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What is on-page SEO & Why It Matters


What is on-page SEO & Why It Matters

Due to the increase in the sophistication and complexity of Google’s algorithm, it is vital to focus on how to use it advantageously. The online market is highly competitive so optimizing online presence and methods of staying at the top of this food chain have been modified as well. The first important step is a better understanding of how the users search for information and how Google draws up results.

 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) basically brings and increases the quantity and quality of traffic to a website, organically. 

On-page SEO allows a website to draw up relevant content when a user searches up a query. On-page SEO aims to make sure the user ends up with websites with high-quality content, relevant to the searched keywords. In other words, On-page SEO has made online search more about what a user demands and how he goes about it rather than the words being searched. What On-page SEO primarily focuses on is:

Authenticity and uniqueness of the content, keeping in mind that is not plagiarized from any other source

Arrangement and organization of a website, determining if it is easy to navigate through it or not

Making sure the content lives up to the expectations of the user

To determine if a website is aligned with the rules of on-page SEO, tools can be used to carry an audit of the website page, which provides the necessary information. An SEO company is most helpful in this regard since they are trained for this process.

Here are three reasons why on-page SEO matters:

Keywords and On-page SEO

Previously, whenever a query was put in the search bar, the search engine would search for those exact words, thus limiting the results but now, keyword search has become exponentially better. Now the search engines, owing to their optimization, look for results synonymous to the searched query as well regarding the way certain kinds of word combinations are used. It also focuses on what content is closer to the demand, all the while making sure it is genuine and helpful to the consumer. High frequency of traffic is always a plus point for a web URL as it is highlighted in this labyrinth.

Increase in Site Speed

Site speed is the average time it takes for several pages on a website to load. For a high paced world, having an efficient page speed is very important. Surveys show that a person waits for a maximum of 3 seconds before moving onto the next site. Specific actions like compressing files and images, minimizing coded URLs and improving server loading time can be beneficial in On-page SEO.

Creates Mobile friendly website

The majority of web traffic is from mobile users as it is more efficient. So improving the mobile website interface by making it interactive, reducing load time with easy navigation tools to roam around can definitely increase web traffic and user rate overall.

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