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What Are The Different Metrics on Facebook Insights?

If you have recently set up your own business and are just getting started with your social media accounts, then the various metrics to measure your success can often get confusing. The social media platforms provide all different types of metrics, but Facebook gives more data than any other with the only other platform coming […]

How Uber Works? Insights into Their Latest Business Model

Uber is a popular on-demand transportation service that brought a revolution in the taxi industry across the globe. How did they do it? And what we can learn from the Uber business model? As it turns out there is a large amount of data being collected, produced and visualized behind the scenes- powering the efficient […]

How Do You Get Instagram Insights?

Want to access Instagram’s built-in analytics tool known by the name of Instagram Insights? Over the years, Instagram has become more and more orientated towards businesses, and there are two reasons for that. First off, as more and more brands hop on to Instagram, all of a sudden, a new group of users have emerged […]

The Ultimate Guide to Using Instagram Insights

The Ultimate Guide to Using Instagram Insights Every social media platform wants to keep its users on the platform, and they certainly don’t want their users to connect their accounts to some shady third-party app in order to do different things that cannot be done with the app itself. Instagram is a great example of […]

Intimidated By Telematics? Read This To Take Your First Step As A Tech Savy Fleet Manager

With the implementation of ELDs and fleet management getting digitized rapidly, a telematics provider for your fleet might sound intimidating to accept. Any fleet organization demands professional fleet management for better regulation and automation of everyday tasks. Fleet management software handles the entire life-cycle of commercial vehicles when easing risks, boosting efficiency, enhancing productivity, and […]

What Do Clients Want From Their Advertising Agency?

With so many ad agencies around, not all will match your particular requirements. But then again, you still have to consider why they are in business. There are advertising agencies that are in it for the money and then you have those that want to provide quality services to their clients.  Advertising is a crucial […]

Is XRP Still a Good Investment?

Ripple is a platform that offers a real-time payment system. Through this platform, people can transfer money to different accounts regardless of their banks or location. This is made possible by the use of XRP within the system. XRP is the digital asset that acts as a mediator for the exchanges, particularly those between cryptocurrencies […]

What Business Simulations Can Do For Your Company

The business world has never been more competitive than it is in the 21st Century and this is in part down to the rise of the internet. The internet has allowed for the sharing of company information in a manner never seen before and the relative strengths and weaknesses of any company are obvious to […]

How To Consistently Land Top Quality Clients With a Killer Email Pitch

It’s essential for small businesses to build a brand and consistently increase their customer base if they want to succeed. You won’t achieve the kind of sustainable growth you’re looking for if you wait for customers to come to you. Therefore, you need a strategy to attract customers. Cold outreach can help you if you […]

Biggest Personal Branding Mistakes That must be avoided at all costs

Personal Branding has become very important in today’s gen of online search because if you don’t appear positive online, chances are meek that a prospect will ever knock your doors. There’s a reason why 65% of internet users see online search as the most trusted source of information. Still most people don’t consider personal branding […]

Importance of Data Analytics in Real Estate

Before the use of real estate data analytics, real estate was exclusively pushed by assumptions, estimates, and individual gut feelings. This then resulted in mistakes being made over and over again, leading to big risks within the industry and loss in profits. With the creation of data analytics, the risk is subdued and the allowance […]

SEO Tools to Help Get the Job Done Quicker

Designing a website and getting it live on the internet is less complicated than mastering SEO optimization. A website without proper SEO strategies is as good as dead in the search engines. So, how do you develop a perfect SEO strategy for your online business?  As mentioned above, mastering SEO is a tough job for […]

How to Become a Successful Small Online Business Owner in 2020

If you are thinking about starting your own online business, you have probably heard lots of not-so-optimistic stats concerning small business failure rates. This can easily make you forget about your dream and decide against starting a business after all.  A survey by Gallup found that 25% of people in the US had thought about […]

Reasons Why Marketing is a Powerful Tool for your Business

Marketing can enter into any business, regardless of its nature, and leads the frontline in making sure that business grows and thrives. In any business, you must make sure you reel in customers and the key to that is the dissemination of information. Profitability is the desired effect when enough people come in and transact […]

Current Best Self-Improvement Books of All Time [Top 9]

Ready to read your way to a better you? Here’s a list of the nine best self-help books of all time. They’re entertaining to read and will improve your life. Are you yearning to make a change?  Perhaps you’d like to stop procrastinating and learn how to manage your money better. Or maybe there’s another […]

Five Tech Entrepreneurs and What You Can Learn From Them

They’re a modern phenomenon. Created by the fast-paced digital world that we live in, the most famous tech entrepreneurs dominate current affairs with their Unicorn companies and wealth equal to the GDP of a small country. We read about flamboyant characters every day, such as Elon Musk with his space travel and Mark Zuckerberg and […]

Business Owners Insurance Package – Guide

Running a business can be likened to rowing a boat. As a ‘business sailor,’ fixing your position relative to the North Star does not necessarily keep water off the business’ boat. As you sail across the unpredictable waters of entrepreneurship, you face several internal and external mishaps which can cause the boat to sink or […]

5 Reasons to Talk About Time-Tracking

Have you left work feeling like you’ve spent the day doing absolutely nothing? 5 minutes checking emails, 20 minutes updating reports, a few phone calls… but what happened to the rest of it? Fortunately for us, we live in the age of time trackers — mobile and web platforms for recording and visualizing the myriad […]

Is 10000 Followers a Lot on Instagram?

When Facebook came fresh into the market in the year 2004, it attracted a lot of attention in the market and gained excessive popularity as time went by. Then, came Instagram, six years after the successful launch of the former mentioned social app. It was not long before Instagram became the new Facebook and people […]