Friday, September 30

7 Great Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

There are a plethora of books for entrepreneurs. Leadership, sales, marketing, etc. There are also many traits and skills that you need as an entrepreneur, and this is why reading books can be a helpful tool for improving your skillset and knowledge.

In this post, we list 7 great books that entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs will find helpful in their ventures.

1.SPIN Selling by Neil Rackham

This is one of the best sales books out there. SPIN explains the sales process in a simple way while turning upside down on traditional methods.
SPIN is a question of methodology and you learn the power of asking questions:

  • Situation: Establish buyer’s current situation.
  • Problem: Identify problems the buyer faces that your product solves.
  • Implication: Explore the causes and effects of those problems.
  • Need-Payoff: Show why your product is worth it.

Once you have read this, there is another book, Customer Strategies, that is more focused on complex sales.

2. The $ 100 startup by Chris Guillebeau

A book of tips on how to turn your ideas into an income. A simple user guide with tips and lessons from the author’s own experience.

3. 21.5 unbreakable laws of selling by Jeffrey Gitomer

Jeffrey Gitomer has been a favorite for many years. He writes good sales books with funny illustrations. The book is easy to read and contains many concrete advice, even for you who have been a seller for a long time. The book is written as “sales laws” and what happens if you follow them or break them.

4. 80/20 Sales and Marketing by Perry Marshall

Another easy-to-read book with many great tips by Perry Marshall in both sales and marketing. The 80/20 rule helps you save time, focus on the right customer and get more done.

5. Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill

A book by Napoleon Hill that sold in over 100 million copies. This is one of the first so-called. self-help books. It contains many good tips and 12 steps on how to do concrete to succeed.

6. 4-Hour workweek by Timothy Ferriss

Another favorite that a lot of people keep coming back to. Many great tips on how to reduce your working hours and “outsource” your life.
With easy-to-follow steps, Timothy Ferriss provides clear methods for clearing everything out unnecessarily, so you can focus on what’s really important: living your dream life.

7. Do It Marketing by David Newman

An easy to read marketing book with 77 simple tips and advice by David Newman. You get tips on social media, how to position yourself as an expert and how to get more customers. At the end of the book there is a 21-day marketing plan that you can follow day by day.


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