Friday, September 30

What is The Future of Casinos?

The gambling industry is a behemoth, raking in over 50 billion last year and expected to reach almost 100 billion by 2025. It’s growing at a fast compound annual growth rate of 10.28%, partly because of internet gambling and online casinos which are becoming increasingly popular with young people.

Will that be the future of Casinos as brick-and-mortar gambling locations have taken a hit due to the global pandemic? Possibly not, but the future will definitely be high-tech…

Customer-Centric Experience

The online casino experience is already fine-tuned to be exciting, engaging, and… addictive, but the rise of big data spells something different for the future of the online casino. Data analysis means that every single action will be able to be recorded online, meaning that the house will have a great awareness of exactly how an individual gambler likes to gamble. 

This means they can tailor the online experience towards the gambler, making it exciting on a very personal level. It also gives some of the big casino companies a way to drive more traffic to their physical locations by continuing that personalization into the physical casinos, perhaps by having attentive staff guide gamblers directly to the tables that interest them.

More Predictable Profit Margins

Being able to accurately predict profit margins is a good thing for any business, especially one that does interact with luck. The big data mentioned earlier will mean that a casino will be able to better forecast how each player will play and therefore be able to simulate their profit margins. This does require a tremendous amount of data processing, so the use of casino-owned supercomputers will probably become the norm. 

Using AI to Identify Cheating

Online casinos can sometimes be cheated by using a bot that seems like a human player but is using advanced mathematics to claim back an edge over a casino. That might be by card-counting at an advanced level or just playing poker as no human being could manage to (imagine a bot being able to use perfect game-theory in poker, something most players can only have a vague awareness of).

This presents a problem to casinos as it can lose them money directly or stop other players from returning if they get exploited by bots in person-vs-person games like poker. AI can therefore be a great boon to the online security of casinos, be that by attempting to identify bots through analysis of playing styles or simply by advancing CAPTCHA systems to an impenetrable degree.

Use AI to Identify Problem Gamblers

Even though problem gamblers make casinos a lot of money, dealing with problem gamblers effectively with technology will be able to ease a lot of regulatory pressures on casinos who are facing government scrutiny the whole time. Having demonstrable evidence that they are identifying and discouraging problem gamblers, as well as providing evidence that their strategies are working, they will be able to convince critical eyes that they are a business that encourages fun and does not encourage the negative impact of gambling.

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