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What Are The Different Metrics on Facebook Insights?

If you have recently set up your own business and are just getting started with your social media accounts, then the various metrics to measure your success can often get confusing. The social media platforms provide all different types of metrics, but Facebook gives more data than any other with the only other platform coming […]

How Uber Works? Insights into Their Latest Business Model

Uber is a popular on-demand transportation service that brought a revolution in the taxi industry across the globe. How did they do it? And what we can learn from the Uber business model? As it turns out there is a large amount of data being collected, produced and visualized behind the scenes- powering the efficient […]

How Do You Get Instagram Insights?

Want to access Instagram’s built-in analytics tool known by the name of Instagram Insights? Over the years, Instagram has become more and more orientated towards businesses, and there are two reasons for that. First off, as more and more brands hop on to Instagram, all of a sudden, a new group of users have emerged […]

The Ultimate Guide to Using Instagram Insights

The Ultimate Guide to Using Instagram Insights Every social media platform wants to keep its users on the platform, and they certainly don’t want their users to connect their accounts to some shady third-party app in order to do different things that cannot be done with the app itself. Instagram is a great example of […]

10 Softwares Every Small Business Should Use For Maximum Productivity

Emerging businesses and small startups have a lot more to do than solely worrying about routine operations. Only worrying about generating revenue and gaining significant amounts of customer traffic is what acts as a roadblock in the success of many new businesses. Time management, team collaboration and streamlining expenses are some of the important aspects […]

Top Reasons Why Videos Fail to Perform

Do you agree that Video Marketing dominates today? If No, then certainly these below-mentioned stats will make you do so, have a look: 87% of the marketers who have a strong presence online use video marketing as one of their most robust marketing strategies to exceed(it was 63% in 2017 and 81% in 2018). Videos […]

The Most Important Tips Of Influencer Marketing Involvement Into Your Product 

The business landscape is changing on a daily basis. There is fierce competition among brands and product sellers.  Satisfying the desires of consumers and even getting them to notice or buy your products is increasingly becoming tougher. And worse, traditional marketing strategies are no longer yielding the desired outcome for business owners. Business owners who […]

6 Actionable PPC Geo-Targeting Tips to Increase Your Conversions

A lot of online marketing specialists are looking for innovative ways to boost the efficiency of their ad campaigns. For instance, companies that have limited budgets make the most out of their PPC activities to ensure that they are not merely flushing money and resources down the drain. So, although targeting a broad audience might […]

The Psychology Behind why you Should Invest in Luxury Brands

Global demand for new products from luxury brands is growing strong and rapidly, with the consumers constantly buying them for different reasons as an addition in their life. The different reasons for why people invest in luxury brands is because it’s an elegant way for them to convey a sense of exclusivity, status, and wealth. […]

Top Free Keyword research tools to Boost your SEO!

Do you struggle with finding keywords that your customers are searching for? Are you looking for free keyword research tools? It’s no secret that search engine marketing plays a vital role in digital marketing. Every day, you search for things you are looking at on search engines, and those results that are presented at the […]

5 Ways To Find An Inspiration For Your Product Ads’ Writing

Copywriting is not exactly the work of literature at its best, but it still demands the same level of creativity and effort. As a matter of fact, sometimes it’s more difficult to create premium brand content in a few simple lines than to write an entire novel. No matter how prolific or skilled you might […]

10 Content Marketing Strategies Every Instagram Brand Needs To Know

Who would have thought that a social media platform for posting pictures could make such an impact on the world of business? Nowadays, we have brands that focus solely on Instagram and for a good reason. In 2018, Instagram reached one billion monthly active users and is expected to continue to grow.  Next year, brands […]

Digital Marketing Agency VS Freelancers: Who to Hire?

Digital Marketing is an inevitable part of your business. It gives you greater exposure and lets you turn your small business into a recognizable and authoritative brand. Your site, blog, social networks, email newsletters, mentions on popular industry blogs, and customer reviews on business review sites indicate your credibility and build trust with your target audience. Now, […]

Easy Tips for Facebook eCommerce Marketing

Facebook might seem like such a saturated market for a new eCommerce business, but it does have many tools that would be useful for boosting your brand’s reach. In this article, we’ll go a bit more in depth—beyond the usual “post great images” or “always include call-to-action” techniques that everyone’s already done. The goal is […]

9 Hacks to Create Explainer Videos that Actually Produce Desired Outcomes

rThe Google report shows that six out of ten people would rather spend time watching online videos than television shows. One of the primary reasons for the preference of online videos is that you have control over what you watch, which is not in the case of TV shows. Furthermore, you also get a chance […]

Why Digital Unit Is Important For Saas Businesses To Move Forward?

The Software as a Service (SaaS) model is relatively new, so many people find it hard to understand how the model works. Unlike the traditional businesses that sell you once and then never see you again, the SaaS model sells you a renewable subscription. It constantly makes efforts to retain customers and grow the customer […]

Top Ways to Boost Engagement on Twitter

Twitter is an incredibly powerful marketing and community building tool for entrepreneurs, influencers, nonprofit organizations, and business owners both large and small. Many Twitter users are able to build up a reasonably large following, but have trouble getting their followers to engage with the content they post. Large numbers of followers can only get you […]

How To Audit Your Influencers (For The Best Marketing Results)

How To Audit Your Influencers (For The Best Marketing Results) Are you looking to begin your influencer marketing journey but not quite sure what to look for when choosing influencer? Making sure you partner with suitable and relevant influencers is the single most important part for a successful influencer marketing campaign. It is the difference […]

How Quality Content Can Improve the Visibility of Your Corporate Blog

In this day and age, businesses have plenty of marketing options at their disposal when looking to make their brands more visible. We are talking about a wide variety of different strategies, tactics, and channels you can use to get your business in front of the eyes of your target audience. One of the most […]

Affiliate Schemes: the Benefits for Webmasters and Marketers

From social networks to newspapers and billboards, there are so many options open to marketers these days. The number of platforms where brands can connect with new audiences appears to be steadily growing – with many using a mixture of all of them as part of a wider strategy. Affiliate marketing is one of the […]

Influencer Marketing Mistakes: 15 Things to Avoid

Are you committing any of these common 15 influencer marketing mistakes? Or are you even aware that they exist? I am sure you’ve quite familiar with influencer marketing by now, so I’ll skip the introduction of telling you just how powerful influencer marketing and cut straight to the point. As you know, influencer marketing can […]

How Important Is Service in Retaining Customers

Even though customer acquisition is important to the growth of a business, it’s retention that drives revenue. Plus, it costs far too less to keep a customer than to acquire a new one. One of the key factors affecting customer retention is the service your business offers. A single interaction can leave a lasting impression on how […]

Why England’s Marketers Are Relying More on Deep Data

Big data has for some time become prominent industry-wide in economic decision making. The ability to analyze large amounts of data and find buying patterns, consumer trends and future needs critically affect how businesses respond using predictive analytics. Deep data, however, takes large subsets of information that data scientists will use to narrow the scope […]

Crucial Elements to Consider When Setting Up Your E-Commerce Website

It’s not easy to make an eCommerce website, as there are several things that you need to consider relating to everything from user engagement to website performance. Setting up a normal business website is a complicated process, so when it comes to setting up an eCommerce store you’ll be faced with harder challenges. You should […]

What Marketing Work to Outsource and What to Do Internally

What Marketing Work to Outsource and What to Do Internally  To outsource or to do it internally? That is the dilemma most marketers are facing. There are factors that force you to outsource some marketing tasks. First off, startups that cannot hire an in-house team find it economical to outsource.  However, freelance marketers and professional […]

How to Increase your Conversion Rates With Coupon Marketing Strategy

You must know that conversion rate optimization (CRO) remains the “#1” objective for any online business or digital advertiser. With regards to CRO, you would be thinking about call to action (CTA) placement, lead forms and landing page optimizations. In any case, here’s the test… Do these conversion streamlining strategies ensure the traffic of new […]

Website Audit: How Does A Website Audit Help You Maximize Performance?

All businesses aspiring to boost their online presence must conduct a website audit. A professional website audit is effective in identifying issues with website architecture. As such, sites are able to understand clearly where to make the necessary changes to enhance technical site performance. In this context, you must know that the website auditing process […]

3 Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges & Trading Platforms for Buying Bitcoin

The cryptocurrency market hit the stratosphere in Q4 2017, when the price of Bitcoin peaked at $20,000 per unit. Since then, increasing adoption of digital currencies and attendant blockchain technologies has taken place at a steady clip. Casual traders, investors and technology aficionados have poured time and effort into understanding the inherent value in cryptocurrencies […]

How to Build Your Own Business Around Instagram

Instagram is a popular social media you can use to share your photos and videos, communicate with friends and follow the influencers and celebrities. But not just that. Instagram is also a great platform to make money on, as well as a useful tool for growing your business. And the list of business opportunities Instagram […]

4 Inspirational TED Talks to Help Managers Become Effective Leaders

For a very long time, we have been taught both in schools and in our organizations that managers should manage work and leaders should lead people. It somehow made us believe that managers and leaders are always two separate people.  But in our nowadays world where creativity, innovation, and empowerment are as important as making […]

How to Increase Instagram Engagement: a Complete Guide

If you’ve been using Instagram for a while, you’ve probably seen your engagement on Instagram drop. For some, quite substantially, for others, a little less. Instagram engagement is the fuel for success on the platform, because after all, Instagram is a social media platform, and if people aren’t engaging with you or your posts, really, […]

7 CRO Tips to Get More from Your Traffic

If one of your landing pages, or your website in general, is getting a lot of traction lately, but the traffic isn’t converting into leads or sales, there’s no reason to panic. But it could be a sign that you need to be taking conversion rate optimization seriously and start looking for solutions. Unless you […]

Top 5 Powerful Technical SEO Tips You Must Know

Google is the primary source of traffic across the internet providing the cheapest and fastest means of amassing views. This part you might know but what you might not is why your website is still toiling in the SEO race yet you create excellent, optimized content time and time again. Well, your answer is down […]

Tips för marknadsföring i Sociala medier

Sociala medier har visats sig vara ett väldigt effektivt marknadsföringsredskap som kan hjälpa dig att uppnå många olika typer av marknadsföringsmål. Men enbart om du lär dig hur du ska använda det på rätt sätt. Genom att använda sociala medier med en stark strategi som grund kan du generera massor av resultat i en rad […]

10 Incredible Content Writing Tools for Powerful Marketing

Great marketing is the result of tested strategies, failures, optimizations, and consistency. Every contemporary business is now promoting its offers through content. The content’s form varies – videos, online blogs, newspaper ads, TV ads, huge street billboards, and so on. On average, about 60% of marketers create one or more pieces of content each day. […]

Important Influencer Marketing Statistics to Know (Infographic)

The Most Important Influencer Marketing Statistics to Know (Infographic) Influencer marketing is one of the (if not The) fastest growing marketing sources out there. Its popularity has increased dramatically over the years and more brands have incorporated this marketing tactic into their marketing strategy. There is no question that it has grown in popularity as […]

5 Powerful Tips to Improve Your Instagram Marketing

5 Tips to Improve Your Instagram Marketing Instagram has a lot of marketing potential, but to be able to fully take advantage of it, you need to have a clear strategy, and always look to improve your efforts. If you are still hesitant, just look at the statistics, because they speak very clearly: There are […]

How To Get Best Nine 2018 Instagram Posts

How To Get Best Nine 2018 Instagram Posts What was popular last year is once again back this December, “The Best Nine Feature”! A big hit which flooded Instagram feeds of celebrities like Kim Kardashian West and Selena Gomez. Once again, Instagram is flooded with a grid of the Best Nine photos/posts from 2018! The […]

NANHA Case Study: How to Market an Attorney Business

You studied hard, passed the bar and found an ideal location for your attorney business. Your next focus will be to implement business policy and procedure that attracts quality law cases that grow profit. It is also important to implement marketing strategies that grow your clientele year after year, which this NANHA case study on […]

7 Ways Your Blog Can Introduce Your Business to the World

No matter the size or target audience of your business, blogging can add a lot to your brand image. According to statistics, 53% of marketers claim that blogging is their top content marketing strategy. This percentage showcases that businesses are willing and able to blog in order to reach new audiences and stakeholders.  However, many […]

5 Powerful Things Most Successful Shopify Stores Have In Common

Shopify is one of the more preferred ecommerce platforms, it has great features and readily integrates with third party apps that help you maximize and optimize your ecommerce business.  Shopify currently has more than 600,000 users spread across 175 countries, it enjoys wide appeal and adoption.  Whereas Shopify isn’t 100% flawless, it has nearly everything […]

How to Make The Best Use Of Instagram For SEO

Instagram and SEO can be fused excellently to take your website/business promotion to the next level quite easily. You actually do a search for innovative techniques in SEO and keep on tracking the authority SEO sites, speakers, bloggers and what not, in search of something useful, not so hard, and result promising. And when you […]

4 Key Areas of Your Business to Pay More Attention to in 2018

There are certain areas of your business you need to pay more attention to in 2018 in light of the rapidly evolving entrepreneurial space, failure of which may result in business failure sooner or later. This is a fact known to many business owners. What many people, however, do not know is which particular areas […]

13 Dangerous Social Media Problems You Need to Know and Avoid

Want to learn more about social media marketing problems? In just a few years, social media marketing has gone from being something that brands didn’t or shouldn’t pay attention to, to now playing a central part of most brand’s digital marketing strategy. Social media was by some people described as a fad that would soon […]

8 Thought Provoking Reasons Your Content Marketing Has Failed

You started your content marketing efforts with great hope. After all, you’ve seen other brands use it to great success. Now, there’s a problem. All the things you hoped for aren’t bearing fruit: Increased Traffic More Followers Email Subscriptions Better Social Engagement Quality Lead Generation Conversions It’s frustrating enough to tempt you back to more […]

How to Create a Social Media Marketing plan: a no-Bullshit Guide

When starting out with something new, it feels scary and intimidating. You’re eager to get to your goal, and you know that other people have done it before you. But quite quickly, questions start popping up in your head, that you, as a beginner, have no answers to. The exact same goes for social media. […]

How To Go Private on Instagram

How to go private on Instagram. Looking to go private on Instagram? The stalkers are everywhere on social media, and whether you know it or not, you may have creeps stalking your photos without saying a word. But there are many more reasons to why you may want to go private on Instagram… Your parents, […]

How To Add a Clickable Link Instagram Bio

Want to learn how to add clickable Instagram links or link in bio on Instagram? You’re in the right place. Looking to add a clickable Instagram link to drive more people to your website? As you may or may not know, it’s not possible to add clickable links in captions and comments on Instagram. On […]

How to Get Massive Traffic From Instagram

Wondering how you can drive traffic from Instagram? Instagram is truly the social media platform of this decade. It has taken the world by storm since its birth in 2010, and in the last couple of years, the number of Instagram users has skyrocketed. At the early stages of Instagram’s life, it was considered to […]

How to Analyze your Instagram Account and Boost Your Results

Looking for ways to Analyze your Instagram account?   On Instagram, there are many ways you can go about to Analyse your Instagram account, and there are many different things to analyze. As a business, it is especially crucial to analyze your Instagram account because it can give you great insights into how you are […]

208+ Staggering Video Marketing Statistics You Need to See

You try to do something but not sure how to do it. What do you do? More and more, you’ve probably found yourself turning to YouTube for an informational video in order to learn how you do it. In fact, chances are, in recent times you’ve found yourself consuming more video content than you’ve done […]

Instagram Marknadsföring: 30 Tips for att Lyckas med Marknadsföring på Instagram

Vill du öka dina Instagram-marknadsresultat, växa dina följare, öka engagemang och stärka din närvaro på plattformen? Bra. Då är du på rätt ställe. Instagram är en oerhört kraftfull marknadsföringskälla, men dess sanna krafter kan bara ses när du har en stark strategi och gör alla de rätta åtgärderna för att uppnå goda marknadsföringsresultat. I den […]

How To Set Up Instagram Business Account (and Everything you Need to Know)

How to set up Instagram business account Do you use Instagram for business? If so, you are missing out immensely if you haven’t set up your Instagram business account. The number of people who use Instagram for business purposes has increased dramatically over the years, from just being a social platform for teenagers to now […]

The Complete Guide to the Instagram Algorithm

Looking for a Complete Guide to the Instagram Algorithm? You’re in the right place. Are you frustrated that your organic reach on Instagram has decreased? Are you upset that your engagement has dropped? You probably know that it is because of the Instagram algorithm. No matter if you’re a regular Instagram user or someone who […]

Så Här Analyserar du ditt Instagram-konto och Förbättrar Dina Resultat

På Instagram finns det många sätt att analysera ditt Instagram-konto, och det finns många olika saker att analysera. Som ett företag är det särskilt viktigt att analysera ditt Instagram-konto eftersom det kan ge dig bra insikter om hur du utför på Instagram, vilka resultat du genererar och vad du kan göra för att förbättra. Många […]

The Complete and Only Guide to Video Marketing You’ll Ever Need

Want to become a video marketing expert? In an earlier post of mine, I spoke about the famous quote “a picture says more than a thousand words”. I then threw out there the idea that if a picture says more than a thousand words, what does a video that is filmed in 30 or 60 […]

How to See Who Visits Your Instagram Profile

Wondering how you can see who visits your Instagram profile? A common question that people ask is how they can see who visits their Instagram profile, and despite it being a commonly asked question, there are only a few answers to it. This is why I have taken on the challenge to write the most […]

24 Reasons Brands Should use Social Media Marketing

Not convinced about social media yet, but want to explore the reasons brands should use social media marketing? When I planned writing this article, I came up with the idea that I would just go on and on talking about listing all the incredible statistics of social media marketing, because after all, wouldn’t that be […]

How Automotive Industry Can Benefit from Digital Marketing

Buying a car is a serious thing to do, and that is perhaps why the automotive industry has been a little slower than most others to pick up the digital trends. When you buy something this expensive, most people probably thought, it is better to see things with your own eyes and resolve possible issues […]

The Complete List Of The Most Common Social media marketing questions

Do you have some social media marketing questions? It’s safe to say that social media has completely revolutionized our society. Or at the very least, the way we communicate. In 2018, the number of social media users of social media users is projected to reach 2.62 billion. And that’s quite a lot of people, considering […]

How to Leverage Social Media Messaging Chat Apps for Marketing

Over the time, as social media has grown, and its total user count has reached more than, a lot of messaging apps have popped up. Some created by famous corporates like Facebook, others that were initially completely unknown, such as KIK. But the social landscape is quickly evolving. The messaging apps that are being used […]

How to Leverage the Power of User-Generated Content in Marketing

Curious about user-generated content? As a marketer, you are constantly looking for new ways to promote your brand and skyrocket results. But not only do you want to get your brand in front of more eyeballs, but you also want to market your brand in ways that build trust and allows you to resonate with […]

How To Get To Instagram Explore Page Hack

If you have used Instagram, even for just a day, I’d be surprised if you haven’t come across the Instagram Explore page. If you’ve been looking at opportunities to increase exposure for your brand on Instagram, It’s not completely unlikely that you’ve been dreaming about getting your post featured on the Instagram explore page, either. […]

The Complete Guide to a Killer Social Media Branding Strategy

Want to learn how you can develop a social media branding strategy? More and more, we hear the term “branding” in the marketing landscape. Not least, we hear the term personal brand, as a result of social media, which has enabled everyone to get a voice and build an audience. Chances are, you’re here because […]

Everything You Need to Know About Advertising on Instagram

Everything You Need to Know About Advertising on Instagram : Instagram ads In 2015, Instagram ads were made available to all marketers. The Facebook-owned social media platform, that was obtained for 1 billion dollars didn’t have any sources of income and was instead bleeding money. But Instagram had one thing: Attention. As a marketer, you […]

How to Use Snapchat for Marketing: a Complete Guide

How to Use Snapchat for Marketing: a Complete Guide Snapchat is a social network of over 178 million daily active users worldwide. It’s an app mainly focused on video and photos, which disappear after 24 hours, or instantly after they’ve been watched. On the platform. you can send snaps to your friends, as well as […]

The Complete Guide to Leveraging The Psychology Of Colors in Marketing

The Complete Guide to Leveraging The Psychology Of Colors in Marketing Colors have a huge effect on us humans. What’s more, in a saturated landscape, colors can help you stand out from the crowd and reach greater results. Emotionally, colors impact us greatly, and as a marketer, you’ll probably ask the natural question ”can I […]

How to Sell With Instagram Shoppable Posts: Shopping on Instagram

How to Sell With Instagram Shoppable Posts: Shopping on Instagram Instagram has shown to be very effective in driving sales. In fact, Engaged Instagram users have an order value of $65. And as if that wasn’t enough, a survey from 2015 found that 75 percent of Instagram users have taken action into buying something after being inspired by a […]

The Complete Guide to Using Instagram Direct Message (DM on Instagram)

The Complete Guide to Using Instagram Direct Message (DM on Instagram) Direct Message on Instagram is tremendously powerful and helpful tool that few brands are using to its full potential. It has a ton of quirky built-in features that many don’t know about, and it is an incredibly effective tool both for regular users, but […]

67 Powerful Benefits Of Social Media Marketing For Your Business

67 Powerful Benefits Of Social Media Marketing For Your Business You have probably heard how powerful and effective social media is for marketing a million times before. But why is that so? Simply saying “social media is great for marketing” doesn’t tell us a lot, right? Sure, you can take a look at 51 Powerful Social […]

37 Harmful Mistakes You’re Making on Instagram

37 Harmful Mistakes You’re Making on Instagram Instagram is an incredibly powerful social platform.37 Harmful Mistakes You’re Making on Instagram In September 2017, the platform reached 800 million monthly active users, up from 600 million in December 2016. That alone is quite extraordinary. Especially when considering the fact that it was done in just 7 […]