements

Exaggeration makes a good animation great, while many animations create believable movements. You need to push the animation outside the bounds of real movement whenever you want to add a dramatic effect or highlight something.

On the contrary, cartoon video has some important elements, and staging helps us by directing the attention of the audience towards these important elements of the scene. In case you find difficulty in what to focus on in your animation, add visual highlights and small movements to draw the viewer’s attention.

  • Use Rhythm in your Animation

Rhythm is an important element to do storytelling in the three-dimensional stop motion animation video. For inexperienced animators or beginners, there is a possibility that they will find themselves animating too slow or fast.

With a good video maker, you get things right with time, so there is no such problem that exists for long, like being a too fast or slow animator. You can create movement in your animation by adding time and space. 

  • Draw Animation Repeatedly

Drawing animation requires too much time, even if you are using the best available video maker online software. In the case of two-dimensional animation, you still have to draw the objects multiple times on paper. That is to say, a skill like animation needs a lot of time and practice on each object before it is done.

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Doratoon – The Most Effective Creation of Animations

Doratoon is a professional video creator that creates fascinating animations and enhances the production of short video animations. You can use this video animation software to create stunning animation videos as it enables its users to set some parameters. Following are some of the prominent features which make Doratoon a remarkable video maker:

  • Animated Characters

Adding characters across your videos can make them fun to watch. While relating your videos with the help of animations and animated characters, this can aid you in getting the attention of a lot of viewers. Doratoon provides an exclusive amount of 8000 expressions and actions in its interface, allowing users to express much more into their videos through appropriate animations.

  • Built-in Templates and Music

Doratoon video maker supports almost 10,000 customizable templates and offers royalty-free music to its users for their businesses. These templates are available in a massive amount in categories like marketing, business, and education.

  • PPT-Video Conversion

It is pretty challenging to teach students through PowerPoint presentations. To prevent boring them out of the lesson and making it difficult for them to understand, Doratoon’s PPT-Video conversion provides adequate service. The platform offers the ability to import PowerPoint presentations and use different video animation tools and effects for making it engaging.

  • AI Intelligent Drawing

Aid and assessment are always welcomed. Such is the case with Doratoon’s AI Intelligent Drawing tool that provides users with special assistance while drawing or designing an animated character or video. The tool recognizes the shape that is being drawn across the canvas, over which it provides a potential suggestion, predicting the appropriate shape that is being drawn.

The Bottom Line

In this article, we talked about the tips and techniques that a beginner or an inexperienced animator should know in order to create great animations. These tips are basic but need a lot of time and effort if you want to master animation and want to become a good animator. Even if you already have that skill and you post animated videos, you have to know these techniques.

Furthermore, we have introduced you to Doratoon video maker software that can be useful if you want to create effective animations.

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