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Understand How Website Design can Build or Break Your SEO

Understand how website design can build or break your SEO

The successful journey of your business’s online marketing presence can be done through your website’s design. Before starting to design a better website for your business, you must understand the significance of web design and how it can build or break your SEO.

Web design can have a great impact on your SEO. Both are proportional to each other. A Website always performs as a mediator between you and your audience. If your website is not user-friendly then the audience might feel trouble using your website. If they got a bad opinion on your website then sure it will reflect on your business also. Automatically this makes your website not noticeable one with a bad end product on web page ranking. Thus, the proper well-designed website creates convenience for both audience and search engine to find the website easily. It will bring good outcomes in SEO.

Basic SEO falls into two major categories,

  • On-Page SEO – the way your landing web site’s content is coded used to rank higher in the web search. 
  • Off-Page SEO – Link building activities, content marketing and so on. 

For website design, your focus should be on On-Page SEO. Have a look on the below discussion to get clear ideas of website design along with SEO

1. Increase the conversion rate 

A well-designed website will increase the conversion rate. If you are not designing your website with the clear intention you may lose your conversion rate. For example, the audience is never ready to reach you without insisting on them through nudges like “contact us now” or “any live chat options”. If you fail to add this kind of nudges then there will be a low conversion rate for your business.  

If 150 visitors view your website per day and 50 of those visitors convert into your subscribers, then from these 50 subscribers you may get 20 potential customers. 

In this way, you can calculate and increase your conversion rate through your well-designed website. 

2. Improve your website ranking factor 

Did you know a website design can improve your website ranking factor? Yes. The technology magazine “The Wire” states that internet users expect websites to load in the blink of an eye.

If your website is not suited for this then you might have a problem reaching more users. So, optimize your website design to load as quickly as possible to rank among the top search engine results. Google always insists that fast-loading sites are favored in search results. To achieve this you can follow to upload small sized images on your site. Since too large images may slow down the website’s loading time. Google also slows down the priority for your website. When you are designing your website with the SEO perspective, then upload this effectively that resized or compressed images on the front end of the web site. 

Also, Google always supports responsive web design. Responsive web design means if you are using the website even on mobile then it should show a clear website design. Also with all smart devices, your website should show the clear website design. It will increase the ranking through better user experience.

3. Track your value and quality

You should know the elements which will track your business value and quality into the audience when you are doing website design. Particular components on your website may diminish your value and quality.

Those components may be stock images, complicated animations, too long content and so on. If you are considering your audience then you should know how the audience reacts when they watch your content. With an audience, you should attract the attention of them within a short duration. Get them by impressing them using first impression content that tracks your value as well as your quality. So make possible elegant content concise partitions within your website. Powerful sections make the audience stay for a long time and make them get to know more about your service. 

4. Jointly brought your results through small things

Great things are not done by a sudden strong but it can be done by a sequence of small things. The sequence of small things will bring your results jointly together. Website navigation is a great example of this. There are a lot of things that can be done within website navigation. Here we will discuss some crispy notes. In your navigation try to avoid the drop-down menu. Sometimes it may lead to losing your visit for drop-down menu content. In this also there is two possibilities such as if you are adding less content of the dropdown menu it may lead to reduced visibility chance but if you are adding a large number of content link within dropdown menu, then it may be noticeable by the audience. 

In the above screenshot, you may identify that there is no dropdown menu. 

In the above screenshot, you may note that the dropdown with a large number of content links. In this case, it may be noticeable by the audience with a good amount and reach. In this criteria never forget to concentrate on navigation hierarchy. From this, you can avoid the audience bouncing to the other of your competitor’s website. 

5. Improve your website traffic

Last but not least. The most central piece of your on-page SEO is the implementation of tags. If you are implementing a more optimal way of tags then it will improve your website traffic for sure. Here we will see some key points in this regard. 

  1. Title tag 

The title tag appears on the top of your search results both for organic results and paid ads. Here the audience sees your title all the way. In the below screenshot you can see the title tag of the below website by the red arrow mark.

2. Meta Description

Meta description concludes all your website content below your website’s title tag. Here you can see the red marked Meta description.

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