Tuesday, March 28

Business Digital Transformation Process

The digital transformation of business is using digital technologies for the optimization of all possible business processes. Any business can partially or completely become digitized and thus increase its efficiency. It gives numerous advantages to entrepreneurs, big companies and even self-employed workers, opening new frontiers for their development.

Business digitization is a broad concept, so it does not offer an ideal recipe for each company. Its power is in its flexibility. Now digitization of business seems to be unstoppable. In particular, thanks to enterprise app development which has a great influence on this process. Now you can use your smartphone not just for communication or transferring data, but also for payments – with the help of specialized software.

But wise businessmen should choose a worthy of trust system in order not to have any problems with payments. One of the best solutions in this sphere is Wallet Factory – https://walletfactory.com/, which offers its mWallet – white label product for the business.

Using digital wallet brings you several advantages which are worth mentioning:

  • You deal with the well-developed platform with all the most actual functions of a reliable service provider;
  • Your revenue rises because each financial transaction brings you certain commissions;
  • mWallet helps your customers to pay easier and safely – that’s important if you want to build a trusting relationship with them;

Digital wallet is an app that makes your cooperation with banks much easier.

Gathering customers data

One of the important features of the mWallet application is the possibility of the collection and analytics of personal data. It’s quite a usual situation when the owner of the business wants to get all possible information about his customers.

Being used properly in combination with a nice website and good marketing, this data makes your business much more personalized. And thus you make decisions which help you to build strong relationships with the customers. The Wallet Factory Company offers you an excellent tool for this purpose.

This mobile app acts as a platform both for customer interaction and data collection. It receives information about all users’ operations – and uses it both for your and their advantage. For example:

  • The system monitors a customer’s shopping story and sends him targeted offers through mWallet notifications;
  • Analyzing user’s interactions and interests, the application can send him personalized recommendations;
  • The wallet keeps track of your customers’ favorites and preferences.

And even more: the application can inform you about each time when the consumer enters your site. So you can look at his spending story, name, location in real-time mode, and choose the best approach to interact with your customers.

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