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6 Key Factors to Consider Before Selling Your Home

There are numerous reasons why many homes remain unsold over a long time. Selling that house is a big decision that you should take seriously. There are factors that you have control over while you can’t control others. 

These are some of the critical factors that a home seller should consider to ensure a faster sale and at the right price.

Your Agent

You probably want the best person in the market to represent you and your property when planning to sell that home. Always ensure that you interview at least five agents before you decide on the one to go for.

Have a list of questions that you will ask the agents and never fall for their real estate spiel when they narrate how they would easily connect you to buyers. Ask them about their negotiating style, factors that they would consider faulty in your home, and how to overcome the flaws when negotiation with potential buyers. Also, ask about their sales reports, the agent fees, and the price guide for your home; ensure that they justify the cost in detail. 

On the other hand, selling your property can be challenging, given that you might meet inexperienced agents who knock down their agent fees to get a listing.

To overcome such challenges, it might be appropriate for you to consider selling your property to an agency, thus eliminating the uncertainty of falling out of escrow. Expert home buyers at would suggest that you consider selling your home to a trustworthy property agency whereby you can be assured that you will work with honest agents who prioritize your needs. Besides, most home sellers fall prey to agents who quote high potential prizes; this would be inappropriate given that the agent might fail to hold the end of the bargain. The bottom line, get a trustworthy agent or an agency firm that will assure you of the property sale.

The Cost

You might want to consider evaluating the price of your property, given that it’s the essential factor when selling that house. All houses can be sold, provided that they are set at the right price. Most homeowners tend to overprice their homes simply because they are unrealistic about the actual market value of the house.

For instance, you might have had some improvements done on the property that fails to translate to an increment in market value, and you factor the renovation cost in the selling price.

Well, some buyers might fail to consider the renovations, given that it was your preference. Besides, you might have overpriced your home to give room for negotiation. Well, this might be a misconception considering that your strategy might backfire. Ensure that you set the appropriate price such that buyers can see the price and pay up. Setting the price increases your chances in a bidding war, given that you would want numerous people knocking on your door and throwing offers at you.


Ensure that all the paperwork is ready from the start, given that without the documents, you might derail the sale of the property. In case you have issues with your home that will hinder the sale, such as a mortgage, ensure that you speak with your lender and sort out all the issues to facilitate a fast transaction.


First, your home needs to be listed, and when the right buyer comes calling, they should find your property captivating. Given that we all live in a digital world, most buyers are continually looking into different sites when searching for property. You might want to list your property on real estate sites to ensure that your home is tapped into a vast pool of buyers. Besides, your home should instantly impress the buyers, and you can achieve that by capturing high-quality photos when showcasing your home online.

Declutter your Space

You might want to declutter your home and depersonalize the space before the open house. Inspect your home and take down the decorative items that are personal such as family photos. Also, declutter all rooms to increase the area and leave behind some furniture that will appeal to potential buyers.

Clean the Home

Buyers might be turned off when they turn up and meet a grubby home. Clean your house up, given that potential buyers would prefer to purchase a clean home, given that they would imagine living in a neat apartment.

Indeed, selling your home might be a challenging task, but if you focus on these six factors, you will increase your chances of selling your property and, at the same time, maximize your profit margin. Consider implementing the above steps for a quick sale and you’re good to go.

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