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Customer Video Testimonials: 6 Ways to Do Them Right

A customer video testimonial is one of the most effective marketing strategies. You must show that you are not just a company but an entity with real people behind it who care about what they do and how they can help others. Let’s explore some ways you can go about doing this successfully.


  • Be Clear About Your Objective


Before you shoot any video, you should determine your objective. Ask yourself: what am I trying to accomplish by having this person make a testimonial? Is it to create trust, promote a specific product or service, increase viewer engagement, and lead generation?

Once you know why you’re shooting the video, you can determine how you want to shoot it and, in turn, what type of testimonial you’re likely to get.


  • Make sure your videos are high quality


If you don’t have video capabilities or editing software, hire someone who does! The last thing you want is for these videos to look low-budget or amateurish because then the viewer will think that looks like what their experience would be if they hired your company for work.

This could turn them off entirely before they even consider you. Nowadays, you have online resources guiding on how to develop video testimonials from customers. The information covers several aspects, from ways to uphold quality to remaining relevant throughout.


  • Consider Your Shoot Environment


The environment in which you conduct your interview is vital for a few reasons: First, it will help establish or reinforce the brand message you want to communicate through this person.

If you have a rustic, home-spun feel to your brand message, then, by all means, shoot in a barn! If you want high-tech and polished, find a brightly lit conference room.

Second, the environment’s look will help determine what type of testimonial you receive from your interviewee. For example, if they are sitting in a drab, cold room with bad lighting, they will not be very enthusiastic about making this video.

However, if you shoot them in an exciting space surrounded by things that have meaning, the passion will show through.

The third reason, related to “the look of the environment,” can help you get the best footage possible. For example, if you shoot your interviewee in front of a white wall, it becomes straightforward for them to pop out of the frame by accident.


  • Make Your Subject Comfortable


The entire interview will go more smoothly if you make your interviewee comfortable. This means letting them know about the shoot ahead of time (including what to wear), having a quiet room available to do blue screen interviews, and taking care not to make them nervous.


  • Do Your Research


If you want your testimonial to be as effective as possible, then you should take the time to research your interviewee. This means finding out what they’re passionate about, their favorite sports team, what causes they care about, etc.

If you can find some common ground with the person you interview, it will be much easier to get them talking in front of the camera when they feel like they know you.


  • Direct Your Subject


If you have more than one person being interviewed, you should have a clear plan for how to direct each interviewee to keep on topic and don’t sound too similar.

This means giving them a list of questions ahead of time, at least, so you know they have a firm idea of what to say. If possible, record a practice interview with your subject and see what comes out.

Video testimonials from customers can be a massive boost for your business when you do them right. It’s crucial to gather a lot of knowledge concerning them, and you’ll never go wrong. There are reliable online platforms you can approach and learn how to go about it.

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