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Which Marketing Channels are Casinos Using in 2021?

Online casinos are taking over from their land-based counterparts as the preferred type of casino for players across the globe. Even though online casinos have only been around for over two decades, the growth and developments in the online casino industry have come in leaps and bounds over a short period of time. 

People can access an online casino from the comfort of their own home, at any time of the day or night, take advantage of the bonuses and promos being offered, and also pay using the currency and banking method that they prefer.

These are just a few of the main perks online casinos offer when compared to land-based casinos. Given such stark advantages, it is no wonder that online casinos are gaining popularity with each passing day.

However, online casinos still need to market themselves to attract players and gain a user base in order to survive in a market that has cut-throat competition in the form of hundreds of other online casinos. 

Let’s take a look at some of the latest marketing channels that leading online casinos are using in 2021. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.  

Paid Search Marketing 

Paid Search Marketing has become another huge buzzword when it comes to marketing strategies for online casino websites. The reason paid search marketing is catching on in 2021 is that it works and because you pay only for what you get and nothing more. Basically, you are paying per click. 

You need to either hire someone who has experience with PPC or you can even create your own Google PPC campaign if you are technically savvy. Please note that operators will need to be Google certified in order to promote their online casino website using Google Pay Per Click.

Pro tip – One of the things that make an online casino easily marketable is if it is licensed by a highly reputed online casino gambling regulatory authority such as the UK Gambling Commission. This is an effective point to highlight in your pay per click advertisement. 

Affiliate Marketing

One of the most effective ways to market an online casino in 2021 is called affiliate marketing. The truth of the matter is that online casino operators already have a lot on their plates. They need to focus on development, partnering with software suppliers, keeping licenses valid, staying current in terms of technology, themes and trends, and a lot more. 

Therefore, some of the best online casino operators simply outsource marketing to affiliate sites. These are essentially third-party businesses that promote your online casino for you. The way it works is simple – you give the affiliate access to your graphics and analytics that they use to track results, the affiliate uses various ad channels to effectively market your online casino website within your marketing budget, and the affiliate gets paid every time they are able to successfully redirect a user from their site or advertisement to your online casino and that player makes a real money deposit. Only when a player makes a real – money deposit is it considered a conversion in most cases. 

Therefore, every penny you spend on the affiliate is deservingly earned by the affiliate and it is easy to track and measure this thanks to modern-day analytic tools. 

SocialOnline marketing

Social media marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing channels. Using social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, you can attract thousands of interested players to your casino website. 

Virtually everyone is on social media these days, and your online casino advertisements will not be pushed on everybody, it will only be targeted towards people that are actively searching for online casinos. This way, your conversion rate is going to be much higher because everyone that sees the ad is already looking for a good online casino to sign up with. 

Furthermore, running ad campaigns on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are easy and intuitive, you need be an expert in digital marketing, you just post a paid ad, and depending on how much you have paid, the ad will be shown to a certain number of targeted social media profiles.

When you use social media marketing, you are not wasting any money. Every penny you have used for boosting the ad will be used up only when the ad appears to people. Therefore, the more you spend on the ad, the more visibility, and views it gets. In this manner, you can easily control how much you want to spend on the ad depending on how many people you want to show the ad to. 


SEO stands for search engine optimization and this is an effective marketing strategy to capture users that are using a search engine like Google and are searching for online casinos to sign up with. When you search on Google, there are several pages of results that pop up, and when you have an SEO campaign setup it helps make sure that your website is listed in the top few results which give the website tons of visibility, exposure and as a result – visits and registrations. 

In order to improve your Google result ranking, online casinos will need to use keywords and other SEO tools and frequently upload content onto their website. 

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