5 Mistakes Newbie course Creators Make (but Shouldn’t)!

COVID 19 has taken education and learning to a new level. Gone are the days when you had to travel a few kilometers to the institute to learn any new skill but with digitalization, even the learning system has started opting for the online method of delivering the knowledge to their students.

We have seen many institutes and even individuals started their coaching programs and courses for a living. These people have understood the need for an hour. While many people lost their jobs due to the pandemic, few started their online ventures during this period and made millions. It is all about recognizing the opportunity and taking maximum advantage of it. 

But do you think it would be easy to conduct these online workshops or coaching programs? You might be an expert in a certain subject or a skill but it is very important to elaborate to the other person who might be sitting in some other country. All he has is video call access through which he can talk to you and ask you the queries.

Some of the coaching programs also come in pre-recorded video formats wherein you would not need to attend the live sessions. All you need to do is to record your lectures and upload them. But do you think it would be as easy as it looks? You might not have done this before.

You might have searched a lot on Google about how to structure an online course. You may make a lot of mistakes if it is your first time. It is not only about recording your video and uploading it on the software. Since it is an online course or a coaching program, you need to make sure that it delivers value. Here is a list of a few mistakes that you should avoid if you are creating online courses. 

Creating an all-in-one course

Any subject or topic would contain many sub-sections and hence as a coach you would need to elaborate every little thing about it. But do you think covering all the things in one session or one course would be possible?

For example, Digital Marketing is a huge niche and it has many verticals such as SEO, Social Media Marketing, Paid Ads, Email Marketing, etc. If you try to cover digital marketing in a single course or a single session then you won’t be able to justify each of the sections. Hence make sure to create multiple sessions according to the topic rather than creating the single one. 

Creating a lengthy course 

You might have seen many course creators who sell courses that are approximately 5 to 6 hours in length. For example, if someone is offering you a course in website development then he or she might try to cover all the coding languages in one single course which can increase its length.

Most of the students tend to skip the modules which are longer in duration. Hence, if you wish to deliver the value, divide your course into sub-sections and create modules of shorter duration. 

Creating the course as per YOUR perspective 

You might be an expert in this industry or topic. You might feel that the course that you have created is perfect according to the current requirement of an industry. But remember that every consumer is different and hence the perspective. Make sure to do a little market research before creating your course. You can take a poll through your Instagram or Facebook Account. You can even use the email marketing method to get the maximum responses from your audience. This will help you to design the right content for your audience. 

Not ready to accept the feedback 

The market is flooded with online coaches and course creators now. Why should anyone come to you? You might have portrayed yourself as an industry expert in your niche but what if someone does not appreciate your way of teaching and leave a negative review about your program? Let’s get real.

You will get positive as well as negative feedback regarding your program. If this is your first time, you might get more negative reviews than positive ones and you might think to skip creating your next course. Most of the newbies go through this phase. Hence make sure to accept the negative feedback as well as the part of the process. 

Never upload the course 

Here comes the most basic mistake that newbies make. Many of you feel the quality of being an online coach but you never take a step to move further. You might have created tons of slides and videos related to your course but never tried to upload them due to procrastination or any other issues.

If you think that you can deliver value to others through your skills then make sure to upload those videos and presentation slides from your google drive to the course creation software to get started. 

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